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Whether you are very serious about your fitness or just plainly want to know what is going on with your body on a daily basis, activity trackers can help you. You can get rid of all paper based calorie loss calculations and calendars if you transfer to these electronic devices that offer a lot more. Activity trackers are basically an advanced version of pedometers. While pedometers are electronic portable devices that measure every step based on your hip movements, activity trackers do more than that. Accelerometers or altimeters for distance tracking, calculators for your calorie loss tracking,  some of them are able to monitor your heart rate and even the quality of sleep.


What is the best activity tracker?


So, in layman terms, activity trackers are handy devices that help you oversee your fitness levels with computer-aided calculations for certain parameters. The term “activity tracker” has been used for these devices ever since the release of the original Fitbit in 2009. They usually come in pair with an internet-based or mobile application which help you to have a better insight in your lifestyle and physical health. Some of these devices can be connected to a smart bathroom scale and other similar devices in order to provide you with the most accurate data about your body. There are many forms and design shapes so they can be attached to your waist via clip-on technique, or they can be in a form of a watch that goes around your wrist. There are even some devices that can be attached to your shoe.

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When analyzing the best activity trackers out there, you have to take into consideration a lot of elements and features. The main ones being the amount of information with which such a device can provide you and of course, looks and design. Most people do not want these kinds of devices to be intrusive or seen by other people, and that is what makes the design a very important aspect.

We have tested a lot of products out there, around fifteen of them, and we came to conclusion that two companies provided the best activity trackers on the market: Fitbit, with the original activity trackers, and Apex Fitness Group with their BodyBugg line of products. We really did not know how to select the best product from these two companies, as they all have different features that make them great. That is why we are going to present to you both, Fitbit and BodyBugg products, so that you can choose the best one for yourself. Your style and preferences will determine which one of these products is the most suitable for you, according to your needs. So, without further ado, let us present to you an in-depth review of these products.


The Fitbit Inc. produced the first activity tracker ever, the Fitbit Tracker. Fitbit Tracker was the first fitness device that was an update of the pedometers. The device used a three-dimensional accelerator to measure your body activity, such as the distance you have walked, floors you have climbed, calories burned, basically everything you did, plus the length and intensity of these activities.

Fitbit One

The device used a display to convey this information and came with a wireless station that enabled the user to charge the device, connect it to a computer and upload the data to Fitbit website. The upload of data to the website enabled the user to use numerous features, such as overview of physical activity, tracking of set goals, food log and interaction with other users. The website is free to use even today, whether you own a Fitbit or not. The design of this device was a breakthrough, as it was a small device which could be clipped on your body so that you can wear it all the time.

Fit Flex

There were numerous products developed in the Fitbit line since 2009 and the original Fitbit, such as the Fitbit Ultra, Fitbit One, Fitbit Zip, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Force and even the Fitbit Aria which is a wireless smart scale for measuring of weight, body mass index and body fat. Fitbit Ultra was basically an upgrade to the original product with new features such as a new altimeter that could measure the floors you have climbed, digital clock and stopwatch.

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Force is the latest addition to the family and it has all of the features that its predecessors have had.  Released in 2013, Fitbit Force comes with a beautiful watch-like design and it is a light-weight device that you would not even feel. The constant tracking of your progress is available through the top-notch accelerometer and you can access it with one touch of a button. This activity tracker tracks the number of steps you have taken, number of stairs you have climbed the distance you have traveled and the duration of these activities.

Force is even able to calculate, based on all of the mentioned measurements taken, how much calories you have burned during your daily activities. At the end of the day, there is no need for you to take off this device when you go to bed, as it is able to track your sleep pattern with number of hours you have slept, how quickly you fell asleep and how many times you awoke during the night. All of these features come with a friendly alarm that will silently wake you up without bothering any people around you or even the person you are sharing your bed with.

Another great feature of the Fitbit Force is the ability to connect wirelessly and automatically with a number of different devices through Bluetooth technology, including your PC, iPhone or your Android based devices. When connected to a device, only a tap of button on your Force will activate the companion application. Also, through this application you are able to connect to your personal dashboard where you can overview and calculate your data seamlessly, set up your goals and keep track of them.

There is even an award system which gives you badges for your achievements. Fitbit Force is also able to integrate itself with other relevant apps, including Run Keeper, Map My Fitness, My Fitness Pal, etc. To sum it all up, this device is perfect for people who want to track their daily and nightly activities, whether they are professionally into fitness or just partly interested in the everyday activities of their body. With Fitibit practically inventing the activity tracker devices, you know you cannot go wrong with their products. That being said, when you add the great price for this product, we can say that the Fitbit Force is one of the best activity trackers on the market.

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The largest chain of fitness centers in the world, 24 Hour Fitness, created a nutritional supplement company called Apex Fitness Group. This company was the creator and distributor of the 24 Hour Fitness’ activity tracker named BodyBugg. This device comes with a number of features. First of all, the device can be strapped anywhere on your body and is able to calculate the calories you have burned. So, basically it is a device that is excellent for people who want to exercise. The display, a watch-like designed device, is an optional purchase which will enable you to receive this information in real-time.

This device is basically a calorie management system, as it tracks how much calories you have spent and how much of them have you consumed. All of these results can be viewed on the optional display but also on your Android based devices, your iPhone or personal computer.


The BodyBugg system enables you to connect wirelessly to those devices via a companion application. Upon the purchase of this device, you will be awarded a free six-month long subscription to the website where you will be entering a nutrition and fitness program. Through this program you will be able to enter the food you have eaten and based on that data you will receive suggestions for your future meals. The BodyBugg system also comes with one private session with a BodyBugg coach. The coach will help you set up your fitness program and your device. There is also an option to purchase the further aid of a fitness coach.

The website itself also enables you to upload all your data and calculate precisely how much calories have you burned and based on that, you can set and monitor your goals for the future. This device is specifically made for people who are professionally into fitness or those who want to lose weight, as it is a very precise device when it comes to calculating the number of calories you burn.


Online programs, goal and food consumption monitoring systems with additional help from a personal coach are features that lean towards the statement made in the previous sentence. The features you get for the price you pay are amazing and the satisfactions of many customers who have used this device are the proof of what this device is capable of. That being said, and taking into consideration the relatively modest price, BodyBugg is definitely one of the best activity trackers out there on the market.

Conclusion: Fitbit VS BodyBugg

While testing these devices, we have come to the conclusion that they are definitely the best activity trackers on the market, and you can see from the overview of their features. They are both an advance version of pedometers, and are also excellent fitness aid tools that will satisfy even professionals. Considering all the features, one can see that the Fitbit Force is an all-purpose tracking activity device. It can be used for numerous purposes, such as for fitness training programs, weight-loss programs or even health monitoring. BodyBugg on the other side is a strictly fitness tool that built to help you lose weight and improve your training. Both, Fitbit Force and BodyBugg offer internet based services where you can monitor your data.

The Fitbit website is completely free to use, while the BodyBugg one is free for only for six months after you purchase the product. Still, the BodyBugg web service is full of helpful courses about fitness and weight loss programs, what justifies the monthly subscription. Fitbit Force has some additional features that are not included in the BodyBugg system, such as the sleep monitoring ability.

It also has to be noted that the Fitbit comes with a real-time display that will convey the measured parameters, which is a paid service with BodyBugg.  There is one BodyBugg  feature that is non-existent when it comes to the Fitbit Force, and that is the additional help from a fitness coach that will enable you to develop and improve your fitness or weight-loss program. While this feature is not free and requires a monthly fee, you still get one free session after you purchase the device.

Product Recommendation: The Fitbit Alta

This Fitbit tracker is the best buy tracker currently on the market. You can’t do anything wrong by buying it.

That one session will certainly help to set your goals on the right course. Also, BodyBugg offers a full customization program which can be found on their website. The program will be based on your age, weight, height and your personal goals. Taking all these features into consideration, one can see why these devices are the best activity trackers on the market. Now, it is just up to you to select the one that suits you the best and fits your needs. You will get an all-purpose device with Fitbit and a strictly fitness and weight-loss aid device with the BodyBugg.

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This article was updated on 14th May 2018!

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