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We have tested dozens of pedometer applications for iPhone and we have chosen the best one there is on market. Whether you have just started to exercise or you want to know exactly what is your level of physical readiness, pedometer can help you on your way to a healthier life. This little device is also now available as an application for iPhone. Pedometer counts every step you take and calculates how many miles have you walked in a particular training or day.

Experts recommend 12,000 steps a day to keep our bodies prepared to deal with all the difficulties we face. If you belong to the “advanced” group, you will be delighted by another function that pedometer offers – it calculates the number of calories burned during walking / training. Thanks to TV and computers, we often spend a lot of time sitting and eating junk food. Technology makes us fat, but if we use it wisely, it can help us to lose weight. And this application will help you in that mission.

iphone pedeometer apps

With a pedometer iPhone app you can keep record of your steps each day.  With the help of such application, you can find out how much you have walked in a day and how many calories you spent walking. You can also keep a diary of walking, and make a plan for how you intend to walk that day in order to get a desired figure. We must all agree that the Apple has brought a revolution in the use of mobile phones in general. They completely changed the way in which mobile phones are being used and how they are functioning. Almost every day some new application is out. There are apps for almost everything, so it is no wonder that they have discovered an iPhone pedometer application.

Best iPhone Pedometer App Features

What are the main features of this app? First of all, as we said in the beginning, you are able to count your steps whether you are walking or running. Then you can see how many calories you have spend during your activities. You can enter various activities like running, cycling or exercising at the gym. Some apps give you the possibility to record what you are eating. As you can see, iPhone pedometer application is versatile and it can be used in various purposes. If you enjoy in fitness and other physical activities, then you should definitely get a pedometer app for your iPhone.

Main features of an iPhone pedometer application:

  • Counts your steps while walking or running
  • Records calories
  • Keeps record on all your physical activities during the day.


Best iPhone Pedometer iTreadmill
This is one of the best iPhone pedometers on the market. It is one of the most accurate pedometer apps. You can use it for walking indoors and outdoors. The app really resembles a real treadmill display. There are 9 different parameters to choose such as distance, pace, speed, step counts, time, average pace, calories and average speed. It is very flexible and very easy to customize it.

You can set the speed you want to run like on the real treadmill. VCR controls will allow you to pause and stop your run, or even save it. On history table, your walks and runnings will be saved so you can keep monitoring your past fitness activities. When you cover the front of your iPhone, the back light is shut off. This way you save battery on your iPhone and that is one big plus. This is great if your iPhone is in your pocket or a purse.

Another great feature is AUTO PAUSE/RESUME. This feature will automatically pause your app if you stop running and walking. And when you start to move again, it will resume the tracking. The PocketStop technology provides amazing accuracy and that is one of the reasons why this pedometer is the best. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It requires iOS 4.3 or later, and it is optimized for iPhone 5.

itreadmill pedometer application for iPhone


There is no more need to buy expensive equipment for exercise, since with this iPhone pedometer you have it all. You can use it everywhere and at anytime. This is one really great fitness application which will allow you to stay fit. All of your progress and hard work will be recorded and you will have full insights in your physical activities.With iTreadmill app you will definitely stay in good physical shape.

Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo Pedometer for iPhone

Here is another great iPhone pedometer which is also very accurate and has some pretty great features. Measures how many steps you have taken, how much calories you have burned and how much time it took you to do that. It has an amazing charts which shows all the steps you have taken in a day, week, month and year.

We all love to brag about almost everything we do in our daily life and we love to share that with our Facebook friends. With this app you can share your daily walk report and make your friends jealous. You can put your phone into your pocket, purse or waist belt and start walking or running. Although, we would recommend if you put it on your waist belt, because that will give you the best results while using this iPhone pedometer app. It accurately monitors your daily walking and counts burned calories.

There is also a feature that allows you to set up your daily goals. For example you want to walk 15000 steps in a specific period of time or during the whole day, you can set up that goal and observe the progress which is shown in percentages. In this way you can achieve better results in losing weight and staying fit. All the information you need are being displayed on your mobile phone.

Another great feature is language. You can choose from a list of languages and pick the one that suits you best: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Swedish. It requires iOS 6.0, and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. One thing is sure – you will stay fit and in perfect shape if you use this iPhone pedometer application.

Accupedo Pedometer iPhone application

Map My Walk


This application for iPhone is pretty advanced and it allows you to monitor almost everything about your body, starting from counting steps to heart rate. It has a great user interface. You can map your route, track your activities, control what you eat and of course you can share all those information with your friends on social networks. Some of the features are: distance, time, speed and heart rate.

This is a fitness tracking application that enables GPS on your phone. There is an endless list of sporting activities to choose from: walking, running, dog walk, cycling, stairs and many more. After you have chosen your activity, you choose your route. Map My Walk iPhone pedometer has three options for choosing your route. You have My Routes, Bookmarked and Nearby. Once you have chosen your route, you can start doing your activity.

Map My Walk Best iPhone Pedeometer

This pedometer will also keep track on how much calories you have consumed and burned, what you have eaten, how much do you weigh and how much water you drink daily. Map My Walk iPhone pedometer will also keep track of your workout in a very detailed list. You can also see your stats like elevation of your walk and pace. It is compatible with various Bluetooth heart rate monitors. Another great thing about this app is that you can view all of these information online on your computer. If you go to their official site, you will be able to see all the things you have on your phone transferred onto your computer.

This is a great app for keeping track of your fitness activities. It is compatible with Android phones, as well as with iPhone, iPad and Ipod touch. This pedometer will keep you fit and healthy. Download this app and enjoy in your fitness activities.

Pacer Pedometer App

Best iPhone pedeometer Pacer Pedometer App

Here is another great iPhone pedometer application which will keep track of your health and fitness activities. This app counts your steps, how much you weigh and it keeps data of your blood pressure. With a great user interface and option to put some information about your pressure and heart, this iPhone pedometer application will satisfy even those most demanding customers.

All of your activities you will be able to view in charts where your progress will be on a weekly, monthly, six-monthly and all time basis. In this way you will have total insight in your health. Another great feature is the Plan section where you can set up your goals and of course try to achieve them. The most important thing for every success is discipline, and with this feature you will be able to achieve that. Blood pressure is crucial for our health, and with this app you will be able to keep track of it. You can keep your phone in your pocket, purse or armband. The Pacer Pedometer will accurately count your steps and keep you in shape.

This pedometer is one of the easiest to use. It has such a simple setup and it is great for all those who want to keep track of their health. You can lose weight, control your blood pressure and exercise. Of course, you can also listen to your favorite music and completely enjoy in your fitness activities. Set a goal, adjust the settings, play some music and start running. You will definitely be satisfied with the Pacer Pedometer App.

Another great thing is the possibility to choose between various languages. Here is the list: English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With this iPhone pedometer application you will keep an eye on your health, stay in good physical condition and you will achieve your goals.

Pacer Pedometer App for iPhone


We have to say that an iPhone pedometer application is one really useful app which will allow you to monitor your activity and health condition. Pedometer is a device that measures the number of steps, the traveled distance, calories consumption and time spent in walking. As you have seen, during this review, we have introduced you with the best iPhone pedometer applications. All of these apps have great features which can keep track of your physical activity. The iTreadmill is currently the best on the market. It has great user interface, you can use it indoors and outdoors and keeps track of all your activities.

With the Accupedo iPhone pedometer you can share your walk reports via Facebook, you can set up a goal and enjoy in your exercises. With the MayMyWalk iPhone pedometer, you can use your GPS, make your own routes and keep track of your heart rate. With the Pacer Pedometer App you will lose weight and control your blood pressure. As you can see, all of these iPhone pedometers have one goal – to keep you in good shape and help you preserve your health. So, go to iTunes and download one of these great applications. You won’t regret it surely.

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