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Best Streaming Media Player 2016 (September)

What is a Streaming Media Player?

Modern technology is so advanced and almost every day something new is being invented – new mobile phones, ipods, cameras, TV’s and many more. One of these new modern devices are Streaming Media Players. Streaming is when you watch an audio or video content over the Internet. Video and / or audio contents are compressed, then decompressed and become available for you to watch as long as you have an active connection to the Internet. If you download this content and record it onto disc, and then watch it offline, then it can no longer be called streaming media, since streaming means that you can watch or listen to the media “on demand” without the required download. This means that when you make a request for some video content, that content immediately begins to “flow through” to you, and its continuity depend on the quality of your Internet connection. Sooner or later we won’t need discs anymore. You can have everything on your TV in all formats you want, starting from 4k and 3D, with built-in Wi-Fi and many other specifications. There are many different streaming media players depending on what you want and how much money you can spend.

And the Best Streaming Media Player is:

Roku 4

Roku 4 Streaming Media Player

Do you want a 4k signal? Do you want voice control? Do you want motion gestures? Well, you might think like me – it is nice, but it isn’t a must have. Exactly! But what if I tell you that the Roku 4 Streaming Media Player is $80 cheaper than Apple TV?

Apple TV (4th generation) vs Roku 4

The Apple TV doesn´t have 4k! Can you call that a device for the future? No!

Amazon Fire TV vs Roku 4

What about Amazon Fire? It requires an Amazon Prime account, Roku 4 doesn´t. Roku has it all, you can watch Netflix, Amazon, hulu, HBO, everything … It is always nice to have a gadget manufacturer like Roku, where you get more for less money. This decision is a no-brainer, just get the Roku 4!

More about Roku Streaming Media Players


Roku streaming media players are one of the most popular products among all players. These players have the greatest market because of several reasons. Style, design, powerful software, variety of channels (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle), simplicity and reasonable price are just some of those reasons. In the following lines, you will learn everything about Roku products.

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

This model is the last one that was produced before Roku 4 and has a lot of exciting fans. Roku 3 is extremely fast and powerful with so many new features. This model is really improved in almost all aspects. There is dual-band wireless port and a resolution of 1080p HD. Instant replay button allows you to watch last seven seconds of the streamed video and audio. The audio sound quality is amazing and has no lags, the audio is buffered fast and is played in the best available quality.

New user interface allows you to easily navigate your favorite channels. None of the previous models had a remote with headphone audio jack. Roku 3 has even that amazing audio jack.

Roku 2 HD Streaming Player

Among streaming media players Roku 2 is very popular and receives some pretty good critics. According to satisfied customers using Roku products, this device offers everything you need and even more for an amazing price. There are over 600 channels including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle and there is also access to premium media service like HBO and EPIX.

Another amazing information detail about Roku 2 is its size. It is so small that can fit in your palm. Style and design are absolutely perfect. As far as the operative systems are concerned, Android and iOS are available. There is also built-in Wi-Fi.

You can connect this device to any TV and that is one great advantage. Not all of us have some fancy and expensive TV, but that isn’t a problem with Roku 2. It fits every TV. Setup is very easy. With this media player you will be able to watch and enjoy in all the movies and videos you want to see. Cable bills are too expensive. Instead you can get this awesome media player and even save some money.

Roku 2 LT Streaming Player

2This is another great device from Roku product and it’s very similar to Roku 2. It is also very small with 750 channels and built-in Wi-Fi. Roku LT is very flexible and has easy setup and use. These two features are very important, because people love to be able to use something without too much trouble.

Another great option is that you can stream your music and photos from your smartphone or tablet to TV. So many great options in one little device. Of course there is also the price which is irresistible. You just have to choose which one of these devices is for you. Quality is guaranteed.

Roku 2 XD Streaming Player

This model is a bit smaller than LT and HD models. You can watch your favorite movies in 1080p HD resolution. Maybe it is a mistake that there is only wireless connection, no Ethernet cable way. Very fast performance and of course over 600 channels. Design of menus is improved and style in general. Another thing that is missing is the rewind button which is present on the XS model.

In the end not all of the models can be the same. Everyone buys the one that is best suited for him/her.

Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player

This little device is very popular. More and more people are deciding to buy it. Roku 2 XS you can literally put in a purse and go to your friend and make a movie night. It is very simple and small device with 500 channels. There is a rewind button which allows you to return and watch something that you missed. That is a great advantage of this model.

Among all those channels, there are plenty of those which are free. Roku 2 XS is suited for almost every TV. Important role for all the models has internet connection. Bad connection means bad stream, and contrary.


Other HD Streaming Media Players With Built-in Wi-Fi

6One of the things you need for streaming media player is internet connection. Good connection means good streaming. There are also media players with built-in Wi-Fi which is perfect if you don’t want to mess around with bunch of cables and of course you have Wi-Fi in your home. Here are some streaming media players with built-in Wi-Fi.

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player


First on our list is this small, tiny and thin media player. It really doesn’t need a lot of space so it will fit perfectly 7anywhere you put it. Price is also solid and for that money you really get one quality product. You can stream all of your favorite programs with this functional media player. It has two USB ports, port for Ethernet, HDMI and AV. The WD TV Live is an compact device with 1080p video output quality. It is perfect for watching on HD TV. You have access to Hulu and Netflix, but unfortunately there is no access for Amazon and Vudu streaming media services. This very functional media player has many pros such as price and quality, and very few cons. Highly recommended product which does its job perfectly.

KDLINKS HD720 Extreme FULL HD 1080P 3D Media Player with Internal HDD Bay


This media player is set up for streaming in full HD 1080p and 3D. Setup and use are very simple. It plays MKV, WAV, RMVB, MP3 and almost every file format. HD720 supports 3D TV but you need the glasses for the complete satisfaction. It is also capable of playing a PAL DVD on an NTSC TV. The device has a hard drive inset, similar to computers, where you can store large amounts of different files. And the best thing about HD720 is that can play almost every file. This is its most commendable characteristic.

KDLINKS HD700 Media Player


Here is another streaming media player with built-in Wi-Fi. One of the main features of this device is that supports You Tube, and that is pretty amazing. Imagine watching You Tube videos on your TV. It also supports 2D, 3D and 1080P ISO/VOB. There are 4 USB ports where you can store endless amounts of things you need. The HD700 can play almost every format including WMA, MP4, MKV, TP, etc. It isn’t compatible with PS3.

KDLINKS A100 Streaming HD TV Media Player


This one is for al those Android enthusiasts. The A100 supports You Tube and all Android applications and games. There are 3 USB ports and 1SD slot. You can also use your cell phone with android system as a remote control. Many say that the remote isn’t so good, but if you have adequate cell phone then there will be no problems. Netflix and XBMC are just some of the media service which KDLINKS A100 supports.


MiniXplus Smart Network TV Box Streaming Media Player

MiniXPlus is another device which supports Android OS. This means that you can control it via smartphone and iPhone, and also it can be controlled by mouse, keyboard and even by a game controller. One of the cons are that it is getting heated fast although it comes with a cooling stand.

Western Digital 1080p WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

This device supports almost every file format including AVI, MP4, FLV, VOB, MKV, etc. The WD TV Live is pretty much similar to its predecessor known as the WD. The only differences are in colors and design, but the functions are almost the same. All those who have used the older WD version will definitely enjoy in this device. As it predecessor, Recertified WD TV Live has also reasonable price, good quality and solid functions.

RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player with 1080p HDMI Output

12The RCA streaming media player is very easy to use, easy to setup and comes with a reasonable price. You can watch Netflix, Hulu plus and You Tube, including listening to Pandora Radio. But there is a catch. You have to pay membership to be able to watch anything via this device. One of the positive things is that has analog AV outputs which is suited for older TV’s.

RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player DSB772E with 1080p HDMI Output

13RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player DSB772E with 1080p HDMI Output is very similar to our previous wifi streaming media play. It has almost all the same features including which media services you can watch and how. Very cheap and it has a lot of problems with heat. It gets warmed really fast, and there is also a very bad remote control. All in all, if you want to buy media player go for a better one. Add some extra cash and buy one quality streaming media player since this one isn’t suited for those who want to watch various programs.

More HD Streaming Media Players

Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player

If you want four times better resolution then this model is for you. It is suited only for Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs. It is expensive and gives you unforgettable experience during watching your favorite movies. This is for all the true digital movie enthusiasts who enjoy in every pixel.

Micca EP600 G2-WLAN 1080P 3D Digital Media Player

This media player is for all those who enjoy in watching 3D movies. Micca EP600 will provide you an amazing experience. Supports almost all video, radio and audio formats.

Micca EP100 1080P Full-HD Digital Media Player

With resolution of 1080p, Micca EP100 is one solid and fast media player. It supports most of the format files and has a reasonable price. It is also equipped with fast LAN network streaming which makes this model faster and more powerful.

Micca MPLAY-HD 1080p Full-HD Digital Media Player For USB Drives and SD/SDHC

For all those who want to play videos from USB or SD card. With this model you can watch 3D movies, and the most positive thing is that it doesn’t get too hot.

Philips Smart Media Box Hd Media Player

Here is one product from Phillips. It is a simple and interesting model. You can watch You Tube videos and it is suitable for every TV.

WD TV Play Media Player

This device has built-in Wi-Fi and resolution of 1080p. Your smartphone can be used as remote control. WD TV Play has improved user interface, but some of the applications are missing. Easy to use and easy setup are one of the main features of all WD media players.

Netgear NeoTV Streaming Player NTV300

For this price you get a solid streaming media player with which you can watch various channels including You Tube videos. Android and iOS are available, including built-in Wi-Fi. Resolution of 1080p is another reason to get this practical and cheap device.

1080P HD USB HDMI SD/MMC Multi TV Media Player RMVB MKV

This small and light device is actually pretty good. Supports various format files, HDMI and has great price. You get a lot for little money.


If you have read all reviews and especially ours in detail, you will see a big difference between the need of the users. You need to know if you would like just to watch YouTube videos or watch a lot of the televisions corner or make a home theater. Information with which you need to be clear about is that it your business what you are doing home and you have the privacy and right to watch whatever you want, you just aren’t allowed to storage those things or show them in public.

Today you need to know just three things about the media streaming players:

  • If you want high quality streaming, buy the Roku 4
  • If you want quality, but don’t need the newest technique, buy the Roku 3
  • If you want much for low-cost, go with the Roku 2 LT

You see, everything is about the Roku brand and products, because they match the users needs. Their position on the market is becoming global. They are being sold in online stores like a car on the newest car show. They are not very “green” and they don’t show a high grade of security, but please take this info with you – you are just streaming video, you aren’t storing anything, so that is not so important. Get the Roku 4 and enjoy movies in an easy, fast and high quality way!

It’s same as you could see a farm through your windows and you know that the cows smell bed, but you know your property rights and you know that the neighbor won’t send his cows into your garden. So stop worrying about such things and enjoy the personal apps on those devices, which are btw. stored on flash drives. This is no Windows operating system, so everything is easy and clear.

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How to improve wifi signal

Considering the fact that almost all the people have several devices that connect to the internet in one house or apartment, it has become a norm to have a wireless router that will allow the household members to use smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other Wi-Fi device in a convenient wireless network. However, people who have larger houses or apartments, and even thicker walls that separate rooms, might be having some difficulties with having a good Wi-Fi reach and a clear signal in all the corners of the house. If you want wireless, you will want it everywhere you sit down in the house and that is logical because you have a wireless router. However, not even the most high end routers will be able to give out a perfectly clear signal in every nook and cranny of your home, no matter how good the range is.

There are other limitations that may impede with the signal, and even if the range is the primary issue, you will need to consider either purchasing a Wi-Fi signal booster or extender, or decide to use the internet in one small space where the signal is perfect. Of course, the other option is not so appealing. A simple solution is, as mentioned, a Wi-Fi booster, also known as a Wi-Fi enhancer or a Wi-Fi repeater. The way these devices work is that they connect to your wireless network, and then repeat your signal, which in turn expands your signal range considerably. This is practical in the sense that you won’t have any problems with your Wi-Fi signal reach and strength.

We have gotten our hands on 15 different Wi-Fi enhancers and tested by means of testing out the signal strength and reach, and also by using them in different settings – our homes and our office. Now, you have to keep one thing in mind and that is that there are not too many manufacturers that produce Wi-Fi repeaters, and the ones that do usually have only one or two models. This literally means that we have tested devices produced by many different manufacturing companies, and basically felt the difference between one manufacturer and the other. We have narrowed the selection down to 4 Wi-Fi enhancers/boosters in order to enable you to make an informed decision. However, keep in mind that you need to think about several things before deciding on buying a certain wireless enhancer.

Some features to look for in a Wi-Fi enhancer:

  • Range increase – if you want internet in your yard, you will want a Wi-Fi extender that adds several hundred feet to your range.
  • Data range
  • Number of Ethernet ports
  • Number of antennas
  • Ease of setup and use
  • Price

Best wifi range extender – Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater

Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater is the best Wi-Fi range booster we have tested and is preferred by people who want to extend their signal reach considerably. Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater offers the most in that respect, and it is enough to set this device at the edge of your router’s signal, and let it do its magic. Hawking will boost your signal’s range and you will probably be happy with your range as you will be able to connect to your internet from quite a distance.


One reason why Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater is so impressive is because it extends the signal range of your router for another 450 feet, which is quite a feat. No pun intended. It is easy to set up, and all you need to do is to place it at the edge of your router’s signal, set it up, and then the Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater will do its magic by making your signal taunt not only your first neighbor, but probably the entire building. It has three antennas, one for receiving your router’s signal and the other two to send it out throughout your house, office or property. It also has 5 Ethernet ports, and its wireless data range is up to 300Mbps. Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater is an excellent choice of a wireless repeater which will eliminate all your wireless dead spots.


The only reason why Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater may not seem like a good option for some is because it is a bit pricey when it comes to wireless repeaters. However, it is only logical that it will be more expensive than other Wi-Fi enhancers simply because it is considerably better.
To conclude, when it comes to the Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater, the device passed our testing stages with flying colors because of the signal range extension, and the clarity and strength of the repeated signal. It eliminated all dead connection spots, and also our doubts whether we should give it our seal of the “best product” among the rest of these devices.


Best Buy wifi range extender – Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point

Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point is our bestbuy choice because it is only slightly inferior to the Hawking Technology Repeater and its costs proportionately less, which makes it a fair offer. This is especially the case if you do not really feel the need to extend your Wi-Fi range for the additional 450 feet that the Hawking Technology Repeater will do. Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point is still an excellent repeater that does its job perfectly and you will be very satisfied with it.


Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point will extend your wireless range for the additional 300 feet and thus improve your Wi-Fi signal considerably. 300 feet is the norm and it makes for about 5000 square feet, which should be more than enough to cover all the grounds you need covered and eliminate all dead spots. Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point has 4 Ethernet ports with Power-over-Ethernet technology. It is very easy to set up and use as it does not need set up at all – Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point is basically a plug and play device requiring minimal tampering on your side.


The most obvious negative would be the fact that it has 4 PoE ports, but no Ethernet cable included. It is a bit less reliable than the Hawking Technology Repeater, but then again it cost less so it pretty much evens out.
To summarize, there is not much bad to be said about the Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point. It does its job of extending your wireless reach considerably, eliminating the Wi-Fi dead spots and has the neat 4 PoE ports to spice up the offer. It also costs about 30 bucks less than Hawking Technology Repeater HW2R1.


Bestseller wifi range extender – Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender is the bestseller on this list, as it has been bought and used by many satisfied customers. This device has two functionalities, as it can be used as your primary wireless router and as a range extender that will boost the wireless signal from another router. Securifi Almond Touchscreen also has, as the name suggests, a touchscreen interface that excludes the need of accessing this device via your operative system or the use of setup installation disk. Although it does not feature some of the things mentioned for our best and bestbuy choice, this device is still an excellent product. Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender


The biggest pro for this product would be the touchscreen interface feature, which is accessible by just a touch of your hand and allows you to easily set up the device. Securifi Almond Touchscreen can also act as your primary wireless router and, if you have a standard wireless router, it can boost the signal for up to 300 feet. It is compatible with almost any kind of device, and the great thing about this product is that it can include your older Ethernet-only based devices to a wireless network, enabling you to expand it even further. The ease of setup and automatic compatibility of Securifi Almond Touchscreen make it a firm crow favorite and steps up on a whole another level when it comes to wireless range extenders. Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender


There are two disadvantage points of Securifi Almond Touchscreen compared to Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point and Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater. The first one would be the range of 300 feet, which is lower than in the Hawking Technology Dual Radio Smart Repeater. The second one would be that it does not include the 4 PoE ports that the Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access point has, nor has it got the number of connections that are available on this device.
To sum it all up, Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender is a great device that comes with handy features. Considering that it is in the price range of the bestbuy product it is definitely worth the money, as it features the ability to improve your wireless signal and it comes with a touchscreen that will make your life easier when setting this device up, and with so many people jumping on the Securifi Almond Touchscreen bandwagon, it is a definite bestseller product.


Cheapest wifi range extender – ZyXEL Wireless N Access Point with Ethernet Client

Zyxel Universal Repeater is the cheapest repeater at 48 $ and is pretty good which is exactly why it made our top 4. It is not inferior to the repeaters we have listed above, but it does not have the additional features that these offer which is most likely the sole reason for the reduced price. Zyxel is an excellent router and wireless router manufacturer, and it does not disappoint with the Zyxel Universal Repeater either.


The first obvious reason why you would buy the Zyxel Universal Repeater is its price which is considerably lower than the price of most other repeaters and range enhancers. It extends your Wi-Fi range for 300 feet, and that is more than enough for most. It has two 5 dBi antennas which make the signal more stable for data transmission, and its data range is 300 Mbps. The Zyxel Universal Repeater is pretty easy to set up too.


You may not decide to buy the Zyxel Universal Repeater because of its lack of some additional features the other repeaters offer such as advanced settings, touchscreen, PoE, and so on. Some of the most common complaints about the product include people having issues with the setup, which contradicts our experience as we have found the setup to be a breeze. Regardless of this, people who are generally satisfied with Zyxel will probably trust the company because of its stellar reputation and excellent customer support.
To summarize, Zyxel Universal Repeater is a bit inferior to the rest of the enhancers we reviewed here, but it is also considerably cheaper and is perhaps the only repeater on this list we can freely claim is inexpensive.


Improving your Wi-Fi range is not as hard as it may seem, but you will have to buy a good signal repeater, which is a device known by many names except for that one: a Wi-Fi enhancer, Wi-Fi Booster, Wi-Fi extender etc. The basic principle under which these handy devices operate is that they connect to your pre-existing wireless network and repeat the signal, enhancing it and sending it further. The best way to enhance your signal would be to set the repeater at the very edge of your existing signal, and the repeater will then extend your range and cover all the dead signal spots. That said, our review has been narrowed down to only the top 4, and the crown went to the Hawking Technologies Repeater which has the best range out of all the repeaters we tested.

A little cheaper option was the Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point, which extends the signal for 300 feet and has 4 PoE ports, which is a major selling point. However, the Hawking Technologies is still better because its range is 450 feet, and it has 5 Ethernet ports. The last two on the list were our bestseller, the Securifi Almond which has a 300 feet range as well, but also a cool touchscreen display and controls system that is pretty neat. Zyxel was the cheapest choice, but even this repeater is pretty reliable and people who have Zyxel routers will probably trust this manufacturer to buy their repeater, even if it is slightly inferior.

Nedim SabicHow to improve wifi signal
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Cleaning Gold Jewelry

Cleaning gold jewelry is necessary from time to time. On jewelry, just like on all other things, dirt accumulates and you have to clean it. There are two options for that – to take it to jewelry store and jeweler will take care of it, or you can clean it at your home. There are many ways of cleaning gold jewelry at home. Lukewarm water and a teaspoon of dishwasher detergent will in most cases be sufficient to clean your jewelry.

Leave your jewelry to stand for a while, and then gently rub it with old toothbrush and rinse it with clean water. Golden ring you can clean if you plunge it into alcohol and gently brush it. Before you begin with cleaning your jewelry, it is necessary to know the material of which it is made. Gold and silver are not cleaned in the same way, as well as precious stones and zircons. Also, it is important that you first remove all the dirt and dust from the jewelry. You can do that with dry soft cloth made from cotton or flannel. After that you can proceed with the chosen method of cleaning your jewelry.

Main features of cleaning jewelry machine:

– Cleans jewelry and other household items

– Very fast and simple cleaning

– You will save money and time.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry

But what to do when you have a lot of jewelry and you don’t have time to clean it all individually with a toothbrush and cloth? There are special ultrasonic cleaning jewelry machines which are used I jewelry stores and which you can use in your home too. They are very easy to use and they can be used for cleaning various kinds of jewelry and other household items. We have tested around 20 of these machines and we must say that we were impressed with the results. In only few minutes all the job is done.

You don’t have to waste your time on brushing your jewelry or spending your money on jeweler. You can do it all by yourself in your home. This machine consists of a tank which you fill with tap water and let the machine do the rest. Cleaning jewelry has never been easier and more efficient. And the best thing about these machines is that they clean various items. You can clean your silver and gold jewelry, you watches, small machine parts and similar things. You will save money and time if you buy one of these cleaning jewelry units.

BEST CLEANING GOLD JEWELRY MACHINE – Black Hills Gold Source Model 890

CLEANING GOLD JEWELRY MACHINE – Black Hills Gold Source Model 890

Are you tired of looking at your jewelry which lost its color and shine, and all those homemade recipes that don’t work so well. Then you should give a try with the special units made precisely for cleaning your jewelry and other household items. As the best cleaning gold jewelry machine we have chosen the Black Hills Gold Source Model 890. With this cleaning machine your jewelry and gemstones will be polished and they will look like when you bought them for the first time.

With this unit you will be able to clean all of your gold and silver jewelry, dentures, scissors, watches, eyeglasses, razors and other items. You just have to fill the tank with water, put in it the items you want to clean, set the timer and let the machine do the rest. There is no need to add any chemicals, solvents or detergents. But if your jewelry is heavily tarnished then you can add a bit of detergent. Another great feature of this product is the timer. Usually these machines can set up the timer only for 4-5 minutes. But with the Black Hills Gold Source Model 890 you can set your timer up to 30 minutes. This unit will clean your jewelry guaranteed and you will be impressed how shiny and clean it will look after using this ultimate cleaning machine.

You should pay attention on one thing. It gets really hot when you use it, so it is advisable to take a break between sessions. When it is done with the first round, leave the unit to cool down and then proceed. This is a safe way of cleaning your jewelry and this model provides amazing results.

If you are looking for a new way of cleaning jewelry and other household items, then you should definitely buy the Black Hills Gold Source Model 890. It is a perfect little device that does an amazing job. Give it a try!




As the best buy cleaning gold jewelry machine we have chosen the Ivation IVUC96W since it has a reasonable price and good features.  It works on the same principle as the previous model, the Black Hills Gold Source Model 890. There is a tank which you fill with tap water, put in it your jewelry and other desired items, set the timer and wait for the upcoming results. Your jewelry will be clean and shiny in a short time. You don’t have to go to jewelry store anymore and pay a lot of money for cleaning your precious gemstones and other jewelry pieces. With the Ivation IVUC96W you can do all of that from the comfort of your home. You will save money and time.

It can clean all your jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, contacts, lenses, filters, shaver heads and even baby bottle nipples,  CD’s and DVD’s. You get to choose from 5 different cleaning time periods. The timer can be set up from 90 seconds up to 8 minutes, depending on how dirty your jewelry is. Cleaning tank is rather large and suitable for most cleaning items.

In comparison to the best cleaning gold jewelry machine, the Black Hills Gold Source Model 890, this unit has smaller time setting. The previous one you can set up to 30 minutes, and this one only up to 8 minutes. You can add up a bit of soap, detergent or specially made solutions for jewelry cleaning, if you have heavily tarnished pieces.

With this product you will be able to clean all of your jewelry and other household items in short period of time. Everything will look shiny and sparkly. And all of this you can do from the comfort of your home. Stop wasting time and money on expensive jewelers.



 CLEANING GOLD JEWELRY MACHINE – DB-Tech Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Bestseller is a product that most people buy and find it great. Best price, features, design and quality combined make a bestseller product. We have chosen the DB-Tech Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner as the bestseller product because it has all of the above mentioned characteristics. Your jewelry will be clean and shiny. Fill the tank with water, put your jewelry and other desired items, add a bit of washing soap for better results, set the timer and let the unit do its job. It is very easy to use and time settings allow you to set up the timer from 90 seconds up to 8 minutes.

This unit does a great job, and with it you van clean your jewelry, watches, lenses, photo lenses, shaver heads, retainers, ornaments and other household items. It is a unit which you can use for various items and the results will be great. We put some old coins in it, but we didn’t get the desired results. So, we put a bit of detergent in the tank and the results were amazing.

The difference between the DB-Tech Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and the best product, the Black Hills Gold Source Model 890 is in the timer. This unit allows you to set time up to 8 minutes, and the best one allows you to set the time up to 30 minutes. Another difference is that with this unit you have to use some kind of chemical, not in large amounts although. With the best product there is no need for that. It cleans perfectly without soap or some other chemical.

The DB-Tech Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is a fine unit that will clean all of your jewelry. But if you are able to add a few more bucks, then you should buy the Black Hills Gold Source Model 890, since it has a bit better quality and features.




As the cheapest cleaning gold jewelry machine we have chosen the Sonic Wave CD-2800. It is very cheap and it will not let you down despite the price. Your jewelry will look shiny and clean. Cleaning cycle lasts for three minutes and it is automatic. Fill the tank with water and put your jewelry in it. It is recommended to add a bit of dish washing soap for the better effect. Besides cleaning your jewelry, it is great for cleaning dentures and partials.

Considering the fact that this is very cheap product it still shows some solid results. But if you are able to add some more money, it is better to buy the best buy product, the Ivation IVUC96W. First of all the time settings on the Sonic Wave CD-2800 is automatic and you can’t change it. It lasts for three minutes. With the Ivaton IVUC96W you can set up the timer from 90 seconds up to 80 minutes. It is much stronger and provides better results.

We put eyeglasses into the Sonic Wave CD-2800, cleaning gold jewelry machine, and we weren’t completely satisfied with the result. There were some smudges on the glasses which the unit didn’t remove. Another thing we noticed is that it doesn’t give the best results when you just put your jewelry in plain water. It is necessary to add a bit of dish washing soap or ammonia. It needs a chemical boost for better effectiveness.

If you are low on budget and you need the cheapest cleaning gold jewelry machine, then this unit is for you. But if you are able to add few more bucks, we advise you to buy the best buy product, the Ivation IVUC96W and you will be completely satisfied. It is a great cleaning unit which will bring shine and sparkle to your valuables.



In summary, if you are looking for the best cleaning gold jewelry machine that has the best features, then you should go with the Black Hills Gold Source Model 890, which will never let you down. If you are looking for the best buy product, then you should buy the Ivation IVUC96W, because it has good features and reasonable price. If you are looking for the product that most people buy and find it great, then you should buy the bestseller cleaning gold jewelry machine, the DB-Tech Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner. And if you are looking for the cheapest one, then the Sonic Wave CD-2800 is perfect for you.

Your jewelry will look nicer if it is clean. If you are tired of using various homemade recipes for cleaning your jewelry and the effect doesn’t last too long, or you don’t want to waste any more money on the jeweler every time you visit him, then you should definitely get one of these cleaning jewelry machines which are perfect for your home. With one of these units you will be able to clean not just your jewelry, but other household items like watches, eyeglasses, CD’s, lenses, shaver heads and many more. And all of this you can do in your home, since these units are very compact and very easy to use. There is no more need to go to professionals when you can do it all by yourself.

Here are few tips for the long term care and beauty of your gold jewelry:

  • We recommend you to keep your gold jewelry in the box when you are not wearing it. In this way you will prevent any unnecessary scratching.
  • Soap leaves traces on the surface, causing the gold to lose its shine. It is recommended to take your jewelry off when you are washing your hands or you are in the shower.
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How to Prevent Bed Bugs

What are bed bugs?

What are bed bugs

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed exclusively on human blood, and their name stems from their preferred habitat – the sleeping area. Though there are several kinds of bed bugs, some of which feed on animals, the bed bugs that have proven to be the most problematic are the ones we have to deal with in our homes. This parasitic bug is attracted to warmth, so a nice warm house is a perfect home for it. Bed bugs generally hide in sleeping areas, or literally inside or near to the bed.

These hard to get rid of insects are mostly nocturnal, though they can be active during the day too. The problem is that their bites are almost unnoticeable, so they can nest and feed in your house and on your blood for a good while, and you will only notice them once they have significantly increased in numbers. In most cases, that is already too late to try to prevent them to nest in your home and you have to consider how to get rid of them and not how to prevent them at that point.

Bed bug bites are not especially dangerous for most people, but there is a part of population that will have mild or severe rashes, allergic reactions that can be quite dangerous and a number of skin infections and diseases.

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Once you have bed bugs in your homes, there is also a high risk that you will be nervous due to sleeping issues, as the presence of tiny insects in your bed certainly does not help you sleep better. Actually, some people report going through a severe psychological toll due to these hidden critters, and even after they are finally rid of them, they say it is hard to fall asleep in the same bed. Fortunately, you can prevent bed bugs and if they are already comfortably enjoying the warmth of your homes and beds, you can get rid of them using several methods we will talk about.

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As it is, it is always better to prevent something before it happens than to worry about it when it is more or less too late, so it is thus recommended to have some awareness on how to prevent bed bugs in the first place. If you are sure you were careful but you still have these unwelcome guests in your homes, sharing your bed with you, then you can consider some steps such as purchasing a good hand vacuum that can pull all of them out of your bed or calling the bed bug exterminators.

The problem with bed bugs is that sometimes no matter how well you understand how you can accidentally get them in your home and what conditions are friendly and unfriendly for them to thrive, there are instances where there is nothing you can do to stop someone else from bringing them in. In these cases, there are many things you can do to prevent them from multiplying and infesting your home.

How do bed bugs look like?

How do bed bugs look like

First thing you need to know when dealing with bed bugs is how they look like and where to find them. These critters are relatively small but they can reach up to a fifth of an inch in length, and they have an oval shaped body that is reddish brown in color. However, there are bed bugs that have a completely different color than the norm, and they can even be white. The key to identify a bed bug is by recognizing it by its body shape, as it is hard to confuse a flat oval insect with any other species. Once you are sure you have bed bugs in your house, you can take measures.

Where do bed bugs hide?

Where do bed bugs hide

Bed bugs do not have to literally be in your bed, though they are known to hide in the sheaths and inside of the mattresses. They will usually be in the vicinity of the bed and the sleeping area, and they will eventually spread throughout the whole house if not dealt with promptly and accordingly as soon as possible. Generally, you will find bed bugs in dark crevices near the sleeping area, such as behind the furniture and under the bed, and they typically lay their eggs in fabric.

How to prevent bed bugs?

Bed bug prevention is definitely more important than bed bug extermination as it is always better not to deal with these insects than to think about how to get rid of them. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do in order to prevent bed bugs from ever entering your house, and also some really good and easy methods to create an unfriendly environment for them inside the comfort of your home. The first logical step is to become aware of how you can accidentally get bed bugs into your house.

How to prevent bed bugs

9 things which prevent bed bugs

1. Monitor your clothes and belongings

While you may not have bed bugs at home, this is not a guarantee that your friends and associates do not have bed bugs at their homes or work places. If you are visiting someone make sure to check your jacket or anything you might have left on a coat hanger for example, as there might be some clues there. Look for small blood stains and spots as these are left by bed bugs. If you find any, you will have to wash your clothes or items in hot water in order to kill any pests or eggs that might have been hiding there.

2. Bed bugs in shops

When shopping, especially for clothes, follow the same rule – look for each item carefully and if there are bed bug spots or stains return the item on the shelf immediately and do not buy it because you may get a bed bug for free. If you are trying on a clothing item, check the dressing room corners and look for bed bugs and the same stains and spots. If you suspect anything, do not risk it and simply return the item to the rack and go home. Wash your clothes in hot water.

3. Bed bugs in hotels

If you are staying in a motel or a hotel, make sure to check the mattress and all the fabrics you can find. If they are unhygienic, you should immediately change the room or the establishment. Keep an eye open for small spots and stains, and if you find any, do not stay in the place.

4. Bed bugs at work

Your office may be a place where you can pick up a bed bug or a bed bug egg and take it home. The problem with offices and work places in general is that there are a lot of people there and one of them may have bed bugs at home. The way to go about it is to make sure everyone has a high awareness about the dangers of these bugs. The office or the working area must be vacuumed regularly and thoroughly, and any kind of cluttering must be avoided as many things stacked in one place will provide a perfect lair for the bed bugs.

5. Buying new things

No matter how good and hygienic the condition of the shop where you bought a new clothing item or a furniture piece was, you still have to clean the furniture and wash the clothes as soon as you get home. For newly purchased clothing items it is recommended to immediately put each item in a separate plastic bag in order to prevent a bed bug that might be in there from escaping, and then to wash the item as soon as you are able to and at the highest possible temperature the clothing can be washed at. For furniture, make sure to wipe it clean and inspect it one last time before placing it in the desired area.

6. Do not push furniture into the wall

It is crucial to leave a bit of space between furniture and the wall because this will give the bed bugs one place less to crawl into and nest. This is especially important in your bedroom – keep some space on each side of the bed.

7. Capture the bed bugs

You can put some mineral oil into a regular cup or a plastic cup, and then place a cup under each bed leg. This will make bed bugs fall into the oil when they are going up and down the bed legs, and you will be able to throw them out regularly.

8. Heat treatment

If you suspect having bed bugs, you can wash everything that can be washed in high temperatures, as bed bugs die in hot conditions. This means that you can literally go through all your clothes and exterminate any bed bugs that might have been in there. Then you can move on to drying the rest – anything that can’t be washed in high temperatures should be put in a dryer for about 20 minutes at a high temperature, as this will kill all the bed bugs in, for instance, your pillows and sensitive clothes and items.

9. Vacuuming (most important!)

When dealing with bed bugs, one of the most important steps in preventing them from appearing and reappearing, and even a good measure to destroy them, is regular vacuuming with a good vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to get a vacuum that is specifically made for bed bug extermination and prevention, as these are no longer that costly and hard to use. In fact, these vacuum cleaners are mostly hand held and compact, and are a good investment for your struggle against bed bugs.

Selected CleanWave Bed Vac By Verilux

Selected CleanWave Bed Vac By Verilux

Selected CleanWave Bed Vac is a vacuum cleaner against which the bed bugs do not stand a chance. This is actually an ultimate cleaning vacuum, as it fights not only bed bugs and bed bug eggs, but also many other parasites, bacteria, viruses and even nasty smells. Selected CleanWave Bed Vac By Verilux is an affordable way to become a home edition of a bed bug exterminator as you will probably not have to deal with them for a long time after you manage to vacuum every nook and cranny of your home with this cleaner.

The way to go about vacuuming your entire house with Selected CleanWave Bed Vac is to first make sure that your bedroom is perfectly vacuumed. You will need to overturn your mattresses to vacuum them from all sides, and then move around the furniture and get all the corners. Make sure to go over all the dark places and crevices in particular, as the eggs will be hidden in places such as these. The Selected CleanWave Bed Vac will do the rest and you can consider all and any bug or egg that had contact with this vacuum dead and gone.


UNILUTION 75218 / Handheld Vacuum – 300W

UNILUTION 75218 / Handheld Vacuum – 300W

UNILUTION 75218 Handheld Vacuum is another very good hand held vacuum cleaner suitable for exterminating and preventing the appearance and reappearance of bed bugs. This vacuum also exterminates a myriad of germs and bacteria, viruses, allergens and so on. It deals with nasty odors and many parasites – including dust mites and bed bugs. It is a good purchase for anyone who has a family member with allergies or asthma, or any house that has issues with the parasitic bed bugs.

UNILUTION 75218 / Handheld Vacuum is a light portable vacuum which is easy to use and very effective against bed bugs and their eggs. It does not use harmful chemicals and that is a definite advantage, and it uses vibrations and ultraviolet light to do its magic. The way it works is simple – the vibrations make all the dust and any other particles come to the surface and the ultraviolet light kills any bacteria, germs, bugs or anything before sucking them in. This ensures that your home will be freed from any parasitic critters including bed bugs after several times of thorough vacuuming.

Calling in the pest control

Sometimes no matter what you do, it is not enough. If you are experiencing severe bed bug infestations and have several bites on your body at the time of reading this, it is time to call the professionals. Bed bug exterminators should be contacted to ensure that your house is rid of these insects. However, after they are gone, it is recommended that you follow the steps above in order to prevent the bed bugs from ever reappearing in your home.


how to prevent bed bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on the blood of humans and they typically nest and crawl around near the sleeping area in a house. These insects can be very annoying but also dangerous in case you have sensitive skin, allergies or if you have insect phobias. Bed bugs are definitely unwelcome guests, but sometimes no matter what you do they still manage to somehow get in your house and spread.

A good idea if you suspect that you may have bed bugs is to immediately heat treat all your clothes and dry the rest of the items in high temperatures. We have mentioned the portable vacuums that specialize in determining bed bugs, their eggs, parasites, bacteria and smells, so it may be a good idea to purchase one of them as they are not costly. Buying a vacuum for this purpose will in fact cost less than calling in the exterminators to rid you of bed bugs.

In order to prevent bed bugs from appearing, there are several steps to always follow such as checking your clothes when visiting someone, checking the stores you buy your items in and generally being careful about transporting a bed bug or its egg in your bag, luggage or even your computer. Bed bugs hide in warm places, so be careful of warm and dark areas. If you have all of the above steps in mind, you should be fine and free of bed bugs, but always keep in mind that you have to be careful at all times as one slip of your attention may get you an unwelcome guest in your bedroom.

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Where Is My Dog?

We have tested over 30 GPS trackers and collars for dogs through forests, meadows and groves all over the country. We must say that this was one very interesting task and we enjoyed it a lot. Tests were conducted under various conditions, distances and with different dog breeds. In summary, we have spent few unforgettable months with some pretty awesome dogs in order to write the review on GPS trackers and collars for dogs.

Do you have a dog that can often wander away from nearby backyards and parks? In your search can help GPS collar with which you can see where your dog is. Tracking animals using satellite navigation isn’t something new and it can actually save your dog’s life. It is important to know that this device is suitable for all dog breeds. You can use it on your little dogs to large hunting breed dogs which spend a lot of time in open, and sometimes it is hard to track them all the time. With these GPS collars you can completely enjoy in your hunting and spending some time in nature. There are various types of these dog collars and tracking devices.

Thanks to the GPS receiver which is located in the collar of your dog you will have insight into where your dog is when you let it run through the neighborhood. The device allows users to define safe zones where pets can move without any limits. The exact location of the dog, users can specify via the animal monitoring system, which is available 24 hours a day via free phone, web-map, e-mail or SMS.

If the dog leaves the permitted areas, you can even follow the path in which your dog escaped. These devices are usually waterproof, lightweight and have a rechargeable battery. Some people think that by buying these devices they are taking dog’s freedom in some way and that these collars are buying all those who haven’t well trained their dog. But that’s not true. All those who love their pet on four legs will buy this collar with GPS, because in this way you will protect your dog from possible tragic consequences. We can take advantage of today’s high technology to track our pets. These collars work very well in rural and urban areas. Also, GPS collars and trackers use radio signals which allow you to find your dog.

Main features of dog collars and trackers with GPS are:

  • Built-in GPS
  • Rechargable batteries
  • Advanced monitoring system of your dog
  • Wide range of signal.



As the best GPS collars and trackers for dogs we have chosen the Garmin Astro 320. This model is specially designed for hunting dogs and their owners. The Garmin Astro 320 consists of two components: a transmitter for dogs and manual reiver for the user. This transmitter is named DC 40, and the receiver is called Astro 320. With this collar you will be able to know the location of your dog in every moment. This product is the best there is on the market as far as GPS collars for dogs are concerned. You don’t have to worry about use and setup since it is very easy to manage with this device.

Astro can track up to ten dogs per receiver at once, and the collar gives a new position every 5, 10, 30 or 120 seconds. On flat ground without obstacles, Astro transmitter and receiver have an effective range of up to 6 miles. The device is fully compatible with Garmin DC 20, DC 30 and DC 40 collars for dogs. What’s really improved on this model are mapping features. With the Astro 320 you can hunt in unfamiliar areas. You will feel safe and relaxed like on your favorite hunting ground. Besides loaded base maps, the Astro 320 can load a wide range of Garmin topo maps. Also you can use Birdseye application and Garmin’s free Custom Maps web tool for transferring paper or digital maps to your Garmin GPS handheld device. With detailed mapping data you will see your and location of your dog.

For even more details, hunters can download their waypoints and tracks, as well as traces of their dogs with the Garmin MapSource software. For all those who enjoy in tracking flocks of birds, there is the

Covey Counter feature with which hunters can mark the exact place, time of day and altitude where they encountered their prey. In addition, users can easily record the number of birds seen and caught. As you can see, the Garmin Astro is really one advanced collar with GPS that has many great and useful features. There is also 3-axis electronic compass and vibrating alarms that won’t scare your prey and hunt. Another great feature is a possibility to lock the keypad to prevent accidental activation of the keyboard when the device is in your pocket. If you want to know what other hunters are doing, then with the Garmin Astro 320 you will experience even that. Namely, you can communicate with other hunters and exchange information during hunt.

As you can see, this model is perfect for hunting and it is suitable for hunters. But if you want to keep track of your dog no matter if your pet isn’t a hunting dog, then you should get this device. It is waterproof with great battery life, and many amazing features. Give it a try!


We have chosen the Garming TT10 as the best buy GPS collar for dogs. This collar has some pretty great features and a reasonable price. With it you will be able to keep track of your dog wherever you are. This model has high sensitivity GPS and a VHF antenna which will allow you to know where your dog is.

These collars are perfect for training your dogs to stay in a specific area. Also you can use them in hunting and they can be used in every weather condition. The Garmin TT10 is very durable, rugged and waterproof dog collar with GPS. It is compatible with Garmin ANT+ sensors and this feature provides with many possibilities. Large touchscreen is an improvement in comparison to older models and you will see perfectly even in sunlight. Of course, another thing that is absolutely great about all Garmin products is high quality mapping. You can download your and dog’s tracks and view them on Google Earth. In open areas you will receive perfect signal, and the range is pretty wide.

You can add up to ten dog devices. Here are some cons of this little device. First of all the collar has LED lights and there is one small problem with them. They could have been a bit brighter. If you put this collar on a dog with longer fur, you won’t be able to see the light at all. Another thing that we find to be a bit too much is the antenna. It is too long and it looks kind a ridiculous. Imagine putting it on a very little dog. The first thing you would see is the long antenna. In comparison to the previous product, the Garmin Astro 320, there aren’t all those applications which you can find in the best product. Batteries are also very good and they can last long.

In summary, we must say that the Garmin TT10 is one good product which has some good features and the price is more than reasonable. If you are able to add some money, then we advise you to buy the Garmin Astro 320, because that dog collar with GPS has all you need.


As the bestseller model we have chosen another Garmin product, the Garmin DC 40. Bestseller is a product that most people buy and find it great. Best price, features, design and quality combined make a bestseller product. And this product has all of these elements. With this GPS collar and tracker you will always know the location of your dog. You can use them for hunting or just a plain walk with your pet.

This collar is compatible with Garmin Astro 220 and Astro 320. It is made of rubber which is much more durable than those made from nylon. Another great thing is the orange color which allows you to see your dog from far away. Batteries are rather good, the average life is for 17 hours. You can put the transmitter to any collar, but you get a collar with this transmitter, so there is no need to buy a separate collar. GPS and extended antenna are part of the Garmin DC 40, and with these components you will be able to locate your dog.

Unfortunately there is no electronic compass or built-in maps in this model, but if you buy the Garmin Astro 320 you will have a perfect combination. As we have already said this model is compatible with Astro 320 and Astro 220. If you buy the Garmin Astro 320, our best GPS collar and tracker for dogs, then you will get everything you need in one device. The Garmin DC 40 is cheaper and has some good features, but if you are able to add few more bucks, then you should definitely buy the Garmin Astro 320. With that model you will have unlimited options and you will be able to completely enjoy in your hunting or some other outdoor activity. You will be able to locate your dog, your prey and even share all of that online.

The Garmin DC 40 is great for those who want to know where their dog went in the park or neighborhood. This is a bestseller product which has been proven to be great, but if you are looking for something a bit more advanced then you should definitely go with the Garmin Astro 320, because that product has literally everything in it. One thing is for sure, all of the Garmin products are equipped with versatile features and that is why their products are the best on the market.

Update: This device is not being sold anymore.


As the cheapest GPS collar and tracker for dogs we have chosen the RoamEO Pet Monitor System. This product has basic functions and it isn’t too advanced like the previous models. But, it will definitely serve the purpose of locating your dog. Besides the exact location, the RoamEO shows you how far away your dog is, how fast it is moving and in which direction is headed. All this you can see on the screen receiver. Information is updated every few seconds.

The RoamEO can be used for three different dogs. The collar is waterproof, but we wouldn’t recommend you to keep it too long under water. In comparison to the Garmin TT10, the best buy product, this product has a very short signal range. Coverage radius is only one mile, and if there are some obstacles on the way, like forest, then the signal can be lost very quickly. And in this case it can be very hard to re-establish the signal again. The last location of your dog will be on the screen, and if the dog starts to return and enters the one mile radius, you will see it your screen.

As you can see this model isn’t suitable for hunting and other long distance outdoor activities. The RoamEO is perfect for you neighborhood and park. If you plan to use it for something else, then don’t buy it. Instead of this model, you should buy the best buy model, the Garmin TT10 which is more reliable and has more features. This collar is one simple collar and tracker for local walks.
If you are looking for a product which you will use only in your street and eventually park, then you should buy this collar. But, if you plan to go hunting, then you should add some more money and buy the Garmin TT10.

Update: This device is not being sold anymore.


If you are looking for the best GPS collars and trackers for training or hunting dogs, then you should buy the Garmin TT10. If you are looking for a GPS collar for safety reasons and want to additionally track some health parameters, we recommend you to read this Dog GPS Collar & Tracker Review from DogMD. Please do not buy or use dog collars with integrated shocks of any kind, especially electro shocks.

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What Router Should I Buy?

What is a wireless router and how will I find the best one for me?

Finding a good router may seem like a simple task, but with the myriad of routers on the market it can be quite an ordeal to pick something that will be good for your needs. There are numerous factors to consider and these may seem really complicated to those who are not as tech savvy as a smaller portion of population who know exactly what they want. Judging which router is the best and which one you should actually buy is not too difficult, but it isn’t as simple as picking out a random one based on price or the vendor’s advice. Finding a great wireless router that will serve your needs has become even more tiresome because of the latest wave of 802.11 ac routers that are the newest addition to this specific market. When you combine all the factors you need to look into before you pull out your wallet, you may even feel a bit overwhelmed. In fact, you are probably better off knowing a thing or two about wireless routers before spending money to buy a random one that may be a complete disaster for your specific demands.

To keep it simple, we will explain what a wireless router is and what it is supposed to do. A wireless router is a device that delivers an internet connection to all the devices in the network by two means – wires and wireless. Basically, all the devices connected to the router either by the Ethernet cable or via the wireless will be able to connect to the internet. Some other features routers generally offer are USB connectivity which enables the user to, for example, connect a printer so that anyone on the network can use it, a firewall which is supposed to protect you from some internet threats, and, of course, services that enable you to stream multimedia content in your network such as UPnP and DLNA. Good routers offer even more and you will be able to, for instance, protect your children from seeing unsuitable content online, monitor which devices connect to your network, create user accounts for guests where you will disable them from seeing shared devices, you can prioritize the type of network traffic that you need the most, etc. There are a lot of features to consider before you potentially spend a couple of hundreds of dollars.

In order to make this as easy for you as possible, we have tested 40 routers and narrowed the selection down to only 4 routers which we consider to be the best options. We have done this by testing their range, signal strength, speed, data loss and numerous other factors we will discuss in depth in this review. We have done this testing over the stretch of four months in order to be able to compile the most accurate information you can find on the internet.

Some features you need to keep an eye out for when choosing a wireless router:

    • Frequency bands – there are two frequencies at which the wireless router operates, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. 2.4GHz offers more coverage but it also runs a higher risk of having connection drops and all sorts of interferences. 5GHz is newer and less saturated which means less interference and a better browsing experience. Ideal router is dual band and operates on both these frequencies.
    • Wireless LAN protocols – wireless LAN protocols are basically telling you the transmit rates of your router, and you can logically assume that these influence your speed. The most common protocol is the 802.11n which allows for 450Mbps at maximum. 802.11ac is the latest one and it enables you an impressive transmit rate of 1.3Gbps, but it operates on the 5GHz frequency. If you get a dual band monitor, however, you will be able to use both as you can switch between protocols.
    • Network coverage – your high end router will be useless if you can’t get the signal to all the places you need it in.
    • Additional features such as additional RAM, additional storage space on the router, USB connectivity, parental controls, Quality of Service to prioritize the kind of traffic you prefer, Gigabit Ethernet ports for hyper fast internet over the Ethernet cable and many more features.
    • Price – your budget will be the greatest determining factor in the end.

    Best Router – Asus RT-AC66U

    Asus RT AC66U

    Asus RT-AC66U is the best tested router on this list and now you will know exactly why. At a medium price, this router shows excellent performance in many areas and perhaps its most prominent feature is its great range which simply surpasses the ranges of other routers we tested. It is a dual band router which enables you to use both 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies to connect to the internet.

    Asus RT-AC66U PROS:

    The best thing about Asus RT-AC66U is its range which is excellent and which can be further increased by about 20% if you attach an external antenna to the router. You will most likely never need this, but the option is there. It has additional 256MB of RAM memory in order to process all the requests faster and more efficiently, and you can literally feel the difference between this router and the regular one without added RAM. The two USB ports are fantastic in case you want to connect devices like printers, consoles, blu-ray players and so on. This is a major positive as most routers have none or just one USB port, so if you want a shared printer, this is the router for you. Asus RT-AC66U also has a myriad of additional advanced features you can use, but you will probably never need them. Perhaps the best feature it offers that is useful out of all these additional options is the AiRadar which expands and optimizes your coverage inside a multi leveled building. If you need to cover several floors of a building, Asus RT-AC66U will do the job perfectly. Asus RT-AC66U also has a Gigabit Ethernet port which enables you to simply connect via a cable and enjoy the super fast and stable internet.

    Asus RT-AC66U CONS:

    During our testing, it happened a few times that we lost connectivity. However, these instances lasted too short and were too few and far between to be considered a major con. This is a high tech router and will seem a bit difficult to use at the first glance, but after that it is smooth sailing.
    Asus RT-AC66U is a great router at a medium price and it is definitely worth the money. It’s the best router you can buy in case you need range and if you are in a multi level building as this router delivers the signal to every corner you need it in. It has additional RAM which makes it process requests even faster and is therefore fantastic for a bigger network. It is a bit technical, but you get used to it really fast.

    Bestbuy Router – TRENDnet AC1750

    TRENDnet AC1750

    TRENDnet AC1750 is a bit lower down in the price range than the Asus we reviewed. This does not make it worse at all, as this is our second recommendation in this review. TRENDnet AC1750 is a dual band wireless router and it offers excellent features which build a pretty long list of positives. At this price, this is one killer router that will definitely deliver the signal and speed where you need it and will make it very easy for you to set it up.

    TRENDnet AC1750 PROS:

    TRENDnet AC1750 is a dual band router that works on both 802.11n and 802.11ac protocols and enables you to switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies easily. This immediately means good stable internet which is only better when you connect directly to the Gigabit Ethernet port on the router via an Ethernet cable. It has one USB sharing port, which means you can connect a printer or any other device that needs to be used by everyone on the network. A really cool feature of this router enables you to create a limited user account for a part of network users if you need to. The best feature of this router we rated fantastic is its throughput which simply overshadows some much more expensive and technical routers. Lastly, this killer router is extremely easy to set up and use, and that is a major advantage as not all of us are very tech savvy.

    TRENDnet AC1750 CONS:

    We have had some issues with slow switching between screens on the interface which was a bit annoying, but nothing major. Perhaps the biggest problem with this router is that it is wobbly and does not seem very stable in some orientations, which was something that should not have been overlooked during design and production, but isn’t a flaw that can ruin your user experience.
    To summarize, TRENDnet AC1750 is a really good wireless dual band router with impressive throughput and good range. Its range is perhaps only a small nuance worse than that of the Asus RT-AC66U, but this should not be a big deal unless you really need or want the Asus RT-AC66U feature that enables you to send the signal to even the farthest corners of a multi leveled building. TRENDnet is also extremely easy to set up, and when we combine all the features we mentioned, its testing results and client feedback, we can be confident enough to mark TRENDnet AC1750 a best buy option.

    Bestseller Router – Netgear N900 WNDR4500

    Netgear N900 WNDR4500

    Netgear N900 WNDR4500 is a bestselling wireless dual band router and it dons a really sleek look and incredible features for the price of about 100$. The reason this router is so popular is simple – it offers a lot of options for the tech savvy and is still a breeze to set up and use, which is an excellent reason to buy this wireless router.

    Netgear N900 WNDR4500 PROS:

    Netgear N900 WNDR4500 is a dual band router that operates on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies and uses both 802.11n and 802.11ac protocols. The impressive thing about this router is its band throughput when it is using the 802.11ac and 5GHz. It offers stable connection and a decent range, and its band throughput at 2.4GHz is definitely not stellar, but above the average. This may not seem satisfactory, but it is important to know that it is competing with some high end and expensive routers that are built for the technologically demanding clients. It is extremely easy to set up, which is a major positive and a desirable thing for those who are not so tech savvy and hate complicated setup processes that are unnecessarily complex and time consuming. Netgear N900 WNDR4500’s setup is none of those. When it comes to some advanced options, the most interesting one that is definitely useful for a family is the parental control which enables you to limit access to certain areas on the net to your kids.

    Netgear N900 WNDR4500 CONS:

    This router is fantastic, but it does not come close to Asus RT-AC66U when it comes to range or the 2.4GHz throughput, which are still the main things to look for. Though it does have an USB port, this port is limited only to storage devices, which is a major disadvantage for those who want to add a printer, console, or any multimedia player to the network.
    To summarize, Netgear N900 WNDR4500 does indeed have all the makings of a fantastic wireless dual band router, but it is not the best router out there. However, you will get everything you need from it if you are not as tech savvy. You will be impressed by its unprecedented 5GHz frequency throughput which is simply top notch. A price that is slightly down the ladder may attract you, and to be fair, for that money this router is a really good choice.

    Cheapest Router – ZyXel MWR102

    ZyXel MWR102

    ZyXel MWR102 is the cheapest router we have listed here in this review and at about 30$, it offers quite a bit of nice features that may be enough for some. This is not a dual band router and it uses 802.11n protocol and the 2.4GHz frequency to operate. It is a solid affordable router that is praised by many, and its small compact size is a really good reason to love this device.

    ZyXel MWR102 PROS:

    A definitive first thing that is a great advantage is this router’s affordability. At the price of 30$, this router is accessible to just about anyone, and to be realistic, it is something that will perfectly suited to satisfy all the base needs and is a good buy for the non-tech savvy people who just want a good cheap router. It has a really astonishingly good throughput for a router of this price, and this is one of those things that will impress you from a device of this caliber.

    ZyXel MWR102 CONS:

    This router has the transfer rate of maximum 150Mbps and that is just not nearly enough for a larger network or for some demanding internet users. However, we cannot really expect much more from a cheap device, but we can guarantee that this is the best one out there that satisfies the base internet needs.
    To summarize, ZyXel MWR102 is a solid cheap wireless router that can be used as a router, access point and a client bridge. It is really compact and small, so you can literally put it in your pocket and carry it around. This is also a good thing. ZyXel MWR102 has a very good throughput and is actually a really impressive device considering its specs and the price. For those who have only basic needs, this is a solid, hard to regret choice, but if you need more from a wireless router, consider any of the other three we have described.


    Finding a good wireless router is not as easy as it sounds, and this is why we have spared you the troubles of extensive research and brought you this comprehensive review. This review is a product of a four month long research and the results presented to you are compiled with the intention of making your selection a breeze. To recap, we have mentioned four routers worth buying, and ranked them according to their features. In that respect, Asus RT-AC66U is definitely the best and offers pretty much most of the things a tech savvy person will need, and most importantly, an incredible range and throughput. Our second choice and the best buy option is a router that will give you the most in proportion to its cost, and that is Trendnet AC1750. Trendnet AC1750 is suitable for both the tech demanding clients and the base users, as it is very easy to set up. The dual band router that has great feedback and sells like fire is the Netgear N900 WNDR4500, and we have mentioned exactly why this is the case. However, sometimes your budget just can’t stretch that far or your needs are much less demanding than the most, and you just want a nice simple router that won’t really reflect on your wallet. If that is the case, you will do good to buy the ZyXel MWR102, which will cover all the basic grounds and cater to your needs perfectly.

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