Best laptops for business (March 2017)

Managing small family business or working in some large corporation, finding yourself a good laptop is a serious undertaking. You need something powerful, strong and also light to be easily portable and also that has a nice battery life to last you on that long work day.

But with hundreds of options out there for  buying, how to find yourself what you need. Well, you came to the right place. Business laptops have the basic components like regular laptops, but with some extra features like fingerprint readers and facial recognition, to be MIL-SPEC-tested and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for secure access. MIL-SPEC is basically a set of standards designed to test laptop durability, durability and ruggedness. These test put the laptop in the extreme situations, like extreme heat or cold, pressure, humidity, dust and vibration testing.

We will show you the components  that you need to look for when buying a laptop.

Processors and Graphics

Dual core processor is a standard for business laptops like Intels i3, i5 and i7, and AMD series A4 A6 and A8 , but for little more money you can buy a quad-core processor for more demanding applications like high-powered, low voltage and standard mobile processors that are found in some gaming laptops and desktop-replacement. You can also find desktop-class processors in laptops, but they usually use more power. Look nothing under 1.7gHz and nothing over 2.7 gHz, that is a sweet spot, and will give you great relation between power used and speed.

Most business laptops come with integrated graphics, which is perfectly fine, since you won’t be playing any games on it. Most buyers who want discrete graphics will use them for special tasks in Photo Shop or Adobe Illustrator.

RAM – Random Access Memory and Storage 

Anything that has less than 4GB of RAM is a bad solution. You are going to need at least 4GB if you don’t wan’t your laptop to lag. If you have money you should go even for 8GB of RAM or even better, 16GB of RAM. Bigger amount of RAM memory allows you to have more programs opened, and do tasks much faster.

Let’s talk about storage. Buying laptop with 500GB or 1TB of hard drive memory (HDD) is a nice compromise between space and price. If you travel a lot then you should think about going for solid-state drive (SSD). They don’t have any spinning parts, so if you accidentally drop your laptop or expose it to vibration you can be 100 percent sure that your data is completely safe. SSD also boots much faster and launches programs faster too. You can find 128GB SSD, but if you can, you should go for 256GB or even 512GB if you can afford it.



LCD screens with  1.336px x 768px resolution are somewhat still available for buying if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your laptop. But it is a much better choice to buy 1.920px x 1.080px and buy a laptop with at least 15 inches in diagonal. This display will give you a lot of space for arranging many programs or looking at some Excel documents with many columns, so your coworkers will be able to see everything without squinting.  If you want you can even go for 4K display for that ultimate pleasure at looking at positive business data.



A big battery in a laptop is your biggest friend during long work days. Business laptops usually come with multiple battery options. Some more expensive laptops have multiple kinds of batteries (four, six, or even nine-cell options). The more cells” you have the longer the battery life. Bigger battery means some extra weight you have to carry, but it is worth it. Also you should look for laptop with a removable battery if you need to have power 6 to 8 hours before you need to charge again.

Next I will mark off the best laptops for business, and also give you a complete review of their statistics. I listed them from the greatest to those less great. With that out of the way, now let’s see what are the best business out there to buy.


Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (2016)

This is, currently, one of the best laptops there is to buy, and there is completely no doubt about that.  It has the best screen, the best design, the best speed, and of course class. You will certainly look professional when you come into the meeting room, and take one of these bad boys on the table.

MacBook features design that looks both modern and classic, with all aluminum body and great dimensions making it very very portable. Talking about dimensions  MacBook Pro has width of 13.75 inches (34.93 cm) and depth of 9.48 inches (24.07 cm), and being only 0.61 inch (1.55 cm) tall, plus the weight is a big factor here, weight is just around 3.02 pounds (1.37 kg, 48.32 Ounces ) making it very comfortable to carry around.

When it comes to ports they are minimum.

Apple MacBook Pro is equipped with  two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the left and 3.5 headphone jack on the right side. These Thunderbolt 3 are coming with a USB type-C connector, allowing for both power and data transfer. They will provide you with a very fast transfer speeds (up to 40 Gbps), and also connect not one, but two 4K monitors.

Sadly,  Apple MacBook Pro no longer has SD card slot, so you will need to USB c connector for data transfer.


If you didn’t use MacBook earlier, then at first you will find it kinda weird. This keyboard has a very low travel distance (0.5 mm) when typing and you will find this keyboard very speedy and efficient.


 Next on the line it’s that famous Apple screen.

It is super BRIGHT. 

Apple is claiming it is about 67 percent brighter than anything released. It is 2560 x 1600-pixel Retina display on the 13-inch MacBook Pro display. At first you would think it’s some old display, don’t worry, Mac got you covered. This is one where with the brightness also comes the rich colors. When looking at some 4K videos, you can pick out every single face line of your character. MacBook scored amazing 495 nits on tests! – which is way higher than anything else in this category.


Talking about best laptop in the class, it comes with really good audio performance. Whether you’re playing some music form Spotify, or watching Netflix, listening to old family videos, you are gonna love these speakers. Those are some monster speakers on this small laptop.

Apple has designed this laptop to deliver double dynamic range and three times less power peek. I am personally a fan of metal music, and during testing this laptop I cranked up Sabaton to the max, and Joakims voice sounded more than crystal clear.


Let’s talk about what’s in this beautiful bad boy. It comes with  a 6th-generation Core i5 CPU, with -GHz, 8GB of RAM memory 256GB of SSD storage,  and  Intel Iris Graphics 540 graphics card. The result of all this nice hardware is that notebook is faster and quieter than the previous Pro, but not as fast as some other notebooks that market has to offer.

But don’t worry, even if you have dozen of programs running you won’t feel the slightest lag or stutter.

Apple decided to go with Iris 540 graphics on the 13-inch MacBook Pro, with backup of 64MB of eDRAM, whose purpose is to accelerate both the processor  and graphics workload.

If you want to play games on this laptop you can. You can run newer games on medium setting in about 30-40 FPS.

Heating is a big problem for most laptops because of the tight space inside and the low air flow.

This  13-inch MacBook Pro has some spots that get little bit more warmer, and some spots remain cool and nice. While pushing this laptop a little bit more, the touchpad reached about little more than  80 degrees, which is more than comfortable to operate, but, however, the keyboard and the bottom line of the notebook reached something about 100 degrees, but it is still somewhat comfortable to use.

Enough about hardware let’s talk about some software.

One BIG thing about Mac is that you don’t have to worry about any unwanted third-party apps that come pre-installed with your Mac.

It has a pure macOS Sierra experience, and comes with Siri on the Mac for the first time. With Siri comes an Optimized Storage feature that will help you free up space if you need it, support Apple Pay for purchasing online and also an improved Photo app that makes images into collections called Memories.


Apple says that you will get about 10 hours of web surfing from their 54.5 watt-hour battery, which is kind of a true. We’ve put battery life to the test. So we browsed the web while connected on the wi-fi and put brightness to 100 nits, and after about 9 and 1/2 hours the battery run out.


MacBook Pro 13-inch is a huge upgrade from its predecessor in everything. It is lighter, faster much more compact, and has an awesome screen. Combine that with great speakers 2 fast Thunderbolt 3 ports and you got yourself a perfect combination.

It is a great, great laptop and I strongly recommend it if you can afford it.

So, that wraps it up for Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch, if you liked the review and you wish to buy this bad boy you can buy it from the link down below:


This is probably one of THE best buy laptops out there on Internet to buy. Wonder why ? Well here is the FULL review of this beast.

Dell XPS 13

DELL XPS 13 has everything that you need from the business laptop. It offers a nice combo of style, design, performance, screen, price and of course battery life.

I personally got this laptop, and the first time I laid my hands on it I was amazed with how well it performed.

First thing you will notice is its display, which has literally no bezel around screen. This allowed DELL to cram 13 inch screen into body that you would find on a 11 inch laptop.

This also allows for illusion that screen is floating above the base which allows you to focus more on your content.

The rest of the laptop is very classy and attractive as well,  but not as thin as some other laptops out there.

Both the top and the bottom is made from machined aluminum, which gives a frame durable and rigid feel on touch. The interior is even better. It is constructed by comfortable,  carbon-fiber material, soft to touch making typing a real pleasure.

We are still staying on the outside of the laptop, to say a word or two about its dimensions.

DELL XPS 13 weights around 2.8 pounds ( 1.27kg, 44.8 Ounces ), and that puts it kinda in the middle, being neither too heavy, nor featherweight.

At 0.33 inches (0.8cm) to 0.6 inches (1.5), again in the middle. But that won’t be a problem because you will get all the ports that you need.


Talking about ports, DELL XPS 13 comes with two USB 3.0 ports,Type-C port with Thunderbolt 3 support, a SD Card Reader and the headphone jack.


DELL XPS 13 comes with two options for display, and both are very very good.

One is full-HD 1920 x 1080, non-touch screen with a matte finish.

Second is quad-HD touch-screen model with resolution of astonishing 3200 x 1800 pixels, with much richer colors.

While watching 4K videos on YouTube, the higher resolution is a clear winner. Characters have much more details, face lines are very smooth, making pleasure to watch.

Talking about  brightness- the XPS 13 isn’t one of the brightest. It reached about 300 nits on our testing, while 3200 x 1800 touch display reached little bit more, about 307 nits. This results put XPS 13’s somewhere in the middle spot.


With a great screen comes a great audio. Two stereo speakers can get pretty loud , but sound losses some of its quality at maximum level. But that is on default settings. When I added more bass in the Waves MaxxAudio Pro app, Vince Staples’s – “Bagbak”, sounded much more balanced.

You can make many different settings, such as Reducing Noise or Revive for streaming, and adjusting details in tracks.

Lets talk about:

Keyboard and Touchpad

Typing on the Dell XPS 13 is a real pleasure. Keyboard offers 1.2 mm of movement. I went on a typing test and scored about 70 words per minute, which is just below Mac Book Pro, which reached 80 words per minute.

Dell is known for having Precise touchpad, and it lived up to its name, offering both the smooth, fast and most important precise scrolling. You won’t have any problems executing various gestures, like tapping with three fingers to launch Cortana or to switch apps.

Lets talk about the guts of this beast. It’s time to move inside to see what Dell XPS has to offer.


Dell XPs 13 as said before comes in two forms. The first is equipped with 7th-generation Core i5-7200U (Kaby Lake) processor , 8 GB of RAM memory, 1080p screen and 256GB of Hard Drive Storage (HDD).

Second one is 4K touch screen with Core i7-7500U CPU, 256GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM.

There isn’t a substantial difference between these two.

Both these sets offer ULTRA fast performance in the field of everyday use, so you won’t notice a single lag.

Even if you have multiple tabs open, you can quickly switch between from Skype to Google Chrome to Word etc.

On Geekbench 3, a test which measures overall performance of the laptop, the first model Core i5 scored 7.161, and the second model the Core i7 scored 7.920. These are both really solid scores to achieve.

The XPS 13’s PCI-e NVMe SSD is truly fast, hitting about 340.0 megabytes per second. Once again putting XPS 13 just below the MacBook’s 356.0 megabytes per second.


With XPS 13’s Intel HD Graphics 620 card you will be pretty surprised. After all it is a business laptop. I tried Dirt 3 driving game, and got some pretty solid numbers.

I was able to run it at about 30 fps, at medium-high setting at 1920 x 1080p.


One of the weaker things on the Dell XPS – it is its webcam. Not because of the image quality, but because of its location. You won’t find it on a typical spot, centered above the screen, no, you will find the webcam below the screen on the left side, right near the hinge. This extremely odd placement means that you will need to angle your face to find a right angle for the other side to see you. Also you will need to reposition the laptop quite a bit so you don’t get too far to the right.

Battery Life

Dell XPS 13 can boast with one of the longest battery life of the all ultra portable laptops out there in the market. If that wasn’t enough the new version includes a beefier 60-watt-hour battery, improvement over 56 watt model.

Result of this is that the new nontouch version of the XPS 13 offers some epic endurance. We tested it on Laptop Mag web surfing test, it lasted just below 14 hours, hitting 13 hours and 50 minutes.

Results were extremely different on the touch screen model. The XPS with 3200 x 1800 touchscreen and i7 lasted about four and a half hours less. Scoring a time of 9 hours and 10 minutes, which is still better than average of about 8 hours.


DELL kept all the bloatware to minimum. If you buy it from Amazon or their official store you will find McAfee LiveSafe, DropBox and Microsoft Office. And that is it. No more no less.


The XPS 13 hot out side and cool inside. The 95 degrees Fahrenheit is some border of comfort, everything above is starting to be less and less comfortable. After streaming video for some 25 minutes, the touchpad reached about 83 degrees Fahrenheit and the bottom reached the 90 degrees.

So that is our review of the DELL XPS 13, if you like it and want to buy it directly from Amazon you can do it by pressing this link.

Next on the list we have a real treat:

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260

Lenovo’s Yoga line has always been known pairing flexible, bend-back design with high level durability, usability and maybe most importantly portability.

The 12.5 inch ThinkPad Yoga 260 has an accurate touchpad, definitely the best in class keyboard, and really recognizable style. It can boost your productivity experience, but it is not perfect. It also has an undersaturated display, and somewhat bellow average battery life.


Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 features 2 in 1 design, with four modes that will adapt elegantly to your needs. Those four modes include :

  • Laptop
  • Stand
  • Tablet
  • Tent

Laptop is pretty much self-explanatory, tablet mode has keyboard folded all the way to the back of the screen.

Tent mode has the system standing  on the edges, with the display facing out.

And lastly has Stand mode has the laptop resting on the keyboard, and the screen looking outside.

 A pair of powerful hinges allows the the screen to do all this.

It is made from some king of lightweight carbon-fiber hybrid material,  on the back, and blend of both magnesium and plastic on the base.

Thanks to this you can easily carry it around with you. Yoga 2 is also extremely durable. According to Lenovo, Yoga 260 has passed 15 different tests of durability MIL-SPEC durability tests, including all those for extreme heat and cold. So if you go to Sahara or Antarctica it is completely safe. Also, if you are drinking some beverage while working with Yoga 260, and accidentally spill it, don’t worry about it, nothing will happen. It comes with a spill-resistant keyboard to protect you from any spills.

Lets talk about dimensions.

At 12.20 x 8.66 x 0.70 inches and 2.9 pounds (1.3 kg, 46.4 Ounces ) , the Yoga 260 won’t have any problem fitting in any bag. And carrying it around is easy.


The ThinkPad Yoga 260’s, 1920 x 1080 12,5 inch, display gives you a very sharp image and also strong viewing angles, but not everything is colorful and cheerful as you think. Color output seems to be lifeless when watching YouTube video at 1080p, you can see all the fine details, but most colors will feel undersaturated. Yoga 260 display may not be the most colorful, but it is one of the brightest. ThinkPad Yoga 260 panel managed to score a full 330 nits of brightness, which is above the category average (308.7 nits), above the XPS (307 nits) but below the amazing MacBook (495 nits).


The Yoga 260 features two hinge mounted speakers, which are powerful enough for some smaller room, but if you need to have a presentation in anything bigger you will need external speakers. Don’t expect some high quality on those speakers. High tones get to be somewhat tiny, and not particularly loud even when volume is cranked up to maximum. Laptop comes with a built in Dolby Audio software, which lets you to switch between multiple sound profiles, such as for: Movie, Music, Voice and Gaming  uses, or even better to manually adjust a graphic equalizer.


The ThinkPad Yoga 260 comes with solid selection of ports. On the left side we’ve got:

  • Single USB port
  • A mini DisplayPort
  • connector for Lenovo’s OneLink+ Dock accessory
  • and optional smart card reader.

On the right side we’ve got:

  • USB port
  • HDMI port
  • an audio jack
  • microSD card reader
  • SIM card slot
  • and  Kensington lock slot.

As previously said it is a solid collection of ports, but a one more USB port or USB type C port would be beneficial.


Lenovo is know for having the best laptop keyboards in the business, and the Yoga 260 fully lives to the tradition. With deep travel, slightly curved keys which are easy to feel and also a strong feedback, most typical laptops have only about 1.5 mm of travel space (some even less), YOGA 260 has a FULL 2 mm. offering extremely pleasant typing experience.


ThinkPad Yoga 260 3.6 x 2.2-inch buttonless offers smooth, accurate navigation around, with black matte texture that provides traction without feeling of being too rough to fingers. The system responds almost immediately to multitouch gestures, such as three-finger swipe for switching apps, pinch-to-zoom and also two-finger swipe for browsing images in Your Photo Gallery.


Like most of ThinkPads, the Yoga 260 also features a red track point, which is positioned between G and H key on the keyboard. The TrackPoint is way more precise than anybody expected. It also saves arm movement because you don’t have to take your arm from the keyboard. If you can navigate it with your nub, you could do much more work for much less time.

Stylus and WRITEit app

ThinkPad Yoga 260 comes with an active stylus : the ThinkPad Pen Pro. 

It offers about 2,050 levels of pressure for highly accurate both drawing and handwriting  experience. When drawing in Fresh Paint app, the strokes will appear thicker or thinner, based on how hard you press. Writing letters feels very natural and the letters appear as beautiful as I would write them on the paper.

The pen is positioned on the right side with built-in compartment. The pen charges its internal battery when docked, and according to Lenovo the Pen will last about 19h worth of charge in just 20 sec.

The pen weighs less than an ounce and being 4.5 inches long, Pen Pro feels better than on any other laptop. The tip offers a good friction, and giving some illusion as you are writing on a real paper with a real pen.

It also comes with a WRITEit app, which allows you to handwrite directly in any text field in any app.

Lenovo comes with 720p webcam, which is capable of taking sharp images. Nothing impressive, but also not bad.


Yoga 260 with is 2.3 GHz i5-6200U GPU 256SSD and 8GB of RAM, rocks through any test you throw at it. Even with dozen demanding apps opened, you won’t feel a slightest lag.

The ThinkPad Yoga 260’s integrated Intel HD 520 graphics processor is good for watching 4K videos, or doing some less demanding operations, but you can forget playing even slightly more demanding games.

Lenovo’s business took about 4 minutes and 42 seconds to complete Laptop Mag Spreadsheet Macro Test. That test includes matching 20,000 names with their addresses which is much better than category average (7:33).

Laptop Mag File Transfer Test was completed in 38 seconds for ThinkPad Yoga 260’s 256GB SSD. This test includes copying about 4.97GB of mixed media files, and the Yoga 260 SSD falls little bit behind the competition. At 130.5 MBps is it only slightly slower then category average 162.3 MBps


The Yoga 260 stays cool under pressure. After streaming video for 15 min, the touch pad reached about 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and both the keyboard and bottom registered 90 degrees. All the results are below 95 degrees of comfort threshold.

Battery Life

Still sticking to Laptop Mag test, which includes non-stop Web surfing over WI-FI at 100 nits of brightness. And Yoga 260 lasted a decent 7 hours and 46 minutes. Not to bad.


Yoga 260 comes with a minimal bloatware and a lot of useful utilities.

WRITEit lets you handwrite in any text field, and SHAREit lets you transfer files between your laptop and other devices.

Companion performs checks on your hardware, and also searches for new drivers and new updates.

Lenovo Settings lets you check camera, battery, audio, WI-FI, display, and it also has the ability to make your laptop a hotspot for other devices to use WI-FI.

So that is the review for Lenovo Yoga 260. If you are productivity-minded user that likes fantastic keyboard, 2 in 1 design, durable, lightweight business then Yoga 260 is the laptop for you.

If you liked it and want to buy it, you can do it by pressing this link:

On number four spot we have:


Lenovo ThinkPad T460


There may be a lot of business laptops out there, but Lenovo’s ThinkPad T460 is one of a kind. It is one of the best solutions if you want to get the work done. This epic laptop really finds a sweet spot between the price and the quality. Starting at $802.03 this powerhouse provides you with everything you need to get through a long business day, offering a strong chassis, extremely durable battery and last but not least a nice performance.

So lets dive deeper into this laptop.


ThinkPad T460 won’t be winning any beauty competition any time soon, since it is neither the thinnest nor the lightest. Standing at 3.8 pounds or 4.2 with high-capacity battery (60.8 ounces regular and 67.2 ounces with extra battery) and with 13.4 x 9.2 x 0.83 inches. But it is still compact enough to carry it around and to balance it on your lap.

ThinkPad T460 follows the Lenovo simple,classy and aesthetic design. It has matte black chassis with silver ThinkPad logo on the back, and with a red TrackPoint on the keyboard.

Lenovo is also known for making some of the most durable laptops. And this one is not an exception. Thanks to glass-fiber-reinforced plastic chassis it can survive more than a couple of scrapes. According to Lenovo, T460 successfully passed several MIL-SPEC 810G, such as those for extreme heat or cold, vibration or drops.


Keyboard on the ThinkPad T460 is spill-resistant, and provides an amazing typing experience. Slightly bent-in keys offer 2.33 millimeters of travel distance, which is one of the deepest that is ever seen on a laptop.

Like most other ThinkPads, the T460 has a TrackPoint stuck between its G and H key. And like always it offers extremely accurate navigation, you can use your thumb to navigate and never need to take your hands of the keyboard.

Let’s say a thing or two about a touchpad .

It features 2.9 x 3.9-inch touchpad, which is very smooth and responsive.It is also supporting a multitouch very well, such as two-finger scroll, three-finger swipe and of course pinch-to-zoom.


ThinkPad T460 comes with 14-inch, 1920 x 1080 touch screen. It outputs really sharp and accurate images, but not not so impressive colors. When watching some 1080p videos you can see all the fine details, like hair or the ridges, but the colors seems to be somewhat dark. It also doesn’t have a great viewing angle. If you are looking at any angle grater than 45 degrees all the images will start to fade out.

The thouchscreen on  the ThinkPad T460, unlike the other screens, is rather matte than it is glossy, and thanks to that it eliminates some glare. To achieve this Lenovo used the “in-cell touch” technology, and that builds the touch screen digitizer directly into the LCD panel eliminating need for another separate protective layer.

Brightness on the ThinkPad  T460, maxes out at about 240 nits of brightness with a touch screen, and little bit more with non-touch about 242 nits of brightness. And that fall under the category average.


With decent display comes lets say a decent audio.

Speakers are located at front, just below the trackpad. And they provide you with good enough sound for watching movies or conferencing, but if you are going to listen to music on it you are going to have not so good time.

Output was ultra loud, almost to fill two rooms, but the drums and the guitars sounded tinny and the vocals seemed faded and distorted.

Once again Dolby Audio software lets you tweek and customize options. You can manually set it up for different surrounding or modes. Like for: music, games, videos, or voice calls. Also there is Dynamic preset, which automatically adjust output for the best results according to your environment.

Webcam and microphone

When doing Skype call and catching up with emails you don’t need to worry about typing noise that keyboard might produce. Microphone itself is the dual-array noise-cancelling microphone with ability to suppress sounds from the keyboard. Also there is a feature to capture voice of a single participant or a group that is spread around the conference table.

Webcam is 720p low-light-sensitive Webcam with  face-tracking technology built in. When taking pictures the webcam takes bright and colorful images of people even if they are situated somewhere in the darker areas of their home or work place. 720p camera isn’t the one of those  ultra-sharp smartphone cameras that you will find on some high-end laptops or smartphones, but it will get the work done.


What ThinkPad T460 lacks in beauty and aesthetics, it compensates in variety of ports. It has all the port you need for everyday use, but sadly lacks the USB type C port.

On the right side we have:

  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • a SIM card slot (for optional 4G)
  • USB 3 port
  • an SD card reader
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI out
  • a Kensington lock slot

On the left side we got:

  • mini DisplayPort
  • USB port
  • USB port
  • and an optional SmartCard reader


For our review we tested the configuration of: Intel Core i5-6300U CPU, with 16GB of RAM memory and 256GB SSD. Also, ThinkPad T460 handles everything easily. You can get serious work done without a fear of getting lagged. Even with multiple Google Chrome tabs opened and couple of other apps playing or doing something in the background you won’t feel even the slightest lag or get a feel that laptop is struggling to process all the information coming and going from the system.

On Geekbench 3, a benchmark that measures overall performance of the laptop, the ThinkPad T460 scored a solid 6,708. Which is just above the category average.

On the other test that we put it through it got even better results than any other similar laptops. The test was to match 20 000 names with their addresses in OpenOffice Calc. Completing it for just above the 4 minutes, 4 minutes and 13 seconds.

You won’t be playing any games or any high-end 3D modeling on ThinkPad T460, because its integrated Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU isn’t built for that. But watching HD videos or playing some casual games? No problem. It got you covered. On 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, a synthetic benchmark that measures overall performance of graphics card, the T460 gota really good score of 65,981,  much higher than category average.

Battery Life

You won’t see many laptops with removable batteries these days, they are coming to extinction. But not the ThinkPad T460. T460 comes with PowerBridge technology. That is in short combining internal 3-cell battery with a removable 3- or 6-cell unit. External battery runs out first, but the internal battery keeps the laptops up and running so you can hot-swap in a spare battery.

High capacity, 6-ell (72 watt hour) battery lasted a strong 17 h and 5 minutes on Laptop Mag test. That test involves a surfing web on WI-FI with 100 nits of brightness. With touch screen a time dropped  to a still great 13 hours and 15 minutes. This time it is way way ahead of the category average of about  hours.

Less powerful battery, 3 call battery, lasted for 8 hours and 30 minutes for a non-touch model and 6 hours and 40 minutes for touch version of the laptop.


The ThinkPad T460 stays relatively cool under pressure. After streaming video for 15 minutes, touchpad and keyboard measured about 82 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, still comfortable for hold. The bottom was a bit more warmer, getting to about 95 degrees.


Like most Lenovo’s laptops the  ThinkPad T460 comes with minimal bloatware and many useful applications. Lenovo Settings lets you tweak anything and everything in the laptop.

Lenovo Companion runs hardware scans and checks for updates and monitors the laptops performance.

That wraps my review for the  ThinkPad T460 – a professional tool  for and excellent typing experience with a great battery life.

And that is my review for best business laptop of March 2017. Hope you like it and I will get back to you with another review very soon.

Bye !

Nedim SabicBest laptops for business (March 2017)