Left Handed Gaming Mouse (November 2016)

When it comes to gaming, one of the best upgrades to improve your gaming performance is to upgrade your regular mouse to a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse can improve and ease your game play, with the addition of extra buttons on your mouse.  Many of the gaming mouse buttons are highly programmable and can be customized, which means you can be quicker and get the jump on your enemies.  Programmable buttons make repetitive tasks much easier.

Being left-handed, a couple of years ago, meant having a limited option, or even no option, when it comes to high quality gaming mice.  Today there are many options for left-handed people, but few of them are good gaming.

In this world, there are 730 million left-handed people, that is approximately 10% of the world’s population.

Yes, they are rarer for apparent reasons but the fact that approximately 10% of the world’s population are left handed would mean that sales could effectively be increased by an additional 10% by implementing an ambidextrous mouse or a left handed mouse option for their products. I could be mistaken but apparently some of the major mouse-makers (namely Razer and SteelSeries) do agree with me.

Many of today’s gaming mice are :

  • Not symmetrical and only made for right-handed players because of this
  • Not available in a “mirrored” version for lefties as well!
  • Lack of customization options.

So basically : when looking for a left-handed gaming mouse, you only have a limited pool of mice to chose from. This kinda sucks for all lefties out there – you just found the perfect gaming mouse for your needs only to find out that there is no left-handed version of it.

Fortunately for you (I’m assuming you’re a lefty since you’re reading this post), We are here to tell you that really good left-handed mice do exist. Although most of them seem to be targeting gamers, there’s no reason that they aren’t able to be used for conventional purposes.

Ambidextrous VS Left-Hand Edition ?

Why is a purely left-handed mouse better than an ambidextrous version? This essentially means that its shape and curves aren’t just linear or symmetrical to suit both right and left hand users but its design is developed to fit left-handers perfectly. The comfort factor that was previously only available to right-handers thanks to the fact that most mice have been manufactured with right-handers in mind can now be enjoyed equally by lefties as well, though they still lack the freedom of a wider choice.

Best Left-Handed Gaming Mouse – Razer NAGA MMO Gaming Mouse

Razer NAGAIf you’re looking to play MMO games or any game that’s going to require key binding then a Razer Naga is probably your best bet.

The massively multiplayer online games also known as MMO are really specific genre, where you need lot of buttons in order to actuate different skills and weapons.

Not only is this mouse specifically tailored for left-handed gamers, but it also comes with a great deal of other features that make it my top pick in this list. There is no doubt that Razer has the reputation for delivering a diverse list of products and the Naga is a great example.

This mouse has always been an iconic peripheral for MMO players, especially for World of Warcraft. It’s the true innovation of engineering and technology created by Razer.

The build quality of the mouse feels great with an anti-slip coating and nice rubber coating. At 135 grams the Naga is on a heavier side, but it’s pretty well balanced with system. Ergonomically mouse is well shaped there is a rubber grip on the left side, that complements a secure fit for both my ring and pinky fingers. Naga is equipped with the 8200 dpi 4G laser sensor which delivers precise tracking in game and its super accurate on any DPI setting. The cable is braided and it comes with proper logo on the tip, to help differentiate between other cables you may have plugged in.


The Razer Naga’s revolutionary 12 button thumb grid has been outfitted with mechanical switches to give you tactile and audible feedback, so you can be assured of every actuation. Having 12 programmable buttons at first time it may sound like a lot, but to put things in perspective there are 9 main buttons on the top and 12 buttons on the right side where you can program macros to your preference. The primary left and right click buttons do provide excellent tactile feedback.


Bestbuy Left-Handed Gaming Mouse – Razer DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder

Razerzone has been developing gaming mice solely for left-handed people for so many years now, and Razer Deathadder has been their most sought after gaming mice.

First off, the DeathAdder Left Handed Edition mouse has a DPI of 3500, which is more than sufficient in most cases unless you have a multi-monitor setup and you wish to drag your cursor quickly across one screen to another with a flick of your wrist. Otherwise, anything above 3000 is overkill. It is the highest native DPI optical sensor available on any gaming mouse today. This ensures mouse movements of up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration.

For FPS games most important feature is the accuracy and precision, because every fault movement can dramatically change the final result of the match. That being said this mouse is equipped with the world’s best optical sensor and more powerful software to help you win the game. The DeathAdder proved extremely comfortable during gameplay, and using it to aim felt very natural. We were particularly impressed with the maximum polling rate of 1,000Hz. The polling rate determines how many times per second the mouse reports its position to the computer. A standard mouse reports its co-ordinates about 125 times per second, so its polling rate is about 125Hz. The more frequently the mouse reports its position, the smoother mouse movements will feel. Turning up the DeathAdder’s polling rate to 1,000Hz made for an extremely smooth experience that hardcore gamers will certainly appreciate.


The overall design is pretty unique, Razer has designed true ergonomics left-handed mice equipped with strategically placed side buttons and accurate scroll wheel. There are two different zones of illumination, including the logo and the scroll wheel. Both parts are highlighted with blue LED and provide nice visual feedback while playing. For more luxury look the left-handed version also comes with braided cable and gold plated USB connector, which not only looks great but also performs amazingly. In addition to great sensor and ergonomics the Razer Deathadder comes with five programmable buttons, which can be independently programmed to assign new macros or commands using Synapse 2.0. At 145 grams mouse is very light weight and well balanced, perfect for smooth movements and lifting.

Generally speaking main advantage of this product is that it was specifically molded for lefties and it’s not an ambidextrous one. Every part of this peripheral is the result of innovation and experience based on Razer Team research. This company has designed world’s first true FPS mouse using ergonomic form factor, accurate laser sensor and programmable buttons. In addition to great hardware it bears mentioning that DeathAdder comes with most intuitive software, where gamers can adjust polling rate, LED lighting and most importantly the mouse sensitivity.



Bestseller Left-Handed Gaming Mouse – SteelSeries Sensei


The Steelseries Sensei is an absolute powerhouse, designed for wireless gaming with stylish form factor and performance. This is also a popular left handed gaming mouse that is ambidextrous, meaning it fits in both hands. The Steel Series Sensei is used by many left-handed pro gamers because of its superior features. This mouse is very famous with pro gamers: there’s a huge list of eSports professionals that rely on the Sensei, for example the European powerhouse Fnatic.

Like many gaming mice, the SteelSeries Sensei includes a set of programmable buttons (in this case, there are seven), along with software that lets you fine-tune your settings and save profiles for different games or applications. The new design ensures that players are getting maximum performance in any situation.
Surrounding LED strips satisfies both the gaming setup with its multiple color options and the practicality, as it can be configured to showcase the battery status with green, yellow and red colors. To ensure maximum performance in all gaming scenarios SteelSeries enlisted help from world-class StarCraft® II, Counter-Strike, DotA 2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, WarCraft® III and Doom players while building this mouse.
The body is symmetrical, so good news for both right and left-handed users, plus it favors claw and finger-tip grip users. The rubberized top and side prevent hands from slippage and provide excellent tracking experience. The two browser buttons on each side are also very helpful as they can be reprogrammed to your own personal preference. The scroll wheel is also rubberized and illuminated and it gives nice tactile feedback while scrolling and clicking. The CPI change buttons is pretty low profile, with two setting that which is placed just below the scroll wheel.
I think that SteelSeries Engine 3 software is definitely one of the best in the market, as it’s helpful for all their gaming peripherals. All the hardware with Sensei is top notch, including the 12,000 DPI with 1ms of response time, that can be increased to 16,000 using software configurator.



For those who want a left-handed mouse without needing to feel like making a compromise, consider the Razer & SteelSeries peripherals. There are many companies presented here with left-handed models that will please your needs. But if you look closer it is obvious that Razer and SteelSeries dominate the market, offering mirrored and left-handed versions of their flagship gaming mouse models. Beside the Razer and SteelSeries there are lots of left-handed gaming mice available out there. Each one promises quality and top performance, so it is all up to you to choose the right one for your budget and taste as well.

As you can see, being a left-handed gamer has its downsides: there are just not as many gaming mice to chose from. But hey – there’s also a good thing! As I showed you above, some of the best gaming mice are ambidextrous or have a special left-handed version. So, while there’s a lack of quantity, there is no lack of quality. Especially the three mice recommended above are perfect for gamers and can be considered the best left-handed gaming mouses!

Other left-handed mouses :

Hippus Handshoe Left Handed Ergonomic Mouse

The special shape of the HandShoe Mouse allows your hand and wrist to float without any effort.
Its full hand and finger support prevents skin contact with the desktop, unlike most computer mouse types where you press down on the desktop and work from the wrist or rub over the desktop while sliding. Both of these actions are a source of complaints.

With a HandShoe Mouse you don’t need to hover your fingers over the buttons:  Only a minor effort is required to switch while your thumb rests on its support. This prevents thumb action which can otherwise be harmful. In Dutch the word HandShoe means “Glove”. The HandShoe Mouse “fits like a glove” or, like some people say “feels like a saddle for the hand”. The HandShoe Mouse is available in three standard sizes (Small, Medium and Large) which are available in a wireless and a wired version. The HandShoe Mouse is developed, based on proper university research and measurements and not on beliefs of individuals.

ELECOM M-XT4DRBK Left Handed Trackball mouse



Elecom is the only brand that offers a left-handed trackball – the Elecom M-XT4DRBK Wireless Trackball. (It must be noted that left-handed users can also get an ambidextrous trackball, which is symmetrical so can be used both by left- and right-handed people.)

The scroll wheel acts as a button as well and can be tilted to the left or right to scroll horizontally, for example in an Excel sheet.

When buying a trackball, you have decide for yourself if you prefer the wireless version or wired version, both have pros and cons. The wireless trackball takes up less space and you can place it far away from your computer or media center (if you use it to control your TV or movie player from your couch for example). The connection of the wired trackball is much more reliable compared to a wireless trackball. The wire offers a direct connection with your computer, while the wireless trackballs sometimes take a few seconds to ‘wake up’ or might lose connection for a second, which during a computer game could be a problem. Both wired and wireless versions need a USB port. The wireless trackball uses a very small USB 2.4GHz receiver while the wired models have a cable with a length of 1.5 meter (5ft).

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

g900-chaos-spectrum-mouseThe main features why I love this product are; highly optimized wireless connection, most accurate optical sensor, power efficient battery and most importantly the symmetrical design. Looking over the mouse you will see that it supports an ambidextrous design, perfect for both left and right hand users.

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is ideal for eSports gamers just because Logitech puts great effort to make it a truly professional gaming mouse that can be wireless or wired. Performance wise, it is one of the fastest gaming mice gamers will ever use. The speed and responsiveness of the mouse are due to the Pixert PMW3366 optical sensor.

One thing I always hated about ambidextrous mice was having the buttons on both sides. Main issue is that when you are left-handed you can’t equally use both sides and finally you end up with accidentally hitting them while playing. Thankfully this is not a problem with G900, here you can swap the buttons out on either side or remove them all together. Even though the side buttons are removable there seems to be no compromises, they do deliver perfect travel distance and give off a quite nice tactile click.

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse

1669_razer_ouroboros_ambidextrous_mouseRazer Ouroboros is the latest ambidextrous gaming mouse from Razer, perfect choice for left-handed people. This state of the art mouse offers lefties many essential features, than they are normally used to get.

The Razer Elite Ouroboros gaming mouse has an 8200dpi 4G laser sensor which alone qualifies it to be regarded as one of the best left handed gaming mouse under $100. Another feature that makes the Ouroboros gaming mouse stand out is that it can be either wireless or wired therefore making it more convenient to use in any situation. To make it even better it has a dedicated clutch trigger which is used to adjust the DPI to the users’ preferences. Its battery is powerful in that it can last for up to twelve hours, therefore, giving users more time to play. Designers of this particular mouse made it in a way that users can reach all the buttons without straining. I think what really makes this mouse stand out from the competition is the number of interchangeable parts, which is included especially for the left-handed people. Here you can change the palm rest using four different side panels. Moreover you can do it without needing any extra tools, because all the parts are magnetic and they swap pretty easily.

Zowie Fk2 Gaming Mouse


The key feature to look at while choosing the best gaming mouse for you is probably the precision and the comfortable shape. There is no such thing as perfect mouse and we all want different things, the idea is to find the one that is most suitable to your needs. That being said, I think that Zowie FK2 is the one of the best high-End gaming peripheral on the market today. Firstly it’s ambidextrous which is ideal for left and right hand users, plus it comes with super-fast optical sensor that cycles through 400 – 3200 DPI. Moreover this product is favored by top eSport athletes and FK2 tends to be their number one weapon on any tournaments.

I’d generally recommend it for people who have smaller hands that don’t have to struggle to handle it as it is a rather slim mouse and people with bigger hands might struggle to use the FK2 comfortably. With all that being said I’d recommend this mouse for people who are looking to play FPS Shooters competitively due to its amazing sensor that really allows you to get the edge on your opponent or any games that have few programmable skills, but require precise actions.

Razer Taipan Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

 razer-taipan-gallery-4-blackThis is another superior left handed mouse from Razer which is light for easy handling and has a V shape to allow the hand of the user to rest perfectly. It is also super sensitive where the gamers who use it do not have to struggle controlling the different features. This mouse has a 1600gpi which is ideal for pro gamers who like high quality sensitivity. It is designed to be used by people with relatively big hands but its ideal shape allows even gamers with relatively smaller hands to hold it perfectly.

Overall the ergonomics are fine, considering form factor and the materials used for body.

The build quality of Taipan feels great. At only 95grams the mouse does feel very light, with perfect weight distribution and top anti-slip coating. The Teflon feet at the bottom of the mouse complement a smooth glide and provide perfect tracking experience. Plus there is a nice cable which proper logo on the tip to help differentiate, between other cables that you may have plugged-in to your computer. There are two illuminated portions including the logo at the top and the scroll wheel, which are both highlighted with green LED lights. You can’t change the color, so the only adjustment is a breathing affect or turning lights completely off.

The Taipan is equipped with 8,200 DPI Avago laser sensor which tracks so precisely that you always hit the target where you need to. The DPI settings can cycles through pinpoint precise 200 DPI, to super-fast 8,200 so I suggest you sticking to the perfect CPI level that you feel most comfortable with. There are nine programmable buttons and the left and right primary switches.

Choice is yours.

Nedim SabicLeft Handed Gaming Mouse (November 2016)
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TV with VGA Input

To get a basic idea of what a TV with VGA input, we first have to understand what a VGA input is. VGA is abbreviated from video graphics array, and it represents the standard analog interface for all computer displays. So basically, VGA is, in layman terms, the analog video signal which can be received by a monitor, TV, and other video equipment such as video projectors and so on. VGA is mostly used on PC screens, and if you turn your PC monitor around, you will immediately see the VGA connector. Now, a lot of TVs, especially the most recent ones usually have both HDMI and VGA connectors, as this is extremely practical for a user.

If a TV has a VGA connector that immediately means that you have an additional option at your disposal – if you want, you can connect your computer to your TV and enjoy doing whatever you like on a larger screen. Because of this additional connector you will be able to connect more devices to your TV at the same time, and that is really an advantage in case you have many devices and you hate to get up every time to plug one device out, and another one in.

Additionally, if you have a device that sends an analog signal and only HDMI or SCART ports on your TV, you cannot do anything even if you purchase a VGA to HDMI or VGA to SCART converter adapter. This is simply because even when you use these adapters, most screens will still not display the analog over the HDMI or SCART ports. This is why, if you need to plug in a VGA device into your TV, you should look for a TV with a VGA connector as this is the only way you can be sure that the TV can actually receive VGA.

Generally, when looking for a TV that has VGA input, you should consider several factors as a guide:

  • TV brand – the best brands did not deserve the reputation for nothing
  • Screen technology – LED, LCD, etc.
  • Input – VGA, HDMI (also check the number of ports)
  • HDTV – the bigger the resolution, the better
  • Picture quality
  • Black quality
  • USB
  • TV size
  • Price

As finding a good TV capable of receiving a VGA signal without any problems can be a hassle, we have made it easier for you by testing out several TVs with VGA input and narrowed the selection to the best ones to provide you with good information. To be precise, we tested ten different TV sets with VGA input and narrowed it down to only the top three, as we think that these deserve your attention and are worth your consideration. During our testing we did a very simple thing – we played a high resolution video over the VGA port on the TV, and then compared the image quality. We also considered the prices of these TVs, all of the other features they offer (such as the number of other ports, screen technology etc.) and the general customer feedback.

Best TV with VGA Input – Samsung UN40D5003

Samsung UN40D5003 is an excellent TV that has VGA and HDMI inputs, and will play your videos in astounding quality. You can connect it to a PC and play your favorite games on a clean and detailed picture. Samsung is in general an excellent brand to purchase when looking for video devices, as their video technology is cutting-edge and simply superior to most other brands that produce TV, monitor and tablet devices. As it is, this TV is no exception, and aside from its elegant look and really nice size, you will be able to enjoy your content in highest possible quality – the crispness andcolors of the picture will amaze the most demanding ones. While this TV is slightly more expensive than the others we have listed for you, it is worth the money difference as it also has superior specs in addition with high audio and video performances. Now we will list some pros and cons so that you can decide whether Samsung UN40D5003 is really right for you.

Samsung S27B550V PROS

First of all, Samsung UN40D5003 dons a really nice screen size at 40 inches, and uses the LED technology. LED is better and more expensive than LCD, so if you want to have a great picture quality, this TV should be your choice. It has two HDMI inputs and one VGA input which leaves a lot of room to plug in several devices at the same time. That should be more than enough even for the most demanding customers and you can avoid possible cable tangling. The screen resolution is 1080p which makes for excellent quality of video reproduction, and if you combine that with the impressive Samsung quality, you get yourself an outstanding playback which is something other devices are bit inferior to our best choice. Samsung UN40D5003 dons the cutting-edge picture and black level quality and it is the only five stars rated product in those departments. It also has an USB 2.0 port which enables a person to simply plug in the USB and use the remote to browse through files and pictures, which is a nice additional option offered by Samsung UN40D5003.

Samsung S27B550V CONS

There are virtually no cons when it comes to the Samsung B550, as it has amazed as at every turn while we were testing it.

To summarize, the Samsung B550 is the best monitor with HDMI input on the market. With LED based 27” screen, 1920×1080 resolution, two HDMI inputs, one VGA input and the addition of embedded speakers, B550 is the best choice for video games players as it will provide great video gaming experience. This does not mean that you cannot use this monitor for other purposes, as we have discovered during testing that it also gives a great performance for HD video playback. The high price is justified as this is definitely the best product when it comes to HDMI monitors.

Best Buy & Bestseller TV with VGA Input – Philips 40PFL5706

The Philips 40PFL5706 TV is another TV we will review that has a VGA input. Philips is a well known brand in the TV manufacturers market and they did not disappoint us with this model. When it comes to image quality, you will definitely love it. It might be slightly inferior to the quality of image and video reproduction we have seen while using the Samsung UN40D5003, but it is still outstanding. The sound quality on this TV is excellent and it has a nice additional option,which is explain in the pros section, that makes it a best buy and a best selling product at the same time. Now we’ll outline all the pros and cons of buying Philips 40PFL5706 TV with VGA input.

Philips 40PFL5706 PROS:

Philips 40PFL5706 offers the option to play 1080p videos on a 40 inch screen which says a lot from the start. You will be able to enjoy movies, video games or any other content in stunning quality. This is probably the first attribute important featured to be interested in when it comes to choosing a good TV that supports VGA. The aforementioned capability to display picture in an incredible 1080p resolution may seem like something that is implied from the start, but  many other manufacturers offer lower resolutions for approximately the same amount of money. The most important reason why you may prefer this TV with VGA input to its Samsung competition is the fact that it supports Wi-Fi and enables you to use its MediaConnect. This allows you to access your PC wirelessly in order to play or view any file you want, using nothing but the TV remote. You can also access online content using the Wireless NetTV, which is a good way to quickly access your YouTube and Facebook accounts. This cool option immediately makes the price of Philips 40PFL5706 a real bargain and yet another pro on this list, as it is impossible to find another TV that has all these options at this price. It also supports USB connection, which is a yet another nice touch. Philips 40PFL5706 has three HDMI inputs and one VGA, which is more than enough to use all features of today’s TV technologies.


Philips 40PFL5706 CONS:

Philips 40PFL5706 has a lot of good things worth mentioning, but there are some things that Samsung UN40D5003 simply does better, and that includes the picture and black quality. Philips 40PFL5706 certainly has high picture quality, but if we are going to make a realistic review it is only fair to say that if Samsung would have five star rating in this aspect, Philips 40PFL5706 would get four. Additionally, the black quality would be five starts with Samsung while the Philips TV would get only three. Furthermore, this TV with VGA input uses LCD technology for its screen, which has become an industry standard in the last few years.

In summary, Philips 40PFL5706 is a good product that sells really well and for good reason. If you want to get the most out of your money, this is a good choice for because you get 3 HDMI inputs, VGA, USB and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is available only for this model out of all we have tested, so it is a noteworthy advantage and makes this a real value for money product. While it is slightly inferior in the image quality department when compared to Samsung UN40D5003, we recommend it as the best buy option (and it is already a bestseller).

Cheapest TV with VGA Input – Philips 40PFL4707

Philips 40PFL4707 is another great TV with VGA input by Philips and this one is the cheapest product on this list. Philips 40PFL4707 is not any worse because of that, though, and it has a great resolution of 1080p and will make your viewing experience top-notch. This modern TV will enable you to enjoy your content in full HD, which makes it a great value purchase for a relatively low price when compared to the other TVs with VGA input we have tested.

Philips 40PFL4707 PROS:

Philips 40PFL4707 dons a great picture quality and you will be able to enjoy your video files in full HD. It has a 40 inch screen, which is a decent size that will enhance your experience even further. Further, it uses LED technology, which has become a standard nowadays as the LCD TVs have become slightly outdated. Philips 40PFL4707 also supports USB and that means you can just plug in your USB device and browse your files with nothing but your remote controller. This Philips model has a slightly better black quality than the Philips 40PFL5706. Another obvious reason that makes this TV with VGA a good purchase is its price – at a price that is quite low, compared to other devices we reviewed, you can get a lot of great features. This is an excellent deal, especially if your budget is smaller or limited. Philips 40PFL4707 has three HDMI inputs and one VGA input, so you can simultaneously connect more devices at once.



When it comes down to it, if your budget allows it and you want the best TV with VGA input, a smart choice for you is the Samsung UN40D5003. This fantastic TV with VGA input has the best picture and black quality and you will be simply blown away by how some HD videos look like on this TV.

If you are keen on having Wi-Fi, however, a good choice is the Philips 40PFL5706 that has a lot of cool things to offer for a reasonable price. Philips 40PFL5706 has exceptional sales number and is our bestbuy option, but keep in mind that the picture quality still is a bit worse than on its Samsung competitor.

Our cheapest selected item is the Philips 40PFL4707, which has a lot of good options to offer, but the picture quality suffers because of its price and it does not have the wireless options of our bestbuy choice. But if you have to save money, it’s a solid choice.

Generally, all of these TVs are really good, but the Samsung UN40D500 simply overshadowed its competition during the testing phase, which is why we ultimately recommend this TV first.



Nedim SabicTV with VGA Input
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Calculator with fractions

Calculator with fractions is literally a mathematical powerhouse on the go. This is a lot more than a normal calculator – these devices are designed to perform the most complex mathematical and geometrical operations. Their purpose is to facilitate working in professions such as teaching, construction work, geodesy and basically any other profession that demands complicated calculation.If your vocation implies any complicated calculation on a constant basis, you will need to have an advanced calculator with a lot of options close by at all times.

Owning a calculator with fractions or any other capabilities is a must, simply because these are basically pre-programmed mathematical tools indispensible for performing all math operations and measurements on the go.  A good scientific calculator with fractions can do all the basic things such as subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, but also many complex operations such as calculating something to the smallest decimal, taking extremely accurate measurements, a lot of teaching/ learning facilities and so on. To summarize, a great calculator with fractions is basically a mathematical computer in its portable edition. It would be very easy to perform any mathematical or geometrical operation on your computer, but most professions simply do not enable you to sit in an office. All the teachers, construction workers, interior and exterior designers, architects, estimators and engineers should have one calculator with fractions ready at hand at all times.

Scientific calculator with fractions

There are three more things to look into before buying a scientific calculator with fractions:

  • Price – you may want all of the above mentioned features, but a calculator of that caliber may be out of your price range. That is why we have found excellent calculators that will have most of the features that should fit   everyone’s budget.
  • Keys and display – some may need a calculator with larger keys or a bigger display because of their own limitations.
  • Ease of usage – a scientific calculator with to much features could be useless if it is too complicated to use, so this is a very important thing to carefully consider.

Best Calculator with Fractions – Casio Prizm FX-CG10

The Casio Prizm FX-CG10 is an excellent calculator capable of performing even the most complicated mathematical operations and goes way beyond simple multiplying, dividing, subtracting and adding. This is a math machine that offers just about anything a professional could need in his line of work. The Prizm FX-CG10 has received the best testing feedback and has proven to be superior in all fields. Most importantly, it is extremely easy to use which makes it, by automatic, our best recommendation on this list.
The most important thing to emphasize is the ability to draw graphs, dual graphs and tables which makes it a must have tool for teachers, statistics and estimating professionals. Basically anyone who wants their calculations to be accurate and neatly represented in graphs, tables and spreadsheets should use this calculator. A second impressive thing about this scientific calculator with fractions is the display – unlike all the others we have tested this one dons a full color screen with easy to use icon base menu. If you often need to divide a fraction with another fraction, you will be impressed by the speed and ease. The software it uses is very advanced but amazingly simple to use which is something that cannot be said for many scientific calculators. In most cases, you would to learn their elaborate instructions manual before you can use the device properly. Basically, a combination of a 3.7”color display and excellent software make the Casio Prism FX-CG10 a perfect scientific calculator for any professional, especially for math teachers as this calculator has fantastic learning facilities. Prism FX-CG10 uses preloaded geometry applications and an in-depth conic application that handle complex numbers, fractions, as well as everything in between (all the above listed functionalities). Prism FX-CG10 is USB connectible to your computer, which is yet another advantage it has in comparison to its competition.

To conclude, the Casio Prism FX-CG10 is the best scientific calculator with fractions, period. Its color display, nice wide keys, numerous functionalities and easy-to-use software with an icon based system make this scientific calculator the best possible choice for anyone. Prism is simply superior to all the other calculators we have tested, and has proven its worth to many professionals already. Noteworthy to mention – Prism FX-CG10 is not that expensive either, all things considered. It does cost a bit more than the others on the list, but it brings many more useful things on the table.

Best Buy Calculator with Fractions – Calculated Industries 44080

Calculated Industries 44080 Construction Master Pro Construction Calculator is a great professional calculator with a primary focus on construction workers but it’s also well suited for architects, contractors, designers, managers, engineers, estimators and many more professionals. This fantastic tool is essentially made to facilitate your work by making it easy to complete complicated calculations, estimates, layouts and bids. It will enable you to estimate and calculate a lot of factors, everything from how much materials you will need to build something to converting between any dimensional formats. We will now speak about why we decided to make this our best buy option by mentioning some pros and cons.
The first great advantage of the Calculated Industries model 44080 is the ease of usage factor, which is very good. This calculator is not as simple to use as the Casio Prism FX-CG10 but it is surprisingly easy to get used to it and you will learn how to use its full potential in no time. This calculating device is perfectly suited for construction workers as a tool they all must have on their desks. As such, this professional calculator contains all functionalities that will simplify construction math. Solving predominately trigonometric functions a construction worker couldn’t do without such a device. Another noteworthy feature is the ability to define your preferences for future calculations, which provides time saving shortcuts that can be real life savers in tight situations.

First and foremost, it is important to say that the following cons have emerged due to comparisons with Casio Prism FX-CG10 which is, in this case, superior for several small features. One of them is the black and white display, while the Prism uses a color display. Calculated Industries 44080 also lacks the capabilities to display graphs or manage complex numbers. It does not have the PC port that the Prism FX-CG10 has. Additionally, Calculated Industries 44080 is a heavy duty scientific calculator that is meant to be kept on a desk, while the Prism is fully portable.

In conclusion, the Calculated Industries 44080 is a good solid scientific calculator with fractions that will be more than enough for most. If you don’t need a portable and sophisticated device like the Prism FX-CG10, the Calculated Industries 44080 calculator should be your choice.  It is super easy to use what makes this device perfect for construction workers and contractors. At a lower price than its Casio competitor, this may be a better option for some people. Regardless of all its pros, if you can chip in a bit more, you will own a better calculator if you buy the Casio Prism.

Bestseller Calculator with Fractions – Calculated Industries 4087 Machinist Calc Advanced

Calculated Industries 4087 Machinist Calc Advanced is literally what the title says it is – a good solution for someone who needs to do a lot of machining mathematical operations on a daily basis. As such, it has a lot of capabilities for machining professionals as well as for shop owners, which makes Calculated Industries model 4087 a really good cost-effective calculator. Unlike the before mentioned Calculated Industries 44080 model, this one is handheld and less bulky, but its predecessor is still a bit better. Here are some pros and cons of Calculated Industries 4087 scientific calculator with fractions.
The main reason to buy this scientific calculator would be its machinist functionalities that makes it a good choice for machinist professionals, shop owners and anyone that needs good management functionalities. Built in drill and thread size tables are excellent as a work facility for any machinist.The trigonometric functions and the possibility to convert units from US to their metric counterparts are definitely the pros of Calculated Industries 4087 calculator with fractions.

One of its cons is the black and white display which doesn’t come anywhere near the impressive display of the Prism. The difficult usage of this one may pose a great problem for many professionals, as they may not have the time or the will to study the instruction manuals and slowly learn how to get the most out of the Calculated Industries 4087. This calculator will not enable you to draw graphs, dual graphs or to do any complex number calculations. It is not connectible to a computer because of the lack of PC port and it is not well suited for construction professionals. Therefore, it is limited to machinists and shop owners, but not a very good purchase for just about anyone else.

In summary, Calculated Industries 4087 may be a best-selling item, but it should not be your first option by any means. The fact that a lot of people use it should not be your reason for purchase. Buying the Prism FX-CG10 would give you a lot more options on a full color display.

Cheapest Calculator with Fractions – Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro

Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro is yet another professional calculator with fractions designed to facilitate construction specific calculations. It is designed to make it easier to do estimates, layouts and bids, and it is oriented to provide everything a construction professional may need when working. Calculated Industries 4065 is the cheapest scientific calculator on this list, and there are numerous reasons for that, compared to other items we reviewed on this list. We move on to speak about some pros and cons of Calculated Industries 4065.
Calculated Industries 4065 offers a lot to construction professionals, including the option to make estimates, layouts and bids relatively easily, which is good if that’s all you need. It also converts US units to metrics easily, and it has a large 11 digits display that is more than enough accuracy for most people. Another pro could disputably be its price which is just a bit lower than the price of our bestbuy option.

Firstly, Calculated Industries 4065 lacks a lot of the functionality that Calculated Industries 44080 offers but they are both made for the same line of professions – construction workers and contractors. Much like the other Calculated Industries models, this one also has a black and white display and unlike to the 44080 model, the Calculated Industries 4065 is quite difficult to use. It will take some time until you learn how to properly use all of its functions. Calculated Industries 4065 does not enable you to draw graphs, dual graphs and it does not handle complex number calculations. It is also not possible to connect this calculator to a computer as it does not have a PC port. Unlike the Calculated Industries 4087, it is not suited for machinists and shop owners.

To summarize, Calculated Industries model 4065 may be a good match for construction professionals, but there are better options out there since this one is really difficult to operate. While the Prism FX-CG10 is a match made in heaven for professionals in any niche that demands elaborate calculations, the Calculated Industries does have some impressive scientific calculators worth your time in money. However, that is not the Calculated Industries 4065, rather the 44080 model by the same manufacturer.



If you want the best calculator with fractions and many other functionalities, buy the Casio Prism FX-CG10. However, if you do not want to spend that kind of money, you will do well to buy the Calculated Industries 44080 calculator which is our bestbuy option as it offers a lot of functionalities for a bit lower price than you would pay for Prism FX-CG10.

Keep in mind that the money you save on choosing to purchase the Calculated Industries 44080 instead of Casio Prism FX-CG10 is simply not worth saving in the long run, as the Prism literally has everything you will ever need. Our advice is to go for the Casio Prism in any case, but if you want one of the Calculated Industries models you are certainly better off with Calculated Industries 44080 than with Calculated Industries 4087 or 4065. It is hard to divide calculators by knowledge, but here it seems to be easy.

If you are thinking about getting the Calculated Industries 4087 simply because it says it is good for machinist functionalities, you can find these features and a lot more in the Casio Prism FX-CG10. The Calculated Industries 4065 is an okay product for construction professionals, but you are better off adding 10 more dollars and buying the Calculated Industries 44080, which enables you to use many more options and much easier for an almost irrelevant price difference.


Nedim SabicCalculator with fractions
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Monitor with Webcam (October 2021)

We have tested 20 monitors with a webcam and here are the results of that testing. We have chosen best, bestbuy, bestseller and cheapest monitor with a webcam that will suit you with price and features. There are two types of webcams – built-in and external webcam. Built-in webcams are located within the monitor, usually above the screen. Built-in webcams are commonly found in laptops, but they can also be found in computer monitors. Built-in webcams have a small lens that looks like a camera lens on many mobile phones. These lenses are so small and unobservable that some people do not even notice that they have a webcam on their laptop.

What are the most important things you must pay attention to when buying a monitor with webcam? There are three most important things when purchasing one of these monitors – monitor size, resolution of monitor and webcam quality. The resolution depends mostly on the physical size of the display, and it is, in fact, the number of points that physically exist on the display. The highest resolution is Full HD of 1920×1080. In the following paragraphs, we will present to you some of the best monitors with the webcam on the market. All of these products have great features and the price varies from product to product. But one thing is for sure, we will help you to find the most suitable monitor with webcam. Choosing the perfect monitor can be frustrating and confusing, and that is why we have made this selection, from the best to the cheapest.

Picture of paul Jones and his review for monitors with a webcam and he says that this post helped him a lot.

External webcams are much larger and are located outside the computer. They must be connected to a computer using a USB cable. Most external webcam is equipped with handles that allow them to hang on the top edge of the monitor. There is the rise in demand for monitors with webcam, because this combination is much more convenient than buying external webcam. Webcam connected to your computer allows you to use it for online audio and video stream. What is very positive about these monitors is that they save you a lot of space. Namely, you can find monitors with built-in webcam, speakers and microphone.

That really saves space and your money. You get three features in one product. How amazing is that!

Best Monitor with Webcam – Apple Thunderbolt

Apple Thunderbolt monitor

If you are looking for the best monitor with webcam on the market, then look no further, because you have just found it. Apple Thunderbolt monitor is absolutely revolutionary and it caused a true confusion when it appeared on the market for the first time. This product has some truly amazing features. Thunderbolt Display is based on the LED Cinema display with a combination of aluminum and glass casing.

With 27 inches display and resolution of 2560×1440, you will experience a true revelation in modern computer technology. This kind of display is something you have never seen before. There are three features that this monitor with webcam has and that distinguishes it from other monitors we mentioned here. One of those features we have already mentioned and that is the extremely high resolution. Second reason why this monitor is the best is the IPS – an in-plane switching technology. IPS is responsible for the perfect and crystal clear image that can be viewed from any angle. The third feature is integrated microphone which you can use for video chat. Apple Thunderbolt has integrated speakers, microphone and built-in Face Time HD webcam which will allow you to take photos and have online conversations with your friends or family.

This monitor besides excellent performance has the possibility of transferring images via Thunderbolt connection, which is compared to the USB 3.0 up to three times faster. Thanks to that it may provide much higher data transfer per second which results in a better picture. It is compatible with all current Mac desktop and notebook computers. Apple Thunderbolt also has three USB 2.0 ports, one FireWire port and a LAN port.

This advanced monitor with a camera isn’t cheap, but it should be noted that this is the best monitor in the world, and it offers incredible performance. Owning this product will not enhance your desktop and the overall working experience on your computer will become amazing. Perfect image, great sound and versatility of Thunderbolt technology are just some of the reasons why this display is the best.

Best buy Monitor with Webcam – Dell S2340T

Dell S2340T is very innovative monitor with webcam that has similar features like previous product, but with few differences. First of all, this model with a diagonal screen of 23 inches is a Multi Touch Monitor. Dell S2340T offers an interactive experience and full screen rotation, so the user can tilt the screen backward or forward, or even set all the way straight for playing interactive games or drawing. This product also has an integrated webcam, but in comparison to Apple Thunderbolt, it is a Full HD webcam. Another feature is S-IPS which means Super In-Plane Switching. What is the difference between IPS and S-IPS? Well, it is almost the same as IPS with one small enhancement – pixel refresh timing is better.

Dell S2340T doesn’t have integrated speakers and microphone like Apple Thunderbolt. Resolution is also a bit smaller – 1920×1080, but it still produces high quality images. This monitor with webcam is ideal for use on the Windows 8 operating system. This product has an ultra-wide visibility angle of 178 degrees, LED backlighting for better contrast and lower power consumption. Image Enhance sharpens each image to a brilliant level, bringing you colors, contrast and details that you have never experienced before. Display Port, HDMI and USB 3.0 are also some of the features.

If you are looking for a flexible monitor with webcam that has great features and reasonable price, then Dell S2340T is for you. Multi Touch monitor is perfect for all those who are drawing or making some projects on their computer. With this monitor your job will be done fast and with great precision. Dell S2340T brings a new dimension in the computer world. We have chosen Dell S2340T as the bestbuy monitor with webcam because it has great features and the price is more than reasonable. Unfortunately this monitor is not available online, but the newer model “Dell Ultrasharp UZ2315H” (23 inch) is available and way better.

Bestseller Monitor with Webcam – Asus VK278Q

Bestseller represents a product that most people buy and find it really great. Best price, features, design and quality combined make a bestseller product. We have chosen the Asus VK278Q as the bestseller product because it has all of the mentioned specifications. This is an exceptional monitor with great price and it is perfect for playing games and watching movies.

The Asus VK278Q has excellent picture quality and almost every possible connection, including DisplayPort. It is wall mountable so you can use wall mount brackets to put it on your wall, what will allow you to completely enjoy your PC experience. It has a built-in 2 MP webcam. In comparison to Apple Thunderbolt, our best product choice, the Asus VK278Q has rotatable webcam. 27 inches wide LED screen will provide with high quality image.

There are built-in speakers but USB port in not included and its webcam doesn’t have an integrated microphone. There is one small drawback about this monitor with webcam. Namely, it has somewhat loose stand – large monitor with small stand. When we compare this product with the best one, we can see the following differences. The Apple Thunderbolt has much higher resolution, IPS, USB port and integrated microphone. The Asus VK278Q doesn’t have these mentioned features, but it has rotatable webcam.

From all of the products here, this monitor with webcam isn’t the best, but it has some flaws. Considering the price, this product will provide you with some pretty great features. The Asus VK278Q will definitely satisfy even the most demanding customers. This is a big monitor with cool design and connections for everything. You can play your favorite games flawlessly, without worrying about blurriness and bunch of mixed up pixels. The Asus VK278Q offers you quality, reasonable price and it will look awesome at your desk or on your wall.

Cheapest Monitor with Webcam – Asus VK248H-CSM

The Asus VK248H-CSM is not as good as our other chosen products, but it has low price. As far as the features are considered, this product has rotatable webcam which will allow you to make photos and videos from various angles. The Asus VK248H-CSM is great for gaming and video chatting. Unfortunately there is no integrated microphone, but there are built-in speakers.

Full HD LED-backlit display with resolution of 1920×1080 will provide you with great image quality, smooth performance and improved energy savings. In comparison with the Dell S2340T, which is the bestbuy product, the Asus VK248H-CSM has rotatable webcam for a low price. On the other hand, bestbuy product has S-IPS, Multi Touch monitor, full vertical screen rotation and it costs a bit more.

If you can add a bit more money, it is better to buy the Dell S2340T which has a few extra features and of course better quality. When buying this kind of things, it is always smarter to go with something a little bit more expensive than buying the cheapest thing which will serve its purpose for a very short time. Bestbuy product surely has great features and specifications but think wisely before making the purchase.

If you’re on a low budget, the Asus VK248H-CSM is probably the best choice for a monitor with webcam. This product doesn’t have an integrated microphone, multitouch display or full vertical screen rotation. It comes with basic specifications but that’s usually more than you need. You can still have video chats but you will have to buy a microphone.


Apple Thunderbolt vs Dell S2340T vs Asus VK278Q vs Asus VK248H-CSM


Currently, the best monitor with webcam on the market is the Apple Thunderbolt. It is also the most expensive, but if you consider all the features it offers, the price means nothing. Compared to the bestseller, it is much better in terms of resolution and integrated characteristics. It has the best quality and looks like everything else made by Apple.

If you’re looking amazing features and a more reasonable price, we recommend you to choose the Dell S2340T since it’s our best buy product.

The Asus VK278Q has been sold many times and most of the customers are satisfied. That means that this is a safe to buy product so if you don’t want to take any risks, buy the bestseller product.

The Asus VK248H-CSM may be the cheapest monitor with webcam, but it’s still good enough to be on our list. If you’re on a low budget and looking for a cheap solution, the Asus VK248H-CSM will satisfy your expectations.

Update October 2021

Although one year passed, nothing much changed, these are still the best monitors with a webcam.

Nedim SabicMonitor with Webcam (October 2021)
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Baby monitor with camera (Update: July 2017)

Buying a baby monitor can be very complicated task since we all want the best for our children. There are so many products on the market and it is very hard to choose. In the end it all depends on how much money you can spend. Thanks to new technology, you can watch and listen to your baby while you are doing your daily chores. Audio and video monitoring of your baby is possible and in this way you will always have an eye on your baby. If your baby wakes up, all you have to do is check up on the monitor to see what’s going on. A video monitor helps you stop imagining that something terrible happened to your child. A baby monitor is especially useful in big houses where your child is far from you and if you have one of these then you don’t have to worry.

Nedim SabicBaby monitor with camera (Update: July 2017)
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Security Camera System

A lot of people today are resorting to purchasing and installing a security camera system. Security camera systems enable you surveillance virtually and space and give you an additional sense of security you need in order to sleep easier. This kind of a product is simple to install and worth the money invested, especially if you own expensive items or are concerned with your overall security level. Particularly easy and practical systems are some of the wireless surveillance systems presented in the sections below.

Main reasons to own a security camera system

Security camera systems are installed for many reasons and in many places and their primary function is to enable the owner to track and monitor their businesses and properties, as well as to provide them with a sense of security that they would otherwise not have without some surveillance.

There are countless benefits to security systems but the most important ones include the possibility of surveillance of the interior and exterior of any building or property, and if they are easily visible they also serve as a warning to robbers, vandals and the like. Security camera surveillance systems help create a safe life environment at your home and an elevated level of safety at your workplace. They protect your family and business by enabling you to be there when you are not physically present and respond accordingly in every situation.

Security camera system benefits

Store owners

They will make it easy to monitor and track the behavior of your employees and customers and will reduce the number of thefts.

Additionally, store surveillance is good for observing the behavior of customers to see which products they purchase and enjoy the most.

Business owners

Security cameras installed at your workplace will protect your property and prevent anyone from robbing or vandalizing it. They will serve as deterrents to potential robbers.

Home owners

With the increasing number of burglaries, it is important to protect your family and yourself from these dangers by way of surveillance of certain critical points.

People with babysitters

You will be able to monitor the behavior of your babysitter in order to ensure your child a safe environment while you are away from the house. When leaving your children with strangers, some measure of surveillance is usually a good precaution.

Just about anyone else

Everyone who owns any kind of property will benefit from a good security camera system as it is important to be able to feel safe at all times. The good part is that these surveillance systems are very easy to install without anyone’s help, and especially the ones that rely on wireless technology.

Wireless security camera systems

When it comes to choosing a perfect camera system, it is a good idea to go for the wireless option. The wireless feature will ensure that you do not have to bother with all the unnecessary wiring and complications during and after the installation of your surveillance system.

Most manufacturers use the wireless technology with their products simply because of sheer practicality and easier installation. Wireless is crucial to avoid any redundant wiring and, whether you are setting the cameras up at your home, office, or elsewhere.

Wireless Security Cameras with DVR

Wireless security camera systems with DVR (digital video recording) are perhaps the best choice for anyone simply because they enable you to record video in a digital format. This makes it possible for anyone to transfer and store the footage easily. Most current devices have DVR and it is a recommended feature to look for in security systems as well.

If you can afford a security camera system with both the DVR feature and wireless cameras which are easy to install, it is a warm recommendation to choose that option. However, there are many good systems that are not wireless and the difference only implies a more complicated installation and the limits imposed by the wires. All of the cameras listed below will enable you easy surveillance of points you deem important or critical.

Best Security Camera System  – Swann SWDVK-425504 S

 Swann offers an excellent high-quality security camera system which enables you to install 4 high-resolution all-weather cameras and then monitor them from the comfort of your home, or anywhere where you have 3G network. You can check in on your smartphone or tablet at any time and monitor your property from afar. It has a DVR and a 500GB hard drive which literally enables you to create more than 120 days of audio and video footage. Its other features are top-notch night vision that reaches up to 65 feet. This set is pretty cheap considering what it brings on the table.

Bestbuy Security Camera System – Lorex LH018501C8F Vantage

This impressive security camera system offers the most for a reasonable price. It is fully connectable to a 3G/4G network and to Wi-Fi and can record up to 500 impressive GB of audio and video footage. It can also send out email alerts with snapshots and most importantly, it is simple and easy to set up. You are able to keep track of your property on several monitors, and the 8 cameras will give you enough room to cover all the angles you wish to monitor. This is perhaps the only quality 8 security camera system that will not make a huge impact on your wallet and it is among the best value for money offers. Eight cameras offer a lot of possible angles for full surveillance of virtually every nook and cranny of your property.

Bestseller Security Camera System – Lorex LW2731 Live

 Lorex Live Recording Monitor and Wireless Camera can be set up to record manually, on motion and you can schedule them. It comes with an integrated DVR system which enables you to capture up to 32GB of audio and video footage. This system is a great solution for surveillance of almost any location during any time of day (it comes with an excellent night vision technology) and it is very easy to use, practical and most importantly very affordable. This is a true value product, as it comes with a monitor and it is wireless so you won’t have to bother with wiring or any other complications. A combination of wireless and DVR makes this product and excellent choice.

Cheapest Security Camera System – Zmodo 8CH camera security

Navigon 5100 GPS navigator can be used for multiple transport settings like cars and bicycles. Lifetime traffic is included in this model. This feature gives you all the information about traffic flow and alternate route suggestions. Also there are point of interest (POI) included and this really makes your travel much easier. It gives you hints for hotels, restaurants and other places you might need or find interesting during your trip.

Another great option is that this GPS navigator displays you speed limit and it does that very accurately. 3D images are absolutely amazing and they give you insight in every thing on the road. Maps of US, Canada and Puerto Rico are included. There is option to allow, avoid or forbid toll routes.
With this GPS navigator your trip will be safe and comfortable.


Having a portable Blu ray DVD player is a very practical thing if you travel a lot and if you have to spend a lot of time on the road. It’s a good solution for people with children who want to keep their kids occupied but do not want to give them access to their laptops or PCs. There is a wide price range for blu ray DVD portable players, but most of them are much cheaper than any computer that supports Blu ray. In the list above we have discussed several of these portable players, and mentioned which players are superior in comparison to others on the list.
Portable players can even be a good idea because all of these players can be connected to bigger screens, so if you want full HD you just need to connect them to a HDTV and enjoy. Practically thinking, these players can replace regular Blu ray players in that respect, and can be carried around when necessary.

All things considered, a security camera system is not an option if you own a business – it is a realistic need. The above selection has presented you with some of the best choices of security cameras available online and has left you with the choice of deciding if you need a DVR capability or wireless cameras. You have seen security systems with one or several wireless or non-wireless cameras and the only way to decide which one you need is the size of your property and the angles you have to cover to have full surveillance of all critical areas.

Keep in mind that sometimes wireless security systems are better because there are instances in which you will want to keep your security camera system well hidden – wireless will enable you to avoid having to hide a lot of wires and cables.

In the end, protecting your family, property and yourself is paramount and there is nothing more important than the feeling of security.

More Security Camera System choices

Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security System

Defender Digital Wireless DVR Security Camera System is a fantastic wireless solution because it is very easy to use and you will be able to operate it remotely. This is a wireless camera system that is easy to install and has a DVR feature which enables you to record up to 350 minutes of video or audio footage, which is then stored on a 2GB SD card included with the system. It also boasts a camera equipped for night vision which will make you feel extra safe – and it is easily connectible to a TV set. All things considering, the Defender DVR Security System offers a lot for a very reasonable price and it has both the desirable advantages of these systems – wireless and DVR.

Lorex LH014501C4WF

Lorex 4-Channel DVR Kit offers a lot as it includes 4 wireless cameras and enables you to monitor everything via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network on your smartphone or tablet. You can keep full surveillance of your property on the go which is an amazing advantage. Its DVR system can record 500 GB of audio and video footage. This system is easy to install and operate, affordable and very reliable. Not to mention that 4 wireless cameras can cover a lot of angles and provide you with more security.

Defender Digital Wireless DVR Security System
This wireless security camera system includes an LCD 7 inch monitor which immediately saves you money. The system operates very easily and can record 2GB of audio and video which makes for about 350 minutes of footage. It also features the digital wireless technology that ensures you the least work possible – there will be no complicated and messy wiring during the installation of this security system. It can also boast an advanced long range night vision and intercom – this literally means you can speak to anyone from any distance – the cameras all have microphones in them. This system is relatively cheap and offers easy surveillance and the commodity of wireless technology.

Zmodo PKD-DK4216

Zmodo wireless security systems are one of the better known quality wireless systems and for good reason. This extremely cheap security camera system offers a lot of things – it comes with a 500GB hard drive for your recordings, and you can check in and observe your property at any time via a smartphone or 3G network. The four cameras are wireless and support advanced night vision. This is an amazing bargain for a solid security system that is connectible to a TV or a monitor and enables full wireless surveillance of your estate or property.
Defender PX301-012 Digital Wireless DVR Security System with receiver, SD Card Recording and Long Range Night Vision Camera

This is one of the cheapest models of Defender security camera systems and it includes a wireless camera and a DVR system so that you can capture up to 350 minutes of A/V footage (up to 2GB). It can be controlled remotely and is a perfect solution for home and office surveillance – if you intend to monitor a smaller space and need only one camera. Its wireless feature is a great advantage.

Defender PX301-010 Digital Wireless DVR Security System 

This Defender security camera system includes a wireless camera and a 7 inch LCD screen which automatically saves you the time, trouble and money of connecting the system to a monitor or a TV screen. It comes with a DVR system which enables you to create up to 350 minutes of A/V footage and you can control the system remotely. DVR plus wireless are more than enough to seriously consider this security system.

Zmodo 8CH H.264 DVR Security CCTV Surveillance Camera System

Zmodo cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance make an excellent cheap security camera system and offer more than most – the system has 4 cameras which enable you to monitor your home or any property from afar. It supports access via PC or a smartphone, and has good night vision. Its only flaw is that it does not have its own hard drive but you can add a card and use the DVR to create audio or video footage. It’s a great security camera system for a small business.

Zmodo PKD-DK0863-500GB Outdoor Security Camera

You will pay about 200$ for four cameras and a DVR that works perfectly and enables you to create as much footage as you need on your 500GB hard drive that is integrated with the system. This offer literally covers all your needs if you own a small business or wish to have surveillance of your home and property. It can be accessed via a smartphone, PC or any mobile phone via 3G network.

ZMODO 8CH H.264 CCTV Surveillance DVR 

Zmodo Waterproof 4-Camera Security System is a bit more expensive version of the standard 4-camera system, but it is better adjusted to the outdoors and is thus better suited to be installed in front of gates, offices and on larger properties. It offers all the standard Zmodo attributes – a 500GB HDD and a DVR system to freely record and have full surveillance of anything that happens on your property.

Best à Swann SWDVK-425504 S 4-Channel Digital Video Recorder

Swann offers an excellent high-quality security camera system which enables you to install 4 high-resolution all-weather cameras and then monitor them from the comfort of your home, or anywhere where you have 3G network. You can check in on your smartphone or tablet at any time and monitor your property from afar. It has a DVR and a 500GB hard drive which literally enables you to create more than 120 days of audio and video footage. Its other features are top-notch night vision that reaches up to 65 feet. This set is pretty cheap considering what it brings on the table.

Swann SWDVK-825508 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder

Much like the previous system, except this Swann set includes 8 indoor/outdoor cameras which are easy to install and enable you to have surveillance of your property in high resolution. It has a 500GB hard drive for your DVR footage, so it’s a really good and affordable solution for a larger property or business.
Night Owl Security STA-88 Night Owl Security 8 Channel STA DVR with 8 Night Vision Cameras 500 GB HD and Smartphone Viewing, 30-Feet

The Night Own security camera system is a good practical solution for anyone – you get 8 indoor/outdoor cameras with 30 feet night vision range. This system can be set up to send you email alerts that are triggered by motion, so it might be an excellent solution for someone with a larger property.

SVAT GX301-010 Digital Wireless DVR Security System

SVAT Wireless Security Camera System is a great deal – it includes a 7 inch monitor, a wireless security camera and a DVR capability. All your DV recordings will go on an SD card, and you will be able to observe your home and property on the monitor that is included in the set. The night vision is also pretty good, so this system is highly recommended for people with smaller properties who want to monitor one specific area such as the gate or the stairway. An additional reason to buy this wireless system is the ease of installation – the wireless technology enables you to avoid the messy wiring tasks.

SVAT GX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security System Receiver

SVAT offers another wireless surveillance solution for those who have slightly bigger area to cover and need an additional camera. This wireless system comes with a DVR capability and a 2GB SD card to store your recordings, two long range night vision cameras that allow you to see up to 40 feet far, and is easily connectible with a TV set. With this product you also purchase a lifetime phone customer support, which is a great advantage in case you are new to security systems. All in all, the ease of installing wireless system with 2 cameras for full surveillance is the reason why this system of cameras is favored by a lot of people.


Nedim SabicSecurity Camera System
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Tablet with Stylus

Tablets with stylus pens offer a lot more practicality and precision of input than capacitive touch tablets which were the main attraction just a short while ago. Latest tablets usually come with a handy stylus which makes input a lot easier – you can type, draw and sketch, and edit documents on your tablet with more freedom and precision.

Most new Android tablet products include a digitizing pen and even smartphones are beginning to include a pen stylus. The reasons for this include practicality, easier input and also the fact that it is harder to damage the tablet screen of the product if you are using a stylus. If you have landed on this site, and want to purchase a product like this, we have prepared a selection of tablets with styluses below.

Advantages of Tablets with Stylus Pens

Having a stylus with your tablet is practical in many instances and for many reasons which include:


Typing and drawing on a tablet is much easier and precise if you are using a stylus. When working on a tablet with your fingers there is always a possibility of making mistakes, while using a stylus makes your working faster and more enjoyable.

Avoiding dirt and damage

Fingers can damage your tablet simply because they are always dirty, no matter how much you wash them. It is also possible to damage the touchscreen with your fingertips because we can always retain some dirt on them. A stylus cannot damage or scratch the screen of your tablet.

Styluses are easy to replace if you lose them

If you break or scratch your tablet, you will have to spend a substantial amount of money to purchase another. While it is hard to lose a stylus of as they can usually be tethered to the tablet, in case you do, a stylus is relatively cheap to replace.

Taking pen on paper notes…on a tablet

A tablet with no stylus is great, but having a stylus makes it very easy to sketch and write a document in your own handwriting, and then save it for later or mail it. This makes for a personal touch that is impossible with a regular touchpad or on any other product.

A Good Solution for Artists and Designers

Tablets with stylus pens are also excellent solutions for artists and designers who prefer to work on the go – which is something not even graphics tablet can offer. Each tablet can be loaded (and some are even preloaded) with software specifically made for designing, drawing and sketching which literally makes it possible for an artist to capture an idea immediately once it comes to mind. This is a great advantage in comparison to PCs, for instance, as drawing and designing on them offers a bit less freedom than having a good tablet and stylus for this purpose.

Therefore we could say that a tablet with a stylus is a value product for this demographic. In the following sections of this site we will present you the best choices when it comes to these practical devices.

Best Tablet with Stylus – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

16GB White

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 offers a bit more than the Galaxy Note 8.0 in respect to the size but the overall specs are quite similar. The white version of this product has 16GB of onboard memory. The S pen, the neatly designed Samsung stylus, offers you excellent freedom of strokes if you want to sketch or draw, and the ability to take notes wherever you are. Store your doodles or send them to someone – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will enable you to do this with enjoyment.

32GB Deep Grey

This product version of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with twice as much memory than its white counterpart, and its deep grey color may better to someone’s liking. The price is slightly bigger too, but it should be worth it because of the onboard memory benefits. The stylus is still a great tool for self-expression and offers a lot of commodity.

Bestbuy Tablet with Stylus – Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 comes in two gorgeous looking variants – black and white. Its practicality has become irreplaceable for students and people in various work lines simply because this product allows you to sketch and take notes with a handy stylus in all possible situations. Apart from its great looks, the product specs are also pretty impressive – 1.6Ghz Quad-Core processor and 2GB of Ram memory, and the OS is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This is a great tablet for both work and entertainment, and you will find its sleek stylus to be a better fit in your hand than any pen you ever had.

Bestseller Tablet with Stylus – Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet is another product which can literally be described as office on the go. Its bragging rights are the Intel CoreTM i5 processor, 4GB dual channel ram memory and a 10.6 inch HD display. It comes with Windows 8 Professional, and is praised for having everything you literally need out of a PC, only portable. It is a perfect practical solution for anyone who needs a portable variant because of work, hobby or anything else – some people have even replaced their desktops or laptops for a Surface Pro and find it an indispensible everyday tool for both work and play.

Cheapest Tablet with Stylus – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8-Inch, Gold-Brown) Essentials Bundle

This tablet bundle includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, a universal neoprene tablet case, 3 stylus pens and a cleaning kit. This Samsung Galaxy tablet enables you to have fun and enjoy browsing the internet and working on the go, and is extremely practical because the product weighs only 1.5 pounds and has a nice 8 inch size which guarantees all the freedom you need. Coupled with its good battery life and all its specifications, this likable product is simple and offers you everything you need.

The fact that it comes with a protective case and three styluses is a huge advantage, as this will enable you to feel free when you are carrying it around and you won’t have to worry about losing a stylus. Its OS is Android 4.2, Jellybean Processor, and it has dual core onboard memory. Tablet-wise, this product is quite cheap considering what it offers.

Conclusion – Which tablet should I buy?

With the increasing demands of the market, most tablet manufacturers are returning to pen styluses and are including them with each product. A pen (stylus) is an essential product for those who wish to have more freedom of expression and for those who prefer precision and want to protect their tablets from damage such as dirt and scratches.

A stylus is a simple product that is an ideal tool for those who want to be able to take notes and love the old-school pen on paper feeling. They are ideal expression tools for artists and designers of all calibers, and they can easily replace and out-perform a lot of graphics tablets available on the market. Being able to write and sketch your ideas as they come to mind is becoming crucial and it inspires creativity.

There is a variety of tablets with stylus pens to choose from, out of which you can choose the specifications you need along with the operating system of your preference. Currently, the most popular tablets with styluses are Android tablets such as Samsung, and each Samsung is proving to be a true value product. Despite that, some people prefer to have a PC on the go and choose to opt for Windows 8 or Windows 7. Regardless of your personal preferences, you can find a selection of each of these categories on this site.

Other Tablets with Stylus

Android Tablets with Stylus Pens

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Ultimate Bundle

Much like the Essentials Galaxy bundle, this Samsung tablet comes with a lot of other items which make this an excellent deal. This bundle includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with a 7 inch screen, a protective neoprene case, three stylus pens, and noise-isolation audio earbuds. Along with fantastic specifications, this tablet is great for carrying around and working on the go – you can manage your email and take notes wherever you are and have that pen on paper feeling while you do it. With its great performances and a reasonable price, this tablet with stylus is an excellent choice for almost anyone, and is the best selling tablet from the selection on the site. It is a true value product.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1-Inch, White and Gold-Brown versions) Ultimate Bundle

Galaxy Tabs 3 by Samsung come in two variants, gold-brown and white, and they both don a sleek design, light weight and come bundled with three styluses (Samsung S pens) which feel better in your hand than most pens you will find. This ergonomic product also comes with noise isolating earbuds and a 16GB Micro SD Card, which makes the price of this pack very reasonable. The possibility to express yourself as if using a pen on paper makes this tablet a fantastic choice not only for artists of all branches, but also for anyone who likes precision, practicality and a personal touch.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC PRO 700T Tablet Hybrid 11.6″

This powerful hybrid tablet offers a lot of things, and comes in a bundle with a stylus pen which enables you to have even more freedom and precision than you normally would. It dons a sleek design and a large tablet screen of 11.6 inches, which is perfect for artists and designers as well as for people who need it for work. Some of its impressive strong points are its Intel CoreTM i5 processor and 4GB of system memory. Along with fantastic graphics, this makes for an office on the go and it is worth every cent if you should decide that this is what you need. With its impressive performances, this tablet is anything you will ever need and is thus selected as the best buy on the site for those who want the most out of their gadgets.

Windows 8 Tablets with stylus Pens

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 10.1″ 64GB Win 8 Pro Tablet with Stylus

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is one of the rare 10.1 inch tablets that include a stylus, which makes for a smaller, less bulky tablets with everything you may need on the go. You may find bigger tablets a bit harder to carry around, and Lenovo offers you this practical size along with impressive performances to make your life a lot more fun any easier. It dons a sleek design and Windows 8 Professional and is particularly popular with artists and designers.
The reason for its popularity among the artsy demographic is simple – it is light and its stylus is pressure-sensitive, which enables a person to sketch and draw wherever they are: on the bus, in the waiting line, and even on small breaks.
It weighs 1.3 pounds and is 10.30 x 6.48 x 0.39 inches in size, which makes it extremely practical. The pen is pressure-sensitive, and it has an excellent battery life of 10 hours or more.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q552 – 10.1″ – Atom N2600

Fujitsu Stylistic uses Windows 7 Professional and is thus the perfect decently-sized tablet for those who do not like Windows 8. Its stylus pen enables you a lot of working freedom and gives you great potential for self-expression. Its screen is 10.1 inches in size, its memory 64 GB onboard, and it has the Intel Atom N2600 processor along with 2 GB Ram memory. To maximize your enjoyment and enable you to set it up to your preferences, you can easily boot it to Ubuntu or Android.

Samsung ATIV Tab 5 XE500T1C-K02US 11.6-Inch 64GB Tablet (Tablet Only)

Samsung ATIV Tab 5 is a sizeable 11.6 inch tablet which is also considerably light, weighing only 1.63 pounds, and these traits make it a fantastic portable work station. It operates of Windows 8 and has an Intel 1.8 GHz processor, 2 GBs of Ram memory and 64 GBs of onboard memory to use as you wish. Most importantly, the product comes bundled with an S pen which will enable you to take notes, draw and type fast and easily. The Samsung S Note software will make the most out of this, making this tablet a fusion of the good-old pen on paper feeling and top-notch tablet technology.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T

With 11.6 inch screen and a stylus, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC is a perfect solution for working, sketching and taking notes on the go, making it your own portable office. Its specs are pretty impressive for the price (Intel Atom Z2760, Up to 1.8 GHz, 2 GB DDR2L, 64 GB SSD), as you will find several tablets in the same range that don’t come quite close to this one. Its long battery life and relatively low weight make it a good solution for an artist or a designer. It operates on Windows 8, and its processors can deal with any demands you have of it. This tablet is a small product but a powerful PC that justifies its brand name.

Windows 7 Tablet with Stylus

Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible Tablet

This is another good product for people who prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8, and they will be relatively satisfied with this tablet – its only flaw is that it lacks speed in comparison to other tablets from its price range (such as Samsung). The combination of 10.1 inch large screen and a stylus can be more than enough for people who simply want a tool to express themselves on the go. Dell Inspiron Duo is a good choice for Windows 7 users who prefer not to switch to something different and its specifications earn it a place on this site.

Nedim SabicTablet with Stylus
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GPS with Backup Camera

An GPS with a Backup Camera is a great thing, but those systems have one really big disadvantage – they use cables. So to install a backup camera with your GPS you need to lift your car carpet and lay a wire to your trunk. That may sound it easy, but it isn’t. That is really time consuming and often results in a mad driver and you just throw the camera away. But we have the luck to live in such times that everything is wireless and so are nowadays also the backup cameras. Those $10 difference between a wireless backup camera and a wired backup camera is worth it.

GPS with Wireless Backup Camera

Well, the GPS market with available options to upgrade your GPS with a backup camera is big, but combined systems are rare. So in this case, if you want to buy a great GPS with a great wireless backup camera, you don’t have too many options. But luckily those which are available are great. Like in the whole GPS market, there are many small companies out there fighting the almighty Garmin. In this product field there is no-one comparable to Garmin, so this product is the best GPS with a wireless backup camera you can buy out there:

Best GPS with Wireless Backup Camera – Garmin 2798LMT


This GPS comes with a 7.0″ display and detailed maps of North America with free lifetime map and traffic updates. This only should be a reason enough to buy this product, but this GPS has also a Voice-activated navigation and is Bluetooth Smartphone Link compatible. These maps don’t have only streets, you can also search by only providing a business name of the location you want to reach.

The camera in this package is the BC20 which is a great Garmin product and has a 7-type CMOS sensor which provides a VGA resolution and has water rating standard of IPX7. The camera angles are 115 degree vertical and 140 degree horizontal, which is almost too much for that money.

Together they make a perfect package and this purchase is a no-brainer, because there is nothing comparable out there in the stores. Be aware, that because of the high demand it sometimes is out of stock, even on Amazon.

The installation of the Garmin 2798LMT is really easy, you can take a look here:

Cheap GPS with Wireless Backup Camera – Magellan RM5255

This GPS and its wireless backup camera are great if you a low budget and you are not in a hurry very often. If you activate the backup camera (rear gear) it takes up to 2 seconds to activate the display and to see actually what is behind you. Nothing to worry about, it just hasn’t got an immediate response. Much worse is the reaction time when you turn your GPS on. It can take up to 5 minutes for the GPS to find a GPS satellite. But if you don’t hurry, that should be a problem. Once the connection is established, it is stable.

The display is big enough, the maps are up to date and you are ready to go. You also get free map and traffic updates. If you are into DIY then we would recommend to buy a wired backup camera instead of this system, because for the same money you can get a much better wired system.

You can see the Magellan RM5255 in action in this video:


GPS with Mp3 but without camera

Some of you might search for a GPS with backup camera, but if you don’t have the budget to buy the Garmin system, you should consider buying a GPS with Mp3 and enjoy music instead of having a fancy camera. GPS systems have become a necessity. They help us to orientate and easily reach our preferred destination. In the beginning there were simple models which had only one task, and that is to get us where we want to go. But new models have some amazing specifications and every new model has a new feature. There are GPS models with MP3 as a part of their system. There are many versions like GPS with MP3 for your car, for running and even bikes. It all depends on what you need and what you want. With integrated MP3 you can control music selection in your car via the GPS. Some models allow you audible audio books files. Various format files such as MP3, WMA or even optional iPod controller are available in many different models. Of course, you have to pay attention on some things when purchasing GPS with MP3 such as speaker quality, disk storage, which files it supports, etc.

Best GPS with Mp3

We have tested over 40 GPS navigators with an integrated mp3 player through all 50 federal states and through whole UK and Australia. It took over 7 months to get a clear conclusion which device performs really the best. We have equally driven all devices by sunny and cloudy weather, through snow and rain, on highways and city streets, in cars and some on motorcycles. In summary we traveled over exactly 12668 miles to may able to write you the best GPS navigator review you can find on the internet.

2016-09-03_19h23_09 2016-09-03_19h23_17 2016-09-03_19h23_24

Best GPS with mp3 – Garmin nuvi 350

gps-with-mp3-garmin-nuvi-3502This model is one of the best there is on the market. The small size of this model will definitely impress even the most demanding customers. This is one of the best models on the market. Some of the specifications are:

  • MP3 and audio book player are integrated in this model
  • Photo viewer
  • Navigator maps for U.S. , Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Color touchscreen display
  • Memory card slot

One of the most positive features of this model is the fast location of the GPS satellites. The satellites are located almost as quickly as the unit fully starts up. Another great feature is the Garmin Language Guide which contains a multilingual word bank, and five bilingual dictionaries. It supports nine languages including American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, European Spanish and Latin American Spanish. This is really amazing since it provides much more options for different customers.

Another great thing is that Garmin nuvi 350 shows you all the nearby hotels and restaurants down the road. It actually suggests you where you can rest and take a break. Also it shows you famous touristic attractions along the road.

If you stray off the course, it will automatically calculate the quickest way to get you back on the right way. Detailed maps, great instructions during your trip, MP3, audio book player and the fact that this device is really fast, are just some of the reasons why every car should have this model.

Bestbuy GPS with mp3 – TomTom GO 920

printer-with-cheapest-ink-HP-Officejet-6700TomTom is a device which is very popular in Europe. The size of the LCD touchscreen is 4.3 inch with 4GB of internal memory. There is an option named TomTom Map Share that allows you add and share new POIs and maps, to correct already existing maps and to share all of these changes with other users. This is a top notch feature which isn’t available with all GPS with Mp3 models. You can edit and add POI.

Voice activation is included which allows you to easily travel. There is also built-in FM transmitter and Bluetooth remote control. You can also search addresses with zip code. This model has maps of United States, Canada and Europe, and this variety of countries is one of the reasons why this model is so popular.

Another positive thing about this model is the slim form. Unlike previous models, the TomTom GO 920 is much smaller and looks more elegant. Hands-free calling allows you to use your phone while driving via Bluetooth which matches to almost every cell phone.


Bestseller GPS with mp3 – Garmin nuvi 50LM

This model has 5 inches display that allows you to enjoy in your maps. Maps of Canada and US are included. Map details are improved, icons and symbols are larger. It is very easy to use this GPS. Speed limit indicator is included.

Reasonable price, improved map details, lifetime maps are just some of the features that this GPS offers you.


Cheapest GPS with mp3 – Navigon 5100

Navigon 5100 GPS navigator can be used for multiple transport settings like cars and bicycles. Lifetime traffic is included in this model. This feature gives you all the information about traffic flow and alternate route suggestions. Also there are point of interest (POI) included and this really makes your travel much easier. It gives you hints for hotels, restaurants and other places you might need or find interesting during your trip.

Another great option is that this GPS navigator displays you speed limit and it does that very accurately. 3D images are absolutely amazing and they give you insight in every thing on the road. Maps of US, Canada and Puerto Rico are included. There is an option to allow, avoid or forbid toll routes. With this GPS navigator your trip will be safe and comfortable.



If you don’t travel a lot abroad, we can recommend you without any hesitation the Garmin Nuvi 50LM, you get all maps you need with lifetime free updates and the feature list is not much longer in comparison with the other devices. If you travel through Canada and Mexico, you should definitely get the Garmin Nuvi 350. But if you travel through Europe there is no way around the TomTom GO 920, which is unbelievably precise and accurate.

Nedim SabicGPS with Backup Camera
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Camcorder With Mic Input Review (April 2021)

Do you think that finding the right camcorder nowadays is really hard? I experienced the same as you! I searched for camcorders with a mic input and couldn’t find them easy, so I decided to make it easier for you and save you a lot of time. Get right to the best camcorder with mic input and save even more time and money!

Nedim SabicCamcorder With Mic Input Review (April 2021)
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Smart Alarm Clock

Waking up is not as simple as it seems, and the very notion of an alarm clock that will literally shock you awake every morning is something that rises the fine hair on the back of just about anyone’s neck. However, with new technological development come some new and better ways of being woken up from a night’s slumber which are supposed to make you feel less cranky in the morning and generally more energetic throughout the day. Smart alarm clocks are designed to make the experience of waking up easier than ever – and with the added promise that you won’t feel so grouchy in the mornings anymore.

They are meant to ease you out of your sleep cycle and make you feel rested and fresh every day. There are numerous smart alarm clock devices on the market and equally as many manufacturers that are striving to produce the best smart alarm clock, and this healthy competition has actually helped produce many really good quality smart alarm clocks with some very useful and even entertaining features.

These features include things as temperature readings, wall projection of the time and any measurements you like, backlights, various alarm modes and the possibility to create a sleep inducing ambiance by playing some nature sounds in the background. Some smart alarm clocks actually work on the principle of waking you up gradually because it is now proven that being scared awake by a loud noise is not only bad, but has the potential to drain your energy for the rest of the day. A smart alarm clock will wake you up gradually by increasing the volume over a span of time or simulating a sunrise, which is a healthy and natural way to wake up in the morning that will make you feel good and energized throughout the remainder of the day.

We have tested more than 20 specialized alarm clocks with different features by comparing their basic and additional features in the first stage, in which we narrowed our top selection down to 11 best smart alarm clocks. In stage two of the testing, we had our team use 11 alarms for 11 weeks and write down their experience, what they liked and what could have been done better. By the end of week 11, we already had our results, and eliminated another 7 smart alarm clocks out of the batch, which has left us with 4 really good smart alarm clocks that we can now recommend without a second thought. These 4 products that made it through the final cut have some of the best combinations of features we think everyone needs to wake up feeling good in the morning, without the urge to smash the alarm clock with a hammer or the impulse to hit the snooze button one time too many and be late and annoyed.

Basically, the features we are looking for in a smart alarm clock are:

    • Efficacy – if the super high tech alarm clock doesn’t wake you up in the morning, it’s useless and you might as well toss it. A good wakeup call we are looking for is gradual – and smart alarm clocks generally have the ability to wake you up gradually during a span of several minutes in order to keep you energized and to start your day off on a good note (and not shock you awake).
    • Readings and projections – a smart alarm clock is a cool gizmo, but it is even better if it has some advanced readings such as temperature measurements, weather forecasts and so on. Good smart alarm clock have the advanced feature of projecting these stats on your wall and even having a nice backlight glow that makes a lovely atmosphere in your bedroom.
    • Audio – smart alarm clocks generally allow you to pick whatever you like to wake you, but a nice selection of sounds is always a good thing. Some basic things a smart alarm clock should have is a radio, and assortment of general alarm sounds and some soothing and calming sounds that can help put you to sleep, and ease you out of the slumber.
    • Ease of usage – if you have a super advanced pre-programmable calendar feature and it is too complicated, it is basically useless. Good smart alarm clocks are very easy to use and their settings are fairly simple.

    Best Smart Alarm Clock – Sony Nature Sounds Clock Radio

    Sony Nature Sounds Clock Radio is an excellent smart alarm clock by Sony that has all the basic alarm clock features and some really useful and neat additional ones. Mainly, you can choose when and how to be woken up, it has a nice large blue-backlit display that has brightness control in case the light in your room bothers you. Much like all the good smart alarm clocks, it has a built in calendar and you don’t have to bother going through some tedious motions such as Daylights Savings Time adjustments and so on.

    Sony Nature Sounds Clock Radio PROS:

    Sony Nature Sounds Clock Radio has a lot of great features out of which the nature sounds are perhaps the best. You will have a choice of five different calming nature sounds which are designed to put you to sleep gently and wake you up in the morning easily and even gentler. This is supposed to make you start your day with a smile on your face, and not with a classic alarm clock jumpscare. Additionally, this smart alarm clock has a built in thermometer that will update your room temperature as it fluctuates during the day and night. You have 10 radio station presets, and you can also choose to be awakened by your favorite radio station, for example. Its best additional feature is the projection – you can project the time and the temperature on your wall or the ceiling so that you can view it from a distance, which is pretty cool. The main thing is, it will wake you up gently and without fail.

    Sony Nature Sounds Clock Radio CONS:

    This smart alarm clock is perhaps not bet suited for those who are not too tech savvy, as they may find the abundance of options and features a bit overwhelming. If you want a basic radio alarm clock, this is not really for you.
    To summarize, Sony Nature Sounds Clock Radio is the best smart alarm clock we have tested because it is the only one on this list that has all the basic and additional features anyone may want in an alarm clock, and it is not too expensive at all.

    Best Buy Smart Alarm Clock – Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock

    Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock is our second best choice for a smart alarm clock simply because it offers a lot of things for a fair, reasonable price. It is slightly inferior to the Sony Nature Sound, mostly because it has no projection options available, but other than that it is a fantastic alarm clock that is effective and reliable.

    Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock PROS:

    The Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock has one really great feature that is hard to find in other alarm clocks and that is voice command. Moshi will respond to 12 different voice commands and has three different alarm sounds: chime, chirp and bell. Other than that, it has three soothing sounds that will make you fall asleep, and those are the sounds of waterfall, chirping birds and the stream of water. You will love the large backlit display that can be dimmed during the night, and it displays time, temperature and your upcoming alarms. Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock is very user friendly and easy to set up and manage because the voice commands are excellent. The Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock will recognize voices of all ages, and the only thing you will need to do to set an alarm is to tell it the time you need to be up.

    Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock CONS:

    If you set aside the practical voice command feature, Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock has a bit less options at approximately the same price as the Sony Nature Sounds, and the Sony alarm clock has more options and additional features. Also, if someone dislikes the voice activation, this alarm clock is not for them at all, as it offers no alternative.
    To summarize, Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock is a best buy option because it has a lot of cool features for a decent asking price, and primarily because the ease of use and the neat voice commands.

    Bestseller Smart Alarm Clock SoundSpa Premier AM/FM Clock Radio

    The SoundSpa Premier AM/FM Clock Radio was actually one of the choices for the best smart alarm clock, but the Sony Nature Sounds was simply voted up more times because of its design. SoundSpa Premier AM/FM Clock Radio does not look bad by any measure, and has one more natural sound to play in comparison to its Sony competitor, which makes for six nature sounds in total: waterfall, rainforest, rain, thunder, summer night and ocean. If you like this repertoire better, you can consider buying SoundSpa Premier AM/FM Clock Radio because the rest of the options are all pretty much the same. SoundSpa Premier AM/FM Clock Radio is a bestseller, hands down, and has had more customer reviews than Sony Natural Sounds, despite the fact that it is just a bit inferior to it.

    SoundSpa Premier AM/FM Clock Radio PROS:

    SoundSpa Premier AM/FM Clock Radio also has the projection option which enables you to project the time and the indoor/outdoor temperature, but this smart alarm clock can only project on the ceiling. It plays six natural sounds that will soothe you in order to enable you to fall asleep easier, and wake up gently. You can have the AM/FM radio feature, and if you prefer, you can be woken up by your favorite radio program in the morning. It also has automatic Daylights Savings Time adjustment.

    SoundSpa Premier AM/FM Clock Radio CONS:

    The projection is possible only on the ceiling, and not on the walls. It is a bit too bright, and even if you adjust the lights to be dimmer, half of your bedroom will still be moderately lit, which could be a problem for people who have problems falling asleep when there is light in the room. It is less durable than the Sony Nature Sounds, and inferior even to the Moshi Alarm Clock.

    To summarize, SoundSpa Premier AM/FM Clock Radio is an okay choice for anyone who likes playing soothing and calming sounds before going to sleep, and doesn’t want to pay the amount of money needed to buy the Sony Nature Sounds or the Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock. It is still a bestseller and a good choice, but if you can spare a bit more cash, go for one of the top two recommendations.

    Cheapest Smart Alarm Clock – Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is the cheapest smart alarm clock on this list, but this does not make it a bad choice by any means. In fact, it is only slightly cheaper than the SoundSpa Premier Alarm Clock, and it offers some great features as well. The only smart alarm on this list that will not fail, ever, is the Sonic Bomb, and this is only because it is designed to shake you awake every morning. These types of alarms are best for people who have issues oversleeping no matter how many alarms they set.

    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock PROS:

    This alarm clock will not let you over sleep because it is super loud and, if that fails, creates bed vibrations that are sure to shake you up and get you to get up in the morning exactly on time. It also has the pulsating lights which help a percentage of people to wake up without any loud sounds. Basically, this is a triple system alarm clock with a smart strategy to get just about anyone out of bed.

    Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock CONS:

    It is too loud for some people, and disrupts the sleep cycle, which is generally not what people are searching for in a smart clock. However, some people need this approach because they have oversleeping issues. It does not have projection or voice commands, or any of the advanced features of our top two products, Sony Nature Sounds and Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock.
    To summarize, the Sonic Bomb is definitely a bomb and it will get you on your feet in the morning. It does befall into the category of the “shocker” clocks, but some people simply need those. It comes at a decent, affordable price, for which it offers three ways of waking up: pulsating lights, bed vibrations and very loud alarm sounds.


    Smart alarm clocks are devices that do not use the boring standard methods of waking you up, and they are designed not to violently interrupt your sleeping cycle and put you in a groggy mood that can potentially last all day long. A smart alarm clock typically offers a myriad of features such as projections, voice commands, vibrations, calming sounds and so on.

    You will want to have as many of these cool features for the least amount of money possible. In that respect, the best smart alarm clock that will beat any smartphone application is the Sony Natural Sounds, and this neat alarm clock is followed by the excellent Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock that can be completely operated by voice cues.

    These two great smart clocks cost about the same amount of money, even though the Sony smart alarm clock is still slightly better option-wise. The SoundSpa Premier smart alarm clock is the best selling smart alarm clock because of a nice measure of features for a lower price than the one you would pay for either Sony or Moshi smart alarms. It is a good solid choice, but it has some minor flaws when compared to our top two.

    The Sonic Bomb, which is the cheapest smart alarm clock, is a bit different from the first three on this list in respect to its methods of sounding the alarm – it is loud, it shakes your bed and pulsates the lights in order to wake up even the ones who sleep like logs. In that respect, it is a bargain as it will not let you oversleep and be late for any appointment ever again.

    Nedim SabicSmart Alarm Clock
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