Baby monitor with camera (Update: July 2017)

Buying a baby monitor can be very complicated task since we all want the best for our children. There are so many products on the market and it is very hard to choose. In the end it all depends on how much money you can spend. Thanks to new technology, you can watch and listen to your baby while you are doing your daily chores. Audio and video monitoring of your baby is possible and in this way you will always have an eye on your baby. If your baby wakes up, all you have to do is check up on the monitor to see what’s going on. A video monitor helps you stop imagining that something terrible happened to your child. A baby monitor is especially useful in big houses where your child is far from you and if you have one of these then you don’t have to worry.

Update July 2017

A lot has changed since our last review. Baby monitors have become more sophisticated, so you can expect today that a baby monitor has a two-way speaker system, so you can hear any sound of your child and you can talk through the monitor, so the baby can hear you and react on your voice. In addition to that baby monitors are controlled anymore by special remote controls, now we have smartphone apps and you can access the recorded video anytime everywhere. We have tested additional 12 devices and we are introducing you today the best three baby monitors we have found on the US market right now:

Baby monitor with app

Some of the big brands in this market (like Motorola) just overslept the game-changing trend and have not built any reliable baby monitors which can me controlled by an app. As we have found out, not many devices offer compatibility to both smartphone operating systems – Android and iOS. Just a few do! If you continue to narrow down the high quality products, you will find out that just a few of them have an integrated two-way speaker system so you hear your baby and talk to it through the app. If your really want the best for your child and also save a lot valuable time, we have found only one device which has also an integrated infrared night vision and a motion detector. Because this baby monitor is so great, we decided to sell it in our Geektick Webshop. This amazing baby monitor has a 720p and 1MP  recording resolution and is easy to connect to your wireless internet network at home or work. You can tilt the picture in 180 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically. Please notice that we ship this baby monitor only to the USA with free shipment for the price of $47.

Baby monitor with two cameras

The only thing that this high quality baby monitor hasn´t got are two cameras. It is hard to control two cameras over an app, because they use the same network an IP address cluster. So if you would like to use the baby monitor only while at home, the big brand (Motorola) jumps in with a high quality product with all the needed features, but without an app. Although this baby monitor is four times more expensive, it is also manufactured by high quality standards and has a temperature measurement system already integrated. Motorola has several devices but this one stands out as the most reliable product from their recent product line.

The best combination is an audio and video baby monitor. In this way you have total control over your little one. You can hear and see him and in that way you can prevent some bad things. We all want the best for our children from their birth on. When you go to the shop, you try to pick out what is the most important for your baby. Baby monitors with a camera are very easy to use and you will be careless because you will have a secure connection with your baby.

Some specifications of these devices are: automatic channel selection for private connection, infrared light for night vision allows you constant monitoring, soothing lullabies and nightlight. The essential benefit of baby monitor is to allow you to sleep more with occasional waking when your baby signals you.

Best Baby Monitor with Camera  – Withings Smart Baby Monitor

The best baby monitors with camera will make you and your baby feel safe. You will have the feeling like you are always there with your baby, even if your baby is on another floor. Some of the best baby monitors allow you to record videos and take pictures. Here is the best baby monitor with camera.

This is the best and most innovative baby monitor with camera on the market. This monitor allows you to monitor your baby from any location using various devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. Some of the specifications are: high resolution video with night vision capability, installed lullabies, internet connection via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth, two microphones. This item is very easy to setup and use. Withings Smart Baby Monitor allows you to monitor your baby constantly from different locations and for unlimited time.

You can also monitor room temperature where your baby is located. Another great feature is that you can virtually move around baby’s room with Tilt and Zoom technology integrated in this item. Night vision allows you to watch after you little one in the dark without waking him up. You can also program Withings Smart Baby Monitor to alert you to the smallest noise and movement. This product will give you peace of mind when you are away from your baby and it is very easy product to travel with. When you are having break at work, you can check on your baby with this high quality baby monitor with camera. The only bad news are – this product is heavily overpriced!

Bestbuy Baby Monitor with Camera – Foscam FI8910W Pan

You want to buy what is the best for your baby so that you can monitor him. Here is best buy item with great features and reasonable price. This camera has a Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision. With this camera you can monitor your baby day and night.

It has some really good features such as: infrared night vision, motion detection, pan and tilt, built-in speaker and microphone. You can stream video and audio directly to your computer, iPhone or iPod. In this way you can always monitor your baby even if you aren’t at home. The rotation works great and if you set up the speed to 0 it moves fast. It is available in black and white color. The Foscam FI8910W camera can reach up to 8 meters of visibility in absolute darkness.

The embedded microphone and speaker allow you to remotely listen to the camera surroundings and to talk to your baby. Pan and tilt feature allow you to check out the area more closely from different angles. The camera is very easy to setup, but if you have some problems with your setup customer service is very helpful. Reasonable price, great features, nice looking models are just some of the reasons why you should get this baby monitor with camera. You will be able to enjoy in your parenthood in a simple and nice way, as well as your baby will enjoy in his childhood.

Bestseller Baby Monitor with Camera – Infant Optics DXR-5

This is one really cute and cheap baby monitor. Some of the features are: infrared night vision, 1.5 inches LCD, transmission range up to 150 meters, supports four channels, built-in microphone. It has small size and it is portable. If you are looking for something cheaper, then this is the product for you, since it has some really good features for the price. This monitor will definitely serve the purpose. It has some problems with battery, but you can plug it in, and problem solved. Night vision allows you to see your baby in total darkness. You can monitor your baby simultaneously in audio and video mode.

The cutest thing about this baby monitor is that it looks like a flower. Design is very sweet. With this monitor you can watch out for your baby during day and night. Camera is good and it will allow you to see your baby while you are doing house chores. This monitor is cheap, portable, with cute design and it has some really good features. With it you can monitor your baby without any problems.


Every parent wants what is the best for their child. When a new baby is on the way, parents try to give their best to prepare themselves for the new member of the family. One of the things you will need for sure is a baby monitor. They are a very useful device which will allow you to sleep better, because you will have a good monitor system by your side. What type of monitor you will get depends on what you are looking for, but the first presented baby monitor is unbeatable for the value you get for that price. One of the better versions are monitors with audio and video mode. A lot of features are included like infrared night vision which allows you to watch your baby while he is sleeping in total darkness, in some models are included lullabies which will put your baby to sleep and many more features.

Baby monitor provides parents with complete freedom of movement around the house and garden, while monitoring the baby. It allows you to be in connection with your baby at any moment, day or night. Camera allows you to see your child via the monitor. These new models allow you to look at your baby via iPhone, iPod or computer. In almost every moment you can be with your child and monitor the situation. They are especially good if you have a big house, and your toddler’s room is far away from you. In that case baby monitor with camera is a perfect solution for you. Therefore, it is imperative that when you buy a monitor, you should make sure to buy one that will give you the appropriate services.

Other Baby Monitor with Camera Products

Lorex BB2411 2.4-Inch Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor has 2.4 inches LCD monitor with included soothing lullabies. One of the features is built-in nightlight that illuminates the room to help your child fall asleep easier. It is very easy to use it and it has awesome sound quality. You can also attach another camera onto this monitor and in that way you can have camera in each room where your children are and then switch from camera to camera. Reasonable price, great features and nice looking design are good reasons to get on of these baby monitors with camera. Outdoor wireless range is 450 feet.

Levana LV-TW502 Safe N’ See Advanced 3.5-Inch Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor

This baby monitor with camera is very easy to use and has some amazing features. First of all it has a large 3.5 inches digital video wireless baby monitor. On it you can see your baby perfectly. The night vision is included, as well as temperature monitoring which allows you to be sure that your baby is sleeping comfortably. Lullabies are included in this monitor, but there is an intercom option with which you can actually talk and sing to your baby. And you can add another camera on this baby monitor to watch all of your children in different rooms.

Summer Infant Day & Night Baby Video Monitor Set with 5″ Screen and Extra Audio Unit

Large 5 inches screen with night vision is great for monitoring your baby. It has two channels, so the interference is minimized. There is an extra audio unit with this baby monitor. TV monitor doesn’t have to be wired to the camera, it is wireless. Camera is very easy to setup and has a wide angle. Picture is clear during day and night. With his monitor you will sleep better and you will be able to watch out for your baby. Reasonable price, great features are reasons why you should get on of these baby monitors with camera. Enjoy in your parenthood without any fear that something bad will happen to your baby.

Samsung Secure View Baby Monitor

This baby monitor has 3.5 inches screen. Great range distance and amazing picture quality are some of the features of Samsung Secure View Baby Monitor. There is a sensitivity control switch on the camera so you can control how much movement it takes to set off the vibration or noise. There is a built-in music player with two way communication. Temperature sensor is included in this baby monitor. There is also micro card slot for recording videos. This is a great model with great price that will definitely serve the purpose of monitoring your baby.

Lorex LW2004 Video Baby Monitor with 2.4-inch LCD and Automatic Night Vision

Picture quality of this baby monitor is great. Some of the features are: night vision in black and white version, intercom via which you can talk to your baby, there is no interference with the signal, great video and audio. VOX is also included in this model. You can attach more cameras onto this baby monitor and in that way you can keep an eye on your children from any part of the house. It is portable, so you can walk around the house and do your chores, and still keep an eye on your baby.

Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor

This baby monitor has 1,000 feet household range, which is perfect if you have a bigger house. With this monitor you will be able to monitor your baby all the time from every part of the home. Digital zoom is included and that option allows you to closely check up on your baby. All the customers are saying that the audio on this baby monitor is
perfect. There is also vibration mode which allows you to put the monitor in your pocket and in case of some change you will be warned. There is no interference with video and sound.

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