5 Most Beautiful Cars of 2015

I know, one shall not discuss about beauty, but some things are so obvious that most agree upon it. Beside all the tech and mechanic freaks out there, I am not that kind of car expert. I have a huge design background and I worked in my career for Porsche and Audi. This list is not about cars which will start their production in 2015, it is about all cars available as new on the market. All the cars you will see here are in red, because red is THE attraction color and our eyes are equipped with the double amount of “sensors” for red than for any other color, so the lines on a car are easier to notice. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?

5. Nissan GT-R

Although this car is since 2007 on the market, it is still being produced and it looks wonderful. The simplicity of the design took over the interior and the driving feeling. With almost 550PS this muscle car is catapulting you in 2,7s to 60mph/100kmh. The back of the GT-R is traditional and remembers on the Skyline, but still it is beautiful:


Nissan could design the front to look more aggressive in the mirror, if you see it behind you, but still a masterpiece of design.


The interior is quite simple and beside the F1 gear switches behind the wheel, nothing much impressive – Japanese it is.


4. BMW i8

BMW i8 photos made a journey around the World in its main BMW color – blue, notice that there is no red color to choose for this car. This innovative design with those new LED lights will change the appearance of the BMWs for all times.


The stop lights are something we have seen in a few concept cars, but BMW is the first to produce such stop lights with free space between the upper and bottom part.



Inside the i8 not much changed to other BMWs, but its standard equipment is quite impressive. After Tesla introduced the remote climate control, BMW updated their software, so i8 is among the first BMWs which can be cooled or heated remotely with a mobile app.


3. Audi A5 Sportback

It was a hard choice between the A7 and the A5 because they both look stunning, but in the end the A5 looks more refined. Audi has created such clear lines with this model and the revolution inside Audi could start. That design also sells, beside being so attractive. The taillights look even more impressive on a white model.


The “Sportsback” version of the A5 is our choice, because it almost look like a coupe, this model has four doors and the decent back spoiler gives the car such a sporty touch. I adore it! With such a decent element to get so much out of it, couldn’t be rewarded otherwise. The third place is well deserved!


Audi didn’t change the interior for years. They always make small changes which are not noticeable for the mainstream driver. Well I don’t doubt that this design isn’t functional, but it isn’t pretty. They should at least change the funny steering wheel and think “out of the circle” …


2. Tesla Model S

This car changed the whole car industry last year and Tesla Motors will for sure change the future driving experience with their cars, but I can’t hide my impression that this wouldn’t be possible in that manner if this Model S wasn’t so beautiful! I think the Tesla Roadster failed because of its look and not because it was lacking some technical features. I hope that they will stick to the concept of the Model S, although Elon Musk announced that their new car will be a family car, not a sporty car.


Tesla Model S first introduced the “hidden” doorknobs. The use of chromed elements is decent and is fully aligned with the aluminum rims. Tesla has chosen red for their brand color and they don’t regret it. Model S has became the most sold car in many countries, where Norway (because of the weather conditions) isn’t a surprise at all.

Telsa Model S Charging

Its back look like a DB9 or a Jaguar. Stop! Think a second about it … You agree upon that? That is a HUGE achievement! To create a car which has that kind of style is more than good work!


But Tesla didn’t just innovate the electric car with a high range with top speeds, they also got the balls to put that large touch screen in the center of the interior and that neat main display in high resolution and full color. It grabs your attention, so you even don’t notice some quite bad designed elements like the gear changer. They also have a driver centered design, so you feel more like a king when driving this beauty.

1. Mercedes-Benz CLA Urban

Mercedes has one almost every car design award in 2014 for which I know. In different categories, the C Class stood out, the new S Coupe made a breakthrough and even the AMG version of the B Class got the attention of some design judges, but they completely left the CLA out, because they couldn’t categories it. It looks like an sportscar like the CLS, but its price is in the midsize cars range. Even its performance is sometimes compared to the new BMW 4 and sometimes to the BMW 2. One is clear – this car is unusual! The main achievement from my perspective is that this car is THE eyecatcher, because it is unusual! Not to forget to achievement of low production costs due to the respect it gets, like being mixed up with the CLS.


What stands out at this car is that the most inexpensive package called “Urban” looks most impressive. For the first time, the AMG line version isn’t prettier than the standard package. Like the A5 and the i8, design elements introduced with this car changed the next generation models of Mercedes. If you see this car front in the mirror of your car, you will be scared and impressed at the same time!


But the most impressive part of this car isn’t the front, it’s this sexy back with taillights which fit PERFECT to its whole design. I haven’t seen for a long time such a car which gives you the feeling that it isn’t made up from different parts, it feels like unity! The exhaust fits in every variation and gives you just a preview of what this car is capable of.

A perfect design exterior deserves nothing but a perfect interior. Combining leather and a color of your choice the interior feels so luxury … it is a dream! The climatronic system blows out of the stars and the F1 gear changing pedals behind the steering wheel give you a special and unusual feeling while driving it. So if you want to be unique, different and unusual and your main aspect when buying a car is beauty, then there is no way beside buying the CLA.

There are many reasons why people buy a specific car – reliability, acceleration, comfort … but many look out for a car to get attention. From country to country and from society to society it varies which car is able to get other people attention, but don’t fall into that black whole! Buy a car which you like to see and which gives you that same nice feeling when you see a beautiful women, because that leaks endorphin (hormones of luck) and you feel good wherever you drive. Don’t live the life others want you to live, live your own dreams!

Nedim Sabic5 Most Beautiful Cars of 2015
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