Christmas Gadgets

We all love holidays. That is a time of the year when we are all happy and we spend our time with family and friends. Christmas is in two months and preparations are easily starting. One of the most important things about Christmas are presents. What to buy? We will try to help you out with that problem. We have made a list of some cool Christmas gadgets and hopefully you will find something for your family members and friends. On the list of holidays gifts are usually IT products which every year are taking a very high position on that list because they are useful, attractive and guarantee you a lot of fun. We will try to present you gadgets which will be suitable for various age and gender. Christmas is a time of giving and happiness. We all want to see smiling faces on our beloved ones. Never underestimate the power of holidays, especially Christmas. You should pay attention on wishes and desires of the person for whom you are buying a gift. Kids love games and gadgets on which they can listen to music, men love some cool and unusual gift which they can use for sports and fun, women prefer some unique kitchen gadget.

Usually people buy a little more expensive gifts for Christmas. There is a great selection of top notch gadgets like iPhone, iPod, iPad, e-reader, cameras and other high tech things which we all like. With these gifts you can’t go wrong. Everyone wants to have some cool phone or the newest laptop that has all the best features. Of course, you need a bit more money for these presents, but you can afford these gifts once a year. In this modern era tech gadgets have become a necessity and we are all a bit addicted. Can you imagine one day without your mobile phone? That would be very difficult. So, why not buy a gadget that your friend wants and actually needs. At the top of the list this year are popular gadgets like gaming consoles which we are all expecting. The new PlayStation and Xbox should bring something revolutionary in this area. The most desirable brand is the Apple. This company never stops to amaze us with their new technology. But the most important thing is that you want to make someone happy for Christmas. That is the best gift!

Apple iPhone 5

We will start with one of the best phones on the market – the Apple iPhone 5. This phone is stylish, thin, light and fast. The first thing you notice on this iPhone is the huge Retina Display with diagonal of 4 inches. This display use new touch technology. Apple engineers have integrated touch sensors into screen and the picture is much clearer than in those previous models. This little gadget works incredibly fast and that is very impressive. The iPhone 5 possesses the latest Apple A6 chip. It is a dual core chip which twice faster and 22% smaller than its predecessor. The graphics are also twice as faster and its chip is composed of three cores.

In the device is built-in a battery that can not be removed, unless you disassemble the entire device. One of the main problems of all the modern mobile phones is the battery. It is very hard for any battery to last more than one day. And why is that? We constantly use these devices, to read news, to play games, so it is impossible for the device to withstand for two or more days. The images captured with the iPhone 5 are fantastic. Good contrast, vibrant colors and sharp display are just some of the features of a good photo. As you can see, this little gadget is great. The Apple iPhone 5 is a perfect Christmas gadget for your family members and friends. You can’t go wrong with it.

Xbox One

PS4 and Xbox One are the most anticipated gadgets of this year. There are so many speculations about both of these consoles, but one thing is for sure – they look good and promise us new gaming experience. Microsoft’s new console has the ambition to be more than just a console. The Xbox One will be used for gaming and watching television. This console will be able to switch between multimedia content which you want. When you say “Xbox on”, the system will turn on and recognize your voice, and you will be logged in with your gaming profile. Using voice commands, the user can switch between various Xbox applications, control panels and television. One of the applications which you will be able to use on Xbox is Skype.

Kinect has also experienced some improvements and it is now much more sensitive than before. It also has 1080p HD camera for video chats. The controller also experienced some design changes including directional pad for better accuracy. The Xbox One comes with DVR which is great for players who want to record their games and share them with others on the Internet. As you can see this console offers a lot. This Christmas gadget is a perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend if they love to play games. Also it is a perfect gift for your kids, and if you have a girlfriend/wife who is a gamer, then you must buy her this gadget and she will have an unforgettable Christmas.

Sony DPF-HD800 Digital Photo Frame

Photos have always represented memories and here is a great way to preserve those memories. With digital photo frames you can enjoy in all of your photos and videos. We have chosen the Sony DPF-HD800 digital photo frame which is a perfect gift. You will be able to see all of your photos and videos in extremely high resolution. This photo frame has some great features. Besides enjoying in your photos, you can watch all of your recorded videos including AVCHD videos recorded with new models of cameras. There is also a built-in speaker that allows you to play music while watching your favorite slideshow.

With remote control you can control slideshow, clock and calendar functions from anywhere in the room. As you can see this is a perfect digital photo frame and a great Christmas gadget. You can buy it for any female member of your family and friends.

HP Monster Beats Solo Headphones

Many say that music is like love, you never know how it will end. While listening to music, the brain releases a chemical substance that makes us happy. If you want to make someone happy for Christmas and that person enjoys in listening to music, then these headphones are a perfect gift. This cool looking gadget is very compact and lightweight with superior sound. The HP Monster Beats Solo Headphones are highly recommended by Dr. Dre, the world famous rapper, producer and Grammy Award winner. These headphones are good for listening music on the move because they are very stable on your ears or head and you could almost run with them.

Headphones will work on all devices with standard audio input, but are primarily designed for the Apple gadgets. The quality and durability are the main features of these headphones. They are extremely robust, and that guarantees longevity of the product. This gadget is perfect for your kids, they will definitely love it and they will enjoy in the music coming form these headphones. Also, you can buy this cool gadget to your friends and all those who enjoy in listening music in this way.

Magimix Colored Vision Toaster

And here is one Christmas gadget for kitchen. All the ladies will definitely enjoy in this see-through toaster. This newly invented product has many few purposes, but one is definitely to make your life easier. When you are having breakfast in the morning, you are probably in a hurry, especially if you have a big family. And everyone has some special demands, and one of those demands is differently prepared toast. With this see-through toaster you will be able to see how much is your toast baked. This gadget perfectly controls the browning of your bread. The Megamix Colored Vision Toaster is very fast and has very nice design.

This toaster allows you to make your toast in a short time in a way that you want, not too baked, not too crispy – as you wish. Some of the features of this toaster are: toast, defrost, bagel and reheat. But the best thing about this toaster is that you can watch your toast through the window and stop it at your desired level of brownness. Kitchen gadgets are essential part of our home, and almost every house has one toaster. Why wouldn’t you surprise your lady and buy her this cool toaster for Christmas.

Bluetooth Gloves

Winter is coming and soon we will all start to wear gloves. But what if you could have gloves which you would use as a phone? Well, there is something like that on the market. From so many gadgets invented, Bluetooth gloves are really something cool and unusual. In these gloves are a small wireless radio, as well as microphone and speaker. It is enough to place your hand on your face and you can talk. This is great for cold winter days when it is snowing and you don’t want to take off your gloves in order to answer your phone. Glove has a speaker built into the thumb, while the microphone is in the little finger. On the back of the gloves are simple commands, for connecting devices, answering, etc.

Hi-Fun is a company that produces these Bluetooth gloves. All you have to do is sync the glove wirelessly with your device and turn the device into hands free device. This cool Christmas gadget is a perfect gift for everyone, all generations and both genders. You will definitely put a smile on someone’s face if you buy Bluetooth gloves. They will keep your hands warm and you will be able to answer your phone without taking out your phone. How cool is that!

Sound Asleep Pillow

Here is one interesting Christmas gadget. The Sounds Asleep Pillow plays music and helps you easily fall asleep. This is a great gift for all those who like to listen to music when they are sleeping. This pillow has built-in speakers. You can connect it to any device like an iPod, MP3, radio etc. The pillow can be used by adults and children from 5 years and more. It is completely harmless. This is a great Christmas present for the whole family. This pillow will relax you and help you fall asleep easily. It is very soft and you can’t feel the speakers when you lay down on it. No headphones are required since there are built-in speakers and that makes this product even better.

You don’t have to worry that you will wake up your partner, because the music doesn’t spread around. Only the person laying on the pillow can hear the sound. You can listen to your audio books as well. You must admit that this is one really cool pillow and this is a great Christmas gift for everyone.

Nintendo DS Lite

And here is one great little gaming gadget for your kids and all those who like to play games. The Nintendo DS Lite consists of two screens and clams hell opening mechanism. The lower part is sensitive to touch. Of course, most of the control is done using the stylus – pencil – which is identical to those from the Pocket PC. Also you can use directional buttons, except in games that explicitly require the usage of touchscreen. One pretty great thing about the Nintendo DS Lite is the lighting display. Even if you have not met with the normal DS, which has a much darker screen, this will make you happy, because not only it is sufficiently bright but it possesses a pretty good viewing angle. There are two speakers on the left and right side of the screen.

The Nintendo DS Lite has two screens, touch pad capabilities, wireless connection, as well as compatibility with GBA devices. And we mustn’t forget to tell you some amazing games which you can play on this console, like Zelda and Mario games. This Christmas gadget is  a great gift for your children, as well for you if you are a gamer.


Christmas is getting closer and you should start to make list of the presents you want to buy to your friends and family members. We have given you some pretty cool, popular and interesting gadgets which you can buy for the people you love. If you are looking Christmas gadgets for men then you can buy Apple iPhone or Xbox One. If you are looking Christmas gadgets for women, then you can buy this cool see-through toaster, the Magimix Colored Vision Toaster or this unusual digital photo frame, the Sony DPF-HD800. For your kids you can buy the Nintendo DS Lite, with which you can’t go wrong. Headphones, Bluetooth gloves and Sound Asleep Pillow are great for all family members, regardless of age and gender. Hopefully, you will be able to choose something great and enjoy in Christmas.

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Top Gadgets

It is impossible to deny that we are in a digital age. You can find all sorts of devices on the market. Technology is so advanced and every day something new is being invented. Do you remember times when we had those old mobile phones and computers. A phone with camera was science fiction, and the same goes for computers. Nowadays, we have all of that and even more. The market is very versatile and offers us a lot. So, we decided to make an article about top gadgets which make our life easier and most of us have at least on these gadgets. We are all infatuated with our mobile phones, tablets, lapotps, iPods, iPads and all other tech gadgets which make our life easier. On this list we have put the best smartphones, cameras, e-readers and consoles, and some of these gadgets are already available and some of them are coming out very soon. We tried to put gadgets from various categories so that everyone can find something. Many companies have already presented their new products, and some of them are going to do that. Google recently unveiled its new Nexus tablet that brings many advanced features at an affordable price.

Top Gadgets

All of these companies have left some surprises for the second half of the year, and mostly is expected from Apple which never stops to amaze us with innovative technology. Consumers are used to constant improvements and new products. So the companies are always trying to invent something new and unusual, and of course useful. One thing is very interesting for all of these gadgets. Every year they are getting better and better. They are constantly upgrading their features, adding some new specifications and inventing new gadgets. Return fifteen years backward and ask yourself could you have ever thought that you would be able to have a 3D TV in your home. In that time people would consider you crazy and you could only dream about something like that. And today that is actually available and it seems so normal to all of us. It is impossible to put all the gadgest on the list, because that would be a very long list. But we have chosen top gadgets which are high quality gadgets and those which people often buy. Price, features and versatility are also important specifications of a high quality gadget.

Smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S4

First of all we will start with smartphones. Smartphones have never been bigger in their size and storage capacity, as well as the opportunities they provide us every day. Soon we will all have mini computers in our pockets and diversity of smartphones means that everyone will find something for themselves. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has upgraded hardware and some very interesting software innovations that will allow you to easily control your phone. The new Galaxy is probably the most powerful phone on the market with an eight-core or 1.9 GHz quad-core processor (depending on markets where it is delivered), has 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB of memory via optional microSD card.
The screen is much better, bigger and sharper then the one on Samsung Galaxy SIII. This smartphone has a very good battery that lasts considerably longer than the Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has great features with dual cameras, and at the same time you can record video and image from the front camera to insert a picture in the back. Another great feature is Translator that supports nine languages and translates speech to text and text-to-speech.

Cameras – Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

Except having camera on your phone, we all prefer to have this top notch gadget with us, especially if you travel a lot. It is much easier to take photos with a real camera then via mobile phone. And you will all agree when we say that it feels totally different. We have chosen the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS which is one pretty amazing camera. It looks really stylish and modern, and it is entirely made of plastic. The buttons are very large with well defined of sensation when you are pressing. This camera has pretty amazing ultra zoom feature, and has optical zoom lens with 50x magnification.
You can take your photos in JPEG and RAW format individually and combined. It has great LCD screen that rotates and very effective optical stabilization. This camera is very easy to use and with it you will take some great photos. The Canon SX50 HS records on standard SD cards, and has USB and A/V and HDMI output. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery that comes with the device is solid and provides about 315 photos or 420 minutes of playback on a single charge, which is a solid result. This little gadget is a very powerful camera with great zoom we recommend it to those users who want to take photos from a great distance.

3D TV – Sony Bravia LX900

This top gadget is a bit expensive, but it is worth every cent. We have chosen the Sony Bravia LX900 since this is one of the best 3D TV’s on market. This TV has it all, but literally. Slim and stylish device with high quality of 2D and 3D images. You get two pairs of 3D glasses and with them you will fully enjoy in your favorite movie. Also there are Internet, Media Player and WiFi on this amazing top notch gadget. Another great thing about this TV is that you can save energy. Every Bravia TV is environmentally friendly. Model LX900 has an intelligent Presence Sensor with face detection technology that can determine if you are in front of the TV. If you leave the room and don’t come back, the screen will turn off. If you do not look in the direction of the TV and read the newspapers, the screen will dim. Now that’s a smart way to save energy.
So, if you are looking for a 3D TV with great features then you should get the Sony Bravia LX900. You will experience a true 3D in your own home with your friends and family.

Tablets – Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

Here is one excellent gadget for all the gamers. You will definitely enjoy it. This gadget is a combination of tablet, PC and console all in one. On this tablet you can run all PC games and applications for Windows 8 devices. This gaming tablet has some excellent features. This tablet runs on Intel Core i5 processor. There are Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics and optional Nvidia GT 640 LE graphics card. The screen is 10.1 inch IPS with HD resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, and of course the operating system is Windows 8.
This little gadget is specially designed for all the gamers and we must say that there are more and more gamers on mobile platforms. With the Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet you will definitely have unforgettable gaming experience. You will be able to go on a next level in gaming industry and enjoy in top notch gadget. Besides for playing games, you can use it for all other purposes. For easier and more comfortable playing, the Razer Edge offers numerous add-ons like controllers, dock with integrated controllers and keyboard and additional USB connectors. This is highly recommended gaming tablet for all those who want to experience something new.

Gaming Consoles – Play Station 4

This is one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. We are all so anxiously waiting for the November 15th when the sale will start. This is an official date and we are all hoping that nothing will change that date. When Sony announced discretely that they could bring the next generation of PlayStation consoles we were all skeptical and most of us didn’t believe in that rumor. But then they revealed it all and they impressed the whole world. The new console looks very promising and has so many great new things. But the most important thing for every gamer are the games. How will they look like? And they look spectacular. All those speculations will go in vain when we start to play PS4 in our homes. And that will happen very soon.
You will be able to play remotely with your PS Vita. With new design that looks pretty cool and new dualshock controller you will definitely enjoy in this amazing top notch gadget that is coming very soon to out stores, and from there it will come in our homes. And the thing that is most amazing among all the features is the price. It will be available for most people.

E-reader – Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

E-reader is an electronic device that is specifically designed for the purpose of reading digital e-books. Any device that can display text on the screen can be used as an e-reader, but real e-book readers are designed primarily for reading texts. The main advantages of electronic book readers are better readability on screen, especially in bright sunlight and longer battery life. Depending on the size of memory, a single e-reader can hold several thousand books. This is perfect for all those who love to read and this gadget is a perfect gift for them.
The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is great e-reader that has one very interesting feature. Namely, what truly separates the new Nook Simple Touch from the crowd of tablets and e-readers on the market is the GlowLight that illuminates the screen from edge. When you’re outside, you can turn off GlowLight to get pure experience of e-ink, and when you’re in the dark, the amount of light emanating from the screen can be easily adjusted. You can clearly see the screen and everything displayed on it. So, if you are looking for a great e-reader, then you should definitely buy this little gadget.

iPod – Apple iPod Nano (7th generation)

This little top gadget is a small MP3 player which is one of the best models. Basically, the Apple iPod Nano is the same device that Apple has released in 2005 and there are seven different versions. But we have all agreed that this is the best one. It has some great features like Nike + fitness application, and comes in the same aluminum chassis as well as other Apple products and can be paired with Bluetooth wireless headphones. With a memory of 16GB you will be able to listen literally to all of your favorites songs.
This is also the first iPod that has a home button. You have the possibility to store videos and movies on iPod Nano. With the help of Nike, the Apple has developed a fitness app for the iPod. App counts your steps, distance, time, and number of calories you lost. Also with the help of this application you can run. This device is simple and small, suitable for all users that need a device that will fit in your pocket and the one on which you would be able to store up to 10,000 songs. The Apple iPod Nano is currently one of the best MP3 players in the world.

Laptops – Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

If you’re a creative professional, gamer or multimedia addict, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 is a perfect laptop for you. Laptop comes with some great features such as Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB of hard drive space and Ndidia 6eForce GTX 650M GPU. That is more than enough to play all the latest games or watching videos. This laptop has two graphic cards. The Ultrabay technology is available on this laptop. That is interchangeable bay with which you can swap an additional graphic card, or for additional disk or fan. Also we must say that the design of this laptop is very stylish and powerful. Another great feature of this device is its keyboard. Besides being spacious, impeccably strong and well organized, it comes with excellent and very attractive red backlit keys.
If you are looking for a cool laptop that has great features and looks pretty amazing, then this laptop is for you. You can play games, watch your favorite movies and enjoy in all of your activities on the Lenovo
IdeaPad Y500. Another great thing is the price which is more than reasonable.

In summary, we must say that we tried to choose some of the best gadgets here. All of the above mentioned products are high quality models which will provide you unforgettable experience. We have chosen these categories, because people usually use them. We all need a phone, or a laptop, and for those a bit more demanding customers we have chosen consoles and gaming tablets. In this modern era we are all addicted to these gadgets and we need them for our daily routine.

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Pico Projectors

The need for perfect presentation anytime and anywhere has brought towards the development of smaller projection devices. During the past decade the projectors have started becoming smaller and smaller in size, providing the ability to perform a presentation on the go. Through this development many sizes of projectors came along, most notably pico and pocket. Now, the pico and pocket or palm-top sizes of projectors do cause some of confusion, mainly because of their similar size. Pocket projectors are not really suitable for your pocket, as the term is mainly metaphoric because of the size of around 5 x 5 inches.

Pico projectors on the other hand are comparable to the mobile phones when it comes to size and weight. If you are in the need of a small projector, you should definitely consider buying a pico projector. It really is easier to carry around a small device that can be used for projecting, rather than a bulky projector. These devices are usually considered to be perfect for business trips where you can whip one out at a moments notice and showcase your presentation to potential business partners. It does not have to be about business also, as some gamers use these projectors to enhance mobile gaming experience.


When it comes to pico projectors, choosing the right one can be tough, as it is the case with any kind of electronic equipment. The research and features that you want in a pico projector can take a lot of time; not to mention the comparison of products which can be a grueling task. That is why we have done your research for you, and after twelve products, we have come up with the best four pico projectors  that will suit most of the users needs.

There are a lot of pico projectors out there, and during the last two months we have tested most of them in various ways. Starting with various surfaces for projection and different lighting conditions, ranging from a dark room to a brightly lit outdoors. Another aspect that we have incorporated in our tests was the projecting distance or its maximal reach. You will be amazed with the finds, as some of these small devices can really crank it up in that department.

Here are some of the features that you should look into when purchasing a pico projector:

  • Resolution
  • Projection distance
  • Contrast and aspect ratio
  • Brightness
  • Picture quality
  • Device compatibility (e.g. PC, Mac)
  • Connections (e.g. VGA, HDMI, USB, etc.)
  • Price

Pico Projectors

Best Pico Projector – Optoma PK320


Optoma is a company that revolutionized the field of small projectors and that being said, the fact that our best pico projector choice was made by them is not as surprising. The Optoma PK320 has awesome performance and features that will simply amaze you.


The native projecting resolution of this device is 854 x 480 pixels, which is not really the best resolution on the market, as some pico projectors can go up to 1024 x 600. The maximum size of the image is an another story, because this projector has the maximum image size of 150 inches with aspect ratio of 16:9, which is the largest possible image size on the market and it enables you to reproduce an image similar in size to your normal projectors. PK320 has a maximum projection distance of a whopping 235 inches. The contrast ratio between the lightest and darkest point is 3000:1, another one of the leading points when it comes to the Optoma PK320. Add to this contrast ratio the brightness of 100 Lumens and you have yourself a picture that is very bright and can even be spotted in mild sunshine, which is an another great feature for such a small device.


The quality of picture that PK320 produces is amazingly crisp and clear, which enhances the opportunities that you can gain from this pico projector. With 2 GB of internal storage memory, you can easily store your files on PK320 and project them without any additional devices. Device is compatible with PC and Mac, plus it has the remote control what makes it a lot easier to use the projector. The various connections for the PK320 include VGA, mobile device connections, composite audio/video cable, micro USB and mini HDMI connections. Plus, there is a micro SD card slot where you can plug in your micro SD card and either transfer data or project from it. The price is reasonable as such devices cost a lot more, and if you compare its features, the the Optoma PK320 turns out to be the best pico projector on the market.


The PK320 product has no real cons, except maybe that it needs to be plugged in the electrical socket to get the best brightness level.

That being said, the price you pay for it is well worth, as this pico projector is definitely best one out there. Mainly because of the features, connections and the excellent performance that it displays.


Best Buy Pico Projector – FAVI E3-LED-PICO

Pico Projector-FAVI E3-LED-PICO

Favi E3 might look like a surprising addition to this list, but it is an excellent pico projector that is almost on par with the Optoma PK320. This excellent product by Favi has amazing features and excellent performance that will leave a satisfactory smile on your face.


E3 has a maximum resolution of 854 x 480, just like the PK320, and a maximal image size of 110 inches with the aspect ratio of 16:9. This size is considered as the industry standard for the past few years. With the contrast ratio of 1000:1 it might not be the sharpest display that you get, but this shouldn’t be the reason to pass on this device. With an above average picture quality and the biggest lamp life of 30 000 hours, this device is definitely a best buy pico projector. The E3 is compatible with PC and Mac and has the remote control ability, just like the PK320. The connections that this device is able to establish are very varied and they include the standard VGA and mobile connection, composite AV and your standard USB and HDMI connection, with the addition of micro SD card slot. The internal memory is just 0.031 GB of space, but this is not a disadvantage as most pico projectors have smaller quantities of internal storage or none whatsoever. The performance of this machine is generally good, when you consider the image size and the sharpness, plus all of the connections that you are able to establish with this device.


The only real con of the Favi E3 is the brightness level, which comes up to 50 Lumens. It might not be the best brightness level out there but still gets the job done properly. Another thing is the exclusion of micro USB and mini HDMI connections, which really comes in handy, especially when connecting the projector to smaller devices.

The price is similar to the Optoma PK320 which is obviously a lot better in terms of performance and image size.


Bestseller Pico Projector – AAXA P4 P4X

Pico Projectors-AAXA P4 P4X AAXA is a well-known brand when it comes to pico projectors and the P4 is a product that supports this statement. The AAXA P4 is a really popular device to people who buy and use pico projectors, and we are going to present you some of the features that will prove that this is a bestselling device.


With resolution of 854 x 480, just like the Optoma PK320 and Favi E3, the AXXA P4 brings out the best out of your presentations. Maximum image size comes up to 100 inches and the aspect ratio is 16:9, which makes this projector a decent addition to our list. The picture quality comes very near to the performance of PK320, as it is very crisp and clear, thanks to the contrast ratio of 2000:1 and brightness of 80 Lumens. P4 is also very lightweight, as it weights only 6.4 OUNCES. We were amazed by how light it is, as you almost do not notice it in your pocket. The internal memory of AAXA P4 is 2 GB, which allows you a lot of space to put your music, videos and all other files necessary for your perfect portable presentation. The connections included with P4 are your standard VGA and mobile device connections, composite AV, micro USB and standard USB connection, with the addition of micro SD card slot. The performance overall is good and this device is definitely on par with the Favi E3, but there are some minor setbacks.


The biggest setback when it comes to the P4 is the exclusion of any kind of HDMI connection, which taking into consideration the development of modern video reproduction should be a standard in these kind of devices. The life of the projector lamp is only 15 000. This might not sound that bad, but it is the lowest life span when it comes to standard pico projectors. Another minor setback is the maximum distance of projection which is about 80 inches.

The AXAA P4 is a really popular pico projector, which is to be expected when consider the mid-price range and the high performance levels of this device. That being said, it is a definite bestseller.


Cheapest Pico Projector – Optoma EP-PK-101


With Optoma being one of the biggest names on the market, it is understandable that they would produce pico projectors of any kind and shape. Let us introduce to you their low-budget addition to the family: Optoma EP-PK-101. This projector is indeed meant for those who are on a small budget therefore we did not expect great things about this projector. Nevertheless, it proved us wrong in several instances.


This little device has an astounding maximum image size of 60 inches and a projecting distance up to 100 inches, which is the same as in AAXA P4.

These two features might not sound astounding, but they are since this is a very small projector with weight of just 4 ounces. The PK-101 only has one connection available (two if you count the jack for the micro USB through which the device is powered) the standard composite AV input. With contrast ratio of 1000:1 and 20 000 hours of lamp life, this device can produce amazingly good and bright projections on almost any kind of surface.


There are some obvious drawbacks when it comes to this projector. The first one would be the lack of any other connection than he composite AV one. EP-PK-101 is nowhere near the bigger brother PK320 with the performance or features. That being said, you should consider that this was one of the first pico projectors out there, therefore it is understandable that it is not good as others on the list.

Still, the price on PK-101 is excellent, considering how much are the other products on this list worth. PK-101 might not be the state of the art pico projector, but it still gets the job done dutifully and will not fail you if you are in need of a quick portable presentation. PK-101 is the cheapest pico projector out there and is an excellent choice for people with on a lower budget.

There are a lot of aspects that need your attention before buying a portable projection device. We have taken upon ourselves to test a certain number of devices and do the selection for you, in order to save your valuable time and money. The best pico projector out there has to be the Optoma PK320, as it has the best performance in all aspects and the best possible features that you can look for in a portable projector. If you, for some reasons, don’t want the PK320, then you should consider getting the FAVI E3. Its level of performance is almost on par with the named best pico projector. That being said, E3 has a bit lower brightness level and the exclusion of some connection options that the PK320 has. The most popular pico projector and a bestseller is the AAXA P4. It comes surprisingly near the performance of PK320 and E3 and it is a trusted product by many. Still, the exclusion of HDMI connection and the longevity of the lamp separates it from the first two devices. If you are on a really low budget, then your option would be Optoma EP-PK-101, as it is the cheapest pico projector on the market. This projector only has one AV connection and the performance is not that great, so you are better off by saving some extra bucks and going for the bestseller.

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Gifts for Geeks

It’s the holiday season or a special occasion and you don’t know what to buy for your geeky someone in your life. It could be problematic, considering that everyone likes different things and you may be way off base with just a regular gift. It has to be cool and unique – especially if it’s a birthday gift or some significant date in the geek’s life. Now, it doesn’t have to be that hard and there really are some universal geeky things that any smart person will love, just because they are simply awesome.

Picking the right gift can be a real chore and there are a lot of people who find choosing gifts incredibly stressful. The more important the person you want to surprise is, the pressure level is goes higher. It’s a conundrum. This is why we have created this really cool list of ideas for a geek gift which covers a lot of bases, and we included some universally cool geeky stuff that will be great for just about anyone. In fact, you may want to keep some of these items – but remember that these are not for you! Unless of course you are a geek and you want to reward yourself with a really cool gift. That is completely understandable.


Don’t be deceived that the geek in your life will love any techie thing you buy or any rare book you procure. In fact, that is an expected gift and if a lot of people know your special geeky person, you can bet that someone is going to come up with the idea to buy something generic like that. If you really want to get something techie, make it with a really original spin no one will anticipate. If your geek loves a certain series of movies or books, find something related, but don’t buy the book or the movie in question because they probably have it. Sometimes the best gifts are things which are both useful and cool, and this will ensure that your awesome geeky person will always think of you when they use it –and that is most likely exactly what you are going for!

We went through some trouble in order to pick out the things that are truly awesome gift ideas for geeks. We even went to the length of going through wish lists of some very geeky people we know. It was a lot of fun and we came up with the ultimate gifts for geek’s guide that is sure to have some neat ideas to make this gift hunt very simple and easy for you.

Gifts for Geeks

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp LightTetris is something most people have played in their lives, and if you have an older geek you want to surprise, you can bet that they are going to have tons of fun with this Tetris LED lamp. This is a fantastic idea for any geek if you are unsure of what they may like, and if you have one who likes only specific series, books and movies, and is generally a tough cookie, you are safe with this gift. Of course, unless you decide to keep this yourself because it is simply awesome.

You can literally move the Tetris blocks exactly the way you would in the game, which means that you can assemble this lamp any way you like.



This in turn means that you will probably spend less time working than shifting the Tetris lamp around, so you will be well advised to keep it away from the desk when you want things done. The way this lamp functions is actually quite cool – you have 7 interlocking Tetris blocks which will glow the neon colors when you put them all together. If you want to turn the lights off, all you need to do is to disassemble one of the pieces and voila!


DCI Pop Quiz Clock

DCI Pop Quiz Clock

If you know someone who is a good mathematician and/or studies something related (basically anything brainy), then this is a simple but smart gift idea. The Pop Quiz Clock is the kind of thing that is sure to really catch the eye and will be a great addition to any office wall. The thing is, a clock like this will definitely draw really diverse and interesting reactions, and it would probably be worth the money just to see the faces of some people when they are asked about the time. Of course, the clock is a clock and it works just like any other, but this one is a genuinely symbolic gift for a math or physics student, or anyone who studies or works in an area that requires a bit of careful calculations. Also, because it looks like the good old fashioned chalk on board, it’s a really nostalgic throwback to the school times when you really had to worry about those pop quizzes, and your geeky buddy never seemed to be phased.


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is the ultimate geek product, because it is THE one thing that geeks and computer freaks wanted for a long time, a small enough computer to fit in your pocket. We are not talking about PDAs, smartphones or similar devices; we are talking about an actual computer with a processor, graphics processing unit and read-only memory. The storage device for this mini-computer is a SD card which can be used for booting and storage.

Raspberry Pi

The design is very small, but it has all of the connectors that your normal PC has, including an Ethernet connector, HDMI, two USB 2.0 slots, RCA video, SD card pocket and 3.5 millimeters audio out jack. The machine is powered by a microUSB socket. This mini computer is capable of almost everything your normal PC is, things like word processing, playing video games and even playing high-definition videos. The Raspberry Pi comes in a shape of a small motherboard, without casing, and has two mounting holes for easy installation. This is definitely a great gift for geeks as it represents a computer device that can fit in your pocket. You would not need to spend a lot of money to make your geek happy as this is a reasonably priced gadget.


8″ Nebula Plasma Ball

8″ Nebula Plasma Ball

This is a gadget that is based on the genius design of the eccentric electricity freak Nikola Tesla. What it is essentially is a glass ball full of gases which in combination with electricity provide an interesting light show. This plasma ball actually has a protective coating on the glass, as it is not a toy and the direct contact with gases powered with electricity can be harmful. Interestingly enough, if you place your fingers on the ball, the plasma will respond to your movements and you will feel a pleasantly-mild tickling sensation in your fingers. This gift is perfect for all of the geeks out there. It is a small object that can be plugged in the electric socket and left on the table for people to enjoy the intricate show of electricity and gases, and it does not cost a lot.


USB Missile Launcher

USB Missile Launcher

Can you imagine a male who did not want a rocket launcher in his childhood? Well, here is a perfect gift, not only for geeks, but also for people who have retained their inner child. This missile launcher is made of plastic and it is powered by a simple USB cable. All you have to do is plug it in your USB PC port and you are good to go. The missile launcher can be controlled in such a way to move left, right, up or down and of course to shoot out three foam imitations of rocket missiles, and all of this whit a simple tap of a button on your PC. The product comes with a CD ROM whit a program, USB cable and paper targets. Perfect gift for your geeks that can be set up in the study room, or even in the office, so that some stem could be let off quickly.


Levitron Ion


The Levitron Ion is a levitating and rotating globe that can be situated on your office desk or in your study room. It is also perfect for geeks and freaks. Developed by a team of international engineers, this device uses intricate combination of electric coils and magnets that create the effect of levitation. The modern design looks perfect and will amaze everyone. Just set this on the table and it will become a great conversational piece. The globe is “set on” a mirror-like base which is plugged in a power outlet. Levitron Ion is a perfect gift for your geeks, or even for your office workers and it is definitely worth the money you will pay for it.


Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock

Here is a piece of electronic equipment for those who have problems in waking up in the morning. The Westview PI-744 is a flying alarm clock that at the set moment of the alarm starts the propeller and goes off flying around the room. It will not stop flying until you get up, catch it and set it back to the base. Even though the snooze option is available, it is unlikely that anyone would use it. This alarm clock has a big blue back-lit display which enables you to read time properly and it is powered by four AA batteries. If you have a geek that has trouble getting up in the morning, this would be a perfect present for him/her. Or, maybe, you could purchase it for yourself if you are one of those people.


Star Wars USB Flash Drives

Star Wars USB Flash Drives

If you have a Star Wars geek and want to buy a gift for that person, you better stray off the usual things. Star Wars freaks are well known about their almost fanatic and religious devotion towards the franchise, and that is why whatever you purchase the person might already have. That is where the USB flash drives come in, as they are a perfect gift, because of their functionality and their looks. These three USB flash drives are designed after the three popular characters in the franchise, Jedi Master Yoda, Sith Lord Darth Vader and the adorable little robot R2D2. They come in sizes of 8 GB, and the R2D2 one even comes with a preloaded themes and desktop wallpapers, plus it makes the R2D2 signature sign when plugged into the computer. What a better gift for your Star Wars freak (or yourself, if you are one of them) than these amazing USB flash drives that will help to back-up your data and will also look awesome on your keychain. Plus, the prices are really reasonable, so you will get a great bargain for these products.

Robo Vacuum

Robo Vacuum

Geeks like robots, even when cleaning, they would definitely prefer to do it their way. The Robo Vacuum is a really smart way to clean up all the debris from the floor and will work best on smooth surfaces, but despite not being an all purpose cleaning bot, it’s still a really cool gift for your geek. Especially if the geek in question does not have a habit of paying attention to the mess they leave behind. There may be a long way to go to have those handy house cleaning robots the Jetsons have, but still – it’s a good start as any. In case your geek is into robotics and techie stuff, they are going to love it, especially because it has a dose of humor in it. Not to mention that in case they have a cat, in that case they will have even more fun with it because this may become a source of a lot of fun.


LEGO The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

LEGO The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

What a better gift for a geek than a LEGO set piece, and if that geek adores Lord of the Rings, you are in luck. This buildable LEGO dice is actually a fun twist on memory game for two to four players. The point of the game is to find dwarves lost in the Hobbiton by using tips and hints by Gandalf the Grey and some other Hobbits. Once you build up this game board it is easy to store it and to take it out for another go at the game. It comes with building instructions and the rule book for the game. This is a perfect gift for geeky kids or friends that love Lord of the Rings franchise, and it is ha a very nice price that will not make you spend a lot of money to make your geek happy.



Whether your geek likes some obscure franchises or some mainstream geeky stuff, picking out a perfect thing and still being original is really somewhat of an ordeal. You may feel overwhelmed and a bit pressured if that person is close and important, so you may feel like you need to find something they will simply adore. Some of the things we have described for you are really original and unique, and it is unlikely that someone else will think of the same things. It’s always important not to buy a generic, boring gift for anyone, much less for a geek who has some really demanding standards. These gifts are mostly budget gifts, so you won’t have to worry much about that part. The crucial thing is to pick out the one your geek will like the most!


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