Calculator with fractions

Calculator with fractions is literally a mathematical powerhouse on the go. This is a lot more than a normal calculator – these devices are designed to perform the most complex mathematical and geometrical operations. Their purpose is to facilitate working in professions such as teaching, construction work, geodesy and basically any other profession that demands complicated calculation.If your vocation implies any complicated calculation on a constant basis, you will need to have an advanced calculator with a lot of options close by at all times.

Owning a calculator with fractions or any other capabilities is a must, simply because these are basically pre-programmed mathematical tools indispensible for performing all math operations and measurements on the go.  A good scientific calculator with fractions can do all the basic things such as subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, but also many complex operations such as calculating something to the smallest decimal, taking extremely accurate measurements, a lot of teaching/ learning facilities and so on. To summarize, a great calculator with fractions is basically a mathematical computer in its portable edition. It would be very easy to perform any mathematical or geometrical operation on your computer, but most professions simply do not enable you to sit in an office. All the teachers, construction workers, interior and exterior designers, architects, estimators and engineers should have one calculator with fractions ready at hand at all times.

Scientific calculator with fractions

There are three more things to look into before buying a scientific calculator with fractions:

  • Price – you may want all of the above mentioned features, but a calculator of that caliber may be out of your price range. That is why we have found excellent calculators that will have most of the features that should fit   everyone’s budget.
  • Keys and display – some may need a calculator with larger keys or a bigger display because of their own limitations.
  • Ease of usage – a scientific calculator with to much features could be useless if it is too complicated to use, so this is a very important thing to carefully consider.

Best Calculator with Fractions – Casio Prizm FX-CG10

The Casio Prizm FX-CG10 is an excellent calculator capable of performing even the most complicated mathematical operations and goes way beyond simple multiplying, dividing, subtracting and adding. This is a math machine that offers just about anything a professional could need in his line of work. The Prizm FX-CG10 has received the best testing feedback and has proven to be superior in all fields. Most importantly, it is extremely easy to use which makes it, by automatic, our best recommendation on this list.
The most important thing to emphasize is the ability to draw graphs, dual graphs and tables which makes it a must have tool for teachers, statistics and estimating professionals. Basically anyone who wants their calculations to be accurate and neatly represented in graphs, tables and spreadsheets should use this calculator. A second impressive thing about this scientific calculator with fractions is the display – unlike all the others we have tested this one dons a full color screen with easy to use icon base menu. If you often need to divide a fraction with another fraction, you will be impressed by the speed and ease. The software it uses is very advanced but amazingly simple to use which is something that cannot be said for many scientific calculators. In most cases, you would to learn their elaborate instructions manual before you can use the device properly. Basically, a combination of a 3.7”color display and excellent software make the Casio Prism FX-CG10 a perfect scientific calculator for any professional, especially for math teachers as this calculator has fantastic learning facilities. Prism FX-CG10 uses preloaded geometry applications and an in-depth conic application that handle complex numbers, fractions, as well as everything in between (all the above listed functionalities). Prism FX-CG10 is USB connectible to your computer, which is yet another advantage it has in comparison to its competition.

To conclude, the Casio Prism FX-CG10 is the best scientific calculator with fractions, period. Its color display, nice wide keys, numerous functionalities and easy-to-use software with an icon based system make this scientific calculator the best possible choice for anyone. Prism is simply superior to all the other calculators we have tested, and has proven its worth to many professionals already. Noteworthy to mention – Prism FX-CG10 is not that expensive either, all things considered. It does cost a bit more than the others on the list, but it brings many more useful things on the table.

Best Buy Calculator with Fractions – Calculated Industries 44080

Calculated Industries 44080 Construction Master Pro Construction Calculator is a great professional calculator with a primary focus on construction workers but it’s also well suited for architects, contractors, designers, managers, engineers, estimators and many more professionals. This fantastic tool is essentially made to facilitate your work by making it easy to complete complicated calculations, estimates, layouts and bids. It will enable you to estimate and calculate a lot of factors, everything from how much materials you will need to build something to converting between any dimensional formats. We will now speak about why we decided to make this our best buy option by mentioning some pros and cons.
The first great advantage of the Calculated Industries model 44080 is the ease of usage factor, which is very good. This calculator is not as simple to use as the Casio Prism FX-CG10 but it is surprisingly easy to get used to it and you will learn how to use its full potential in no time. This calculating device is perfectly suited for construction workers as a tool they all must have on their desks. As such, this professional calculator contains all functionalities that will simplify construction math. Solving predominately trigonometric functions a construction worker couldn’t do without such a device. Another noteworthy feature is the ability to define your preferences for future calculations, which provides time saving shortcuts that can be real life savers in tight situations.

First and foremost, it is important to say that the following cons have emerged due to comparisons with Casio Prism FX-CG10 which is, in this case, superior for several small features. One of them is the black and white display, while the Prism uses a color display. Calculated Industries 44080 also lacks the capabilities to display graphs or manage complex numbers. It does not have the PC port that the Prism FX-CG10 has. Additionally, Calculated Industries 44080 is a heavy duty scientific calculator that is meant to be kept on a desk, while the Prism is fully portable.

In conclusion, the Calculated Industries 44080 is a good solid scientific calculator with fractions that will be more than enough for most. If you don’t need a portable and sophisticated device like the Prism FX-CG10, the Calculated Industries 44080 calculator should be your choice.  It is super easy to use what makes this device perfect for construction workers and contractors. At a lower price than its Casio competitor, this may be a better option for some people. Regardless of all its pros, if you can chip in a bit more, you will own a better calculator if you buy the Casio Prism.

Bestseller Calculator with Fractions – Calculated Industries 4087 Machinist Calc Advanced

Calculated Industries 4087 Machinist Calc Advanced is literally what the title says it is – a good solution for someone who needs to do a lot of machining mathematical operations on a daily basis. As such, it has a lot of capabilities for machining professionals as well as for shop owners, which makes Calculated Industries model 4087 a really good cost-effective calculator. Unlike the before mentioned Calculated Industries 44080 model, this one is handheld and less bulky, but its predecessor is still a bit better. Here are some pros and cons of Calculated Industries 4087 scientific calculator with fractions.
The main reason to buy this scientific calculator would be its machinist functionalities that makes it a good choice for machinist professionals, shop owners and anyone that needs good management functionalities. Built in drill and thread size tables are excellent as a work facility for any machinist.The trigonometric functions and the possibility to convert units from US to their metric counterparts are definitely the pros of Calculated Industries 4087 calculator with fractions.

One of its cons is the black and white display which doesn’t come anywhere near the impressive display of the Prism. The difficult usage of this one may pose a great problem for many professionals, as they may not have the time or the will to study the instruction manuals and slowly learn how to get the most out of the Calculated Industries 4087. This calculator will not enable you to draw graphs, dual graphs or to do any complex number calculations. It is not connectible to a computer because of the lack of PC port and it is not well suited for construction professionals. Therefore, it is limited to machinists and shop owners, but not a very good purchase for just about anyone else.

In summary, Calculated Industries 4087 may be a best-selling item, but it should not be your first option by any means. The fact that a lot of people use it should not be your reason for purchase. Buying the Prism FX-CG10 would give you a lot more options on a full color display.

Cheapest Calculator with Fractions – Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro

Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro is yet another professional calculator with fractions designed to facilitate construction specific calculations. It is designed to make it easier to do estimates, layouts and bids, and it is oriented to provide everything a construction professional may need when working. Calculated Industries 4065 is the cheapest scientific calculator on this list, and there are numerous reasons for that, compared to other items we reviewed on this list. We move on to speak about some pros and cons of Calculated Industries 4065.
Calculated Industries 4065 offers a lot to construction professionals, including the option to make estimates, layouts and bids relatively easily, which is good if that’s all you need. It also converts US units to metrics easily, and it has a large 11 digits display that is more than enough accuracy for most people. Another pro could disputably be its price which is just a bit lower than the price of our bestbuy option.

Firstly, Calculated Industries 4065 lacks a lot of the functionality that Calculated Industries 44080 offers but they are both made for the same line of professions – construction workers and contractors. Much like the other Calculated Industries models, this one also has a black and white display and unlike to the 44080 model, the Calculated Industries 4065 is quite difficult to use. It will take some time until you learn how to properly use all of its functions. Calculated Industries 4065 does not enable you to draw graphs, dual graphs and it does not handle complex number calculations. It is also not possible to connect this calculator to a computer as it does not have a PC port. Unlike the Calculated Industries 4087, it is not suited for machinists and shop owners.

To summarize, Calculated Industries model 4065 may be a good match for construction professionals, but there are better options out there since this one is really difficult to operate. While the Prism FX-CG10 is a match made in heaven for professionals in any niche that demands elaborate calculations, the Calculated Industries does have some impressive scientific calculators worth your time in money. However, that is not the Calculated Industries 4065, rather the 44080 model by the same manufacturer.



If you want the best calculator with fractions and many other functionalities, buy the Casio Prism FX-CG10. However, if you do not want to spend that kind of money, you will do well to buy the Calculated Industries 44080 calculator which is our bestbuy option as it offers a lot of functionalities for a bit lower price than you would pay for Prism FX-CG10.

Keep in mind that the money you save on choosing to purchase the Calculated Industries 44080 instead of Casio Prism FX-CG10 is simply not worth saving in the long run, as the Prism literally has everything you will ever need. Our advice is to go for the Casio Prism in any case, but if you want one of the Calculated Industries models you are certainly better off with Calculated Industries 44080 than with Calculated Industries 4087 or 4065. It is hard to divide calculators by knowledge, but here it seems to be easy.

If you are thinking about getting the Calculated Industries 4087 simply because it says it is good for machinist functionalities, you can find these features and a lot more in the Casio Prism FX-CG10. The Calculated Industries 4065 is an okay product for construction professionals, but you are better off adding 10 more dollars and buying the Calculated Industries 44080, which enables you to use many more options and much easier for an almost irrelevant price difference.


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