Christmas Gadgets

We all love holidays. That is a time of the year when we are all happy and we spend our time with family and friends. Christmas is in two months and preparations are easily starting. One of the most important things about Christmas are presents. What to buy? We will try to help you out with that problem. We have made a list of some cool Christmas gadgets and hopefully you will find something for your family members and friends. On the list of holidays gifts are usually IT products which every year are taking a very high position on that list because they are useful, attractive and guarantee you a lot of fun. We will try to present you gadgets which will be suitable for various age and gender. Christmas is a time of giving and happiness. We all want to see smiling faces on our beloved ones. Never underestimate the power of holidays, especially Christmas. You should pay attention on wishes and desires of the person for whom you are buying a gift. Kids love games and gadgets on which they can listen to music, men love some cool and unusual gift which they can use for sports and fun, women prefer some unique kitchen gadget.

Usually people buy a little more expensive gifts for Christmas. There is a great selection of top notch gadgets like iPhone, iPod, iPad, e-reader, cameras and other high tech things which we all like. With these gifts you can’t go wrong. Everyone wants to have some cool phone or the newest laptop that has all the best features. Of course, you need a bit more money for these presents, but you can afford these gifts once a year. In this modern era tech gadgets have become a necessity and we are all a bit addicted. Can you imagine one day without your mobile phone? That would be very difficult. So, why not buy a gadget that your friend wants and actually needs. At the top of the list this year are popular gadgets like gaming consoles which we are all expecting. The new PlayStation and Xbox should bring something revolutionary in this area. The most desirable brand is the Apple. This company never stops to amaze us with their new technology. But the most important thing is that you want to make someone happy for Christmas. That is the best gift!

Apple iPhone 5

We will start with one of the best phones on the market – the Apple iPhone 5. This phone is stylish, thin, light and fast. The first thing you notice on this iPhone is the huge Retina Display with diagonal of 4 inches. This display use new touch technology. Apple engineers have integrated touch sensors into screen and the picture is much clearer than in those previous models. This little gadget works incredibly fast and that is very impressive. The iPhone 5 possesses the latest Apple A6 chip. It is a dual core chip which twice faster and 22% smaller than its predecessor. The graphics are also twice as faster and its chip is composed of three cores.

In the device is built-in a battery that can not be removed, unless you disassemble the entire device. One of the main problems of all the modern mobile phones is the battery. It is very hard for any battery to last more than one day. And why is that? We constantly use these devices, to read news, to play games, so it is impossible for the device to withstand for two or more days. The images captured with the iPhone 5 are fantastic. Good contrast, vibrant colors and sharp display are just some of the features of a good photo. As you can see, this little gadget is great. The Apple iPhone 5 is a perfect Christmas gadget for your family members and friends. You can’t go wrong with it.

Xbox One

PS4 and Xbox One are the most anticipated gadgets of this year. There are so many speculations about both of these consoles, but one thing is for sure – they look good and promise us new gaming experience. Microsoft’s new console has the ambition to be more than just a console. The Xbox One will be used for gaming and watching television. This console will be able to switch between multimedia content which you want. When you say “Xbox on”, the system will turn on and recognize your voice, and you will be logged in with your gaming profile. Using voice commands, the user can switch between various Xbox applications, control panels and television. One of the applications which you will be able to use on Xbox is Skype.

Kinect has also experienced some improvements and it is now much more sensitive than before. It also has 1080p HD camera for video chats. The controller also experienced some design changes including directional pad for better accuracy. The Xbox One comes with DVR which is great for players who want to record their games and share them with others on the Internet. As you can see this console offers a lot. This Christmas gadget is a perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend if they love to play games. Also it is a perfect gift for your kids, and if you have a girlfriend/wife who is a gamer, then you must buy her this gadget and she will have an unforgettable Christmas.

Sony DPF-HD800 Digital Photo Frame

Photos have always represented memories and here is a great way to preserve those memories. With digital photo frames you can enjoy in all of your photos and videos. We have chosen the Sony DPF-HD800 digital photo frame which is a perfect gift. You will be able to see all of your photos and videos in extremely high resolution. This photo frame has some great features. Besides enjoying in your photos, you can watch all of your recorded videos including AVCHD videos recorded with new models of cameras. There is also a built-in speaker that allows you to play music while watching your favorite slideshow.

With remote control you can control slideshow, clock and calendar functions from anywhere in the room. As you can see this is a perfect digital photo frame and a great Christmas gadget. You can buy it for any female member of your family and friends.

HP Monster Beats Solo Headphones

Many say that music is like love, you never know how it will end. While listening to music, the brain releases a chemical substance that makes us happy. If you want to make someone happy for Christmas and that person enjoys in listening to music, then these headphones are a perfect gift. This cool looking gadget is very compact and lightweight with superior sound. The HP Monster Beats Solo Headphones are highly recommended by Dr. Dre, the world famous rapper, producer and Grammy Award winner. These headphones are good for listening music on the move because they are very stable on your ears or head and you could almost run with them.

Headphones will work on all devices with standard audio input, but are primarily designed for the Apple gadgets. The quality and durability are the main features of these headphones. They are extremely robust, and that guarantees longevity of the product. This gadget is perfect for your kids, they will definitely love it and they will enjoy in the music coming form these headphones. Also, you can buy this cool gadget to your friends and all those who enjoy in listening music in this way.

Magimix Colored Vision Toaster

And here is one Christmas gadget for kitchen. All the ladies will definitely enjoy in this see-through toaster. This newly invented product has many few purposes, but one is definitely to make your life easier. When you are having breakfast in the morning, you are probably in a hurry, especially if you have a big family. And everyone has some special demands, and one of those demands is differently prepared toast. With this see-through toaster you will be able to see how much is your toast baked. This gadget perfectly controls the browning of your bread. The Megamix Colored Vision Toaster is very fast and has very nice design.

This toaster allows you to make your toast in a short time in a way that you want, not too baked, not too crispy – as you wish. Some of the features of this toaster are: toast, defrost, bagel and reheat. But the best thing about this toaster is that you can watch your toast through the window and stop it at your desired level of brownness. Kitchen gadgets are essential part of our home, and almost every house has one toaster. Why wouldn’t you surprise your lady and buy her this cool toaster for Christmas.

Bluetooth Gloves

Winter is coming and soon we will all start to wear gloves. But what if you could have gloves which you would use as a phone? Well, there is something like that on the market. From so many gadgets invented, Bluetooth gloves are really something cool and unusual. In these gloves are a small wireless radio, as well as microphone and speaker. It is enough to place your hand on your face and you can talk. This is great for cold winter days when it is snowing and you don’t want to take off your gloves in order to answer your phone. Glove has a speaker built into the thumb, while the microphone is in the little finger. On the back of the gloves are simple commands, for connecting devices, answering, etc.

Hi-Fun is a company that produces these Bluetooth gloves. All you have to do is sync the glove wirelessly with your device and turn the device into hands free device. This cool Christmas gadget is a perfect gift for everyone, all generations and both genders. You will definitely put a smile on someone’s face if you buy Bluetooth gloves. They will keep your hands warm and you will be able to answer your phone without taking out your phone. How cool is that!

Sound Asleep Pillow

Here is one interesting Christmas gadget. The Sounds Asleep Pillow plays music and helps you easily fall asleep. This is a great gift for all those who like to listen to music when they are sleeping. This pillow has built-in speakers. You can connect it to any device like an iPod, MP3, radio etc. The pillow can be used by adults and children from 5 years and more. It is completely harmless. This is a great Christmas present for the whole family. This pillow will relax you and help you fall asleep easily. It is very soft and you can’t feel the speakers when you lay down on it. No headphones are required since there are built-in speakers and that makes this product even better.

You don’t have to worry that you will wake up your partner, because the music doesn’t spread around. Only the person laying on the pillow can hear the sound. You can listen to your audio books as well. You must admit that this is one really cool pillow and this is a great Christmas gift for everyone.

Nintendo DS Lite

And here is one great little gaming gadget for your kids and all those who like to play games. The Nintendo DS Lite consists of two screens and clams hell opening mechanism. The lower part is sensitive to touch. Of course, most of the control is done using the stylus – pencil – which is identical to those from the Pocket PC. Also you can use directional buttons, except in games that explicitly require the usage of touchscreen. One pretty great thing about the Nintendo DS Lite is the lighting display. Even if you have not met with the normal DS, which has a much darker screen, this will make you happy, because not only it is sufficiently bright but it possesses a pretty good viewing angle. There are two speakers on the left and right side of the screen.

The Nintendo DS Lite has two screens, touch pad capabilities, wireless connection, as well as compatibility with GBA devices. And we mustn’t forget to tell you some amazing games which you can play on this console, like Zelda and Mario games. This Christmas gadget is  a great gift for your children, as well for you if you are a gamer.


Christmas is getting closer and you should start to make list of the presents you want to buy to your friends and family members. We have given you some pretty cool, popular and interesting gadgets which you can buy for the people you love. If you are looking Christmas gadgets for men then you can buy Apple iPhone or Xbox One. If you are looking Christmas gadgets for women, then you can buy this cool see-through toaster, the Magimix Colored Vision Toaster or this unusual digital photo frame, the Sony DPF-HD800. For your kids you can buy the Nintendo DS Lite, with which you can’t go wrong. Headphones, Bluetooth gloves and Sound Asleep Pillow are great for all family members, regardless of age and gender. Hopefully, you will be able to choose something great and enjoy in Christmas.

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