GPS with Backup Camera

An GPS with a Backup Camera is a great thing, but those systems have one really big disadvantage – they use cables. So to install a backup camera with your GPS you need to lift your car carpet and lay a wire to your trunk. That may sound it easy, but it isn’t. That is really time consuming and often results in a mad driver and you just throw the camera away. But we have the luck to live in such times that everything is wireless and so are nowadays also the backup cameras. Those $10 difference between a wireless backup camera and a wired backup camera is worth it.

GPS with Wireless Backup Camera

Well, the GPS market with available options to upgrade your GPS with a backup camera is big, but combined systems are rare. So in this case, if you want to buy a great GPS with a great wireless backup camera, you don’t have too many options. But luckily those which are available are great. Like in the whole GPS market, there are many small companies out there fighting the almighty Garmin. In this product field there is no-one comparable to Garmin, so this product is the best GPS with a wireless backup camera you can buy out there:

Best GPS with Wireless Backup Camera – Garmin 2798LMT


This GPS comes with a 7.0″ display and detailed maps of North America with free lifetime map and traffic updates. This only should be a reason enough to buy this product, but this GPS has also a Voice-activated navigation and is Bluetooth Smartphone Link compatible. These maps don’t have only streets, you can also search by only providing a business name of the location you want to reach.

The camera in this package is the BC20 which is a great Garmin product and has a 7-type CMOS sensor which provides a VGA resolution and has water rating standard of IPX7. The camera angles are 115 degree vertical and 140 degree horizontal, which is almost too much for that money.

Together they make a perfect package and this purchase is a no-brainer, because there is nothing comparable out there in the stores. Be aware, that because of the high demand it sometimes is out of stock, even on Amazon.

The installation of the Garmin 2798LMT is really easy, you can take a look here:

Cheap GPS with Wireless Backup Camera – Magellan RM5255

This GPS and its wireless backup camera are great if you a low budget and you are not in a hurry very often. If you activate the backup camera (rear gear) it takes up to 2 seconds to activate the display and to see actually what is behind you. Nothing to worry about, it just hasn’t got an immediate response. Much worse is the reaction time when you turn your GPS on. It can take up to 5 minutes for the GPS to find a GPS satellite. But if you don’t hurry, that should be a problem. Once the connection is established, it is stable.

The display is big enough, the maps are up to date and you are ready to go. You also get free map and traffic updates. If you are into DIY then we would recommend to buy a wired backup camera instead of this system, because for the same money you can get a much better wired system.

You can see the Magellan RM5255 in action in this video:


GPS with Mp3 but without camera

Some of you might search for a GPS with backup camera, but if you don’t have the budget to buy the Garmin system, you should consider buying a GPS with Mp3 and enjoy music instead of having a fancy camera. GPS systems have become a necessity. They help us to orientate and easily reach our preferred destination. In the beginning there were simple models which had only one task, and that is to get us where we want to go. But new models have some amazing specifications and every new model has a new feature. There are GPS models with MP3 as a part of their system. There are many versions like GPS with MP3 for your car, for running and even bikes. It all depends on what you need and what you want. With integrated MP3 you can control music selection in your car via the GPS. Some models allow you audible audio books files. Various format files such as MP3, WMA or even optional iPod controller are available in many different models. Of course, you have to pay attention on some things when purchasing GPS with MP3 such as speaker quality, disk storage, which files it supports, etc.

Best GPS with Mp3

We have tested over 40 GPS navigators with an integrated mp3 player through all 50 federal states and through whole UK and Australia. It took over 7 months to get a clear conclusion which device performs really the best. We have equally driven all devices by sunny and cloudy weather, through snow and rain, on highways and city streets, in cars and some on motorcycles. In summary we traveled over exactly 12668 miles to may able to write you the best GPS navigator review you can find on the internet.

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Best GPS with mp3 – Garmin nuvi 350

gps-with-mp3-garmin-nuvi-3502This model is one of the best there is on the market. The small size of this model will definitely impress even the most demanding customers. This is one of the best models on the market. Some of the specifications are:

  • MP3 and audio book player are integrated in this model
  • Photo viewer
  • Navigator maps for U.S. , Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Color touchscreen display
  • Memory card slot

One of the most positive features of this model is the fast location of the GPS satellites. The satellites are located almost as quickly as the unit fully starts up. Another great feature is the Garmin Language Guide which contains a multilingual word bank, and five bilingual dictionaries. It supports nine languages including American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, European Spanish and Latin American Spanish. This is really amazing since it provides much more options for different customers.

Another great thing is that Garmin nuvi 350 shows you all the nearby hotels and restaurants down the road. It actually suggests you where you can rest and take a break. Also it shows you famous touristic attractions along the road.

If you stray off the course, it will automatically calculate the quickest way to get you back on the right way. Detailed maps, great instructions during your trip, MP3, audio book player and the fact that this device is really fast, are just some of the reasons why every car should have this model.

Bestbuy GPS with mp3 – TomTom GO 920

printer-with-cheapest-ink-HP-Officejet-6700TomTom is a device which is very popular in Europe. The size of the LCD touchscreen is 4.3 inch with 4GB of internal memory. There is an option named TomTom Map Share that allows you add and share new POIs and maps, to correct already existing maps and to share all of these changes with other users. This is a top notch feature which isn’t available with all GPS with Mp3 models. You can edit and add POI.

Voice activation is included which allows you to easily travel. There is also built-in FM transmitter and Bluetooth remote control. You can also search addresses with zip code. This model has maps of United States, Canada and Europe, and this variety of countries is one of the reasons why this model is so popular.

Another positive thing about this model is the slim form. Unlike previous models, the TomTom GO 920 is much smaller and looks more elegant. Hands-free calling allows you to use your phone while driving via Bluetooth which matches to almost every cell phone.


Bestseller GPS with mp3 – Garmin nuvi 50LM

This model has 5 inches display that allows you to enjoy in your maps. Maps of Canada and US are included. Map details are improved, icons and symbols are larger. It is very easy to use this GPS. Speed limit indicator is included.

Reasonable price, improved map details, lifetime maps are just some of the features that this GPS offers you.


Cheapest GPS with mp3 – Navigon 5100

Navigon 5100 GPS navigator can be used for multiple transport settings like cars and bicycles. Lifetime traffic is included in this model. This feature gives you all the information about traffic flow and alternate route suggestions. Also there are point of interest (POI) included and this really makes your travel much easier. It gives you hints for hotels, restaurants and other places you might need or find interesting during your trip.

Another great option is that this GPS navigator displays you speed limit and it does that very accurately. 3D images are absolutely amazing and they give you insight in every thing on the road. Maps of US, Canada and Puerto Rico are included. There is an option to allow, avoid or forbid toll routes. With this GPS navigator your trip will be safe and comfortable.



If you don’t travel a lot abroad, we can recommend you without any hesitation the Garmin Nuvi 50LM, you get all maps you need with lifetime free updates and the feature list is not much longer in comparison with the other devices. If you travel through Canada and Mexico, you should definitely get the Garmin Nuvi 350. But if you travel through Europe there is no way around the TomTom GO 920, which is unbelievably precise and accurate.

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