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High Efficiency Speakers

With the development of technology and physics came the development of sound reproduction. A lot of energy has been put into development and production of the most efficient loudspeakers. But, what are high efficiency speakers? High efficiency speakers are the speakers which provide the best quality of sound for the lowest energy use. The problem with this is actually in the fact that only about one percent of electrical energy sent by an amplifier is converted to acoustic energy. The rest of energy is converted to heat. Therefore, if as much electric energy as possible is converted to acoustic energy, the efficiency will be exponentially higher.

With the development of technology and physics came the development of sound reproduction. A lot of energy has been put into development and production of the most efficient loudspeakers. But, what are high efficiency speakers? High efficiency speakers are the speakers which provide the best quality of sound for the lowest energy use. The problem with this is actually in the fact that only about one percent of electrical energy sent by an amplifier is converted to acoustic energy. The rest of energy is converted to heat. Therefore, if as much electric energy as possible is converted to acoustic energy, the efficiency will be exponentially higher.

In the sections below we will talk a little bit more in depth about some high efficiency speaker options and discuss their pros and cons. We will try to cover all the price ranges and mention all the reasons why each of these speaker choices are good or bad.

There is also a factor of what for do you want to use your high efficiency speakers. The choices vary from person to person. Maybe you want to use them for your home theater system or maybe for a small club or a coffee shop where you would normally need a lot of speaker sets and amplifiers. Depending on what for you want to use the high efficiency speakers, your choices might get narrower or wider.

Because most of the high efficiency speakers are mostly quite expensive, one must be certain to buy the right ones suiting his personal preference and need for the loudspeakers. Today we are going to present to you some of the best choices in the industry when it comes to the high efficiency speakers.

There are several factors when it comes to choosing the perfect high efficiency speakers. The conversion rate of energy is one; while the others come down to room size, audio quality, personal preference, etc. Also, a huge factor is the budget. Certainly there are some great high efficiency speakers out there, but they mostly cost a small fortune. While there are some excellent speakers in the low price range, the “higher you pay the better it is” rule is in effect here as it is in the most cases when it comes down to electronics.

Best High Efficiency Speaker – BIC AMERICA RTR-EV15

Incredible speakers at a low price – which make you wonder why you would pay thousands of dollars for something else. These speakers are excellent precisely because of their performance and efficiency. With 430 Watts of power handling and high efficiency horn tweeter that enables extended output to 116 dB, these speakers will make your music have a life on its own. Your movies will never sound the same, as even that little needle drop will be echoing in your ears. And all of this for a low price. These speakers are huge, there is no doubt about it, with dimensions such as the 21.5 inches of width and 7 pounds of weight. Still, they can easily be fitted in your dorm room or your bedroom.

The bass in these speakers is presented by a 15-inch custom Eviction woofer and the delivery is tight and robust, which is to say a lot without a sub-woofer. You will hear every explosion, every bass guitar note as perfectly as it can be heard. The dialogue in movies or the back vocals in songs are very clear, thanks to the excellent design of horn tweeter. Customers tend to overlook these speakers because of the price tag. But do not be deceived by the low cost, these speakers are excellent and if you want great speakers you do not have to look further.

Bestbuy High Efficiency Speaker – Pioneer SP-FS52-LR

With three 5.25 inches structured surface woofers and 1 inch soft dome tweeter these speakers are your best buy all around. The sound is clear as it can get and you can get decent amount of bass on them. The best thing about them besides this? Their price. Easily affordable speakers that will satisfy even the most proficient audio setup aficionados. Whether you want to hear the sound of every instrument in a classical orchestra, or just want the high level of sound clarity in movies, these speakers offer all of it.

Slight improvement over the previous entries in the series is also the height, as the speakers are now three inches higher, which in turn offers better sound experience as the speakers are closer to the ear level. They will not compete with higher price speakers in every department, but they rise high above anything else at this price. It does not matter if you are going to use them for listening to music or playing video games in high definition sound, these speakers deliver every step of the way and make your experience better. A definite best buy recommendation for anyone who wants to enjoy great sound at low range price.

Bestseller High Efficiency Speaker – Klipsch Synergy F-20

With Dual 6.5 inch IMG woofers and Tractrix Horn these speakers provide your full cinematic experience for your home theater. Cutting edge technology will enable the dialogue and car crashes/gunshots deliver the near real-life experience from these Klipsch Synergy speakers. They might not be a good choice for listening to music, but that does not mean that they do not make that experience enjoyable. Klipsch is one of the most popular brands in the high efficiency speakers market, which in turn means that this product, despite its low price range, is not neglected by their engineers.

The sleek look of the wooden panels and classic front layout make these speakers as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ears. You might be a little surprised when you see these speakers bouncing off your carpet at full volume, but that just goes to show that they are very nicely engineered for better power at lower energy cost. Most people prefer these speakers to the Klipsch F-30 series, as they are smaller and can easily fit into any space. Also, the sound reproduction is constant in every kind of room, which in turn makes them one of the best selling speakers all around.

Cheapest High Efficiency Speaker – Polk Audio Monitor 55T

These speakers boast 1 inch dome tweeter and dual 5.3 inches drivers. You cannot get any better speakers in this price range. The best performance from these speakers can be obtained if they are paired with sub-woofer, but that does not mean that they will under-perform on their own. Although their performance is much lower than the previous entries on this list, they also come at a lower price. There are a lot of neat additions to these high efficiency speakers, such as the shielding of magnets that would make them easier to place near certain electronic devices without causing interference. The tweeter delivers fully when it comes to the clarity of dialogue or singing, with the woofer giving a nice and warm bass performance.

Many customers were satisfied with this product and argued that the speakers themselves are priced right for their performance. The design of these speakers is a modest one as they sport wood panels for tighter resonance and the sleek black look adds to the visual interpretation. If you have a low budget and want to buy high efficiency speakers, the Polk Audio Monitor 55T is the best speaker option you can go for.


High efficiency speakers are pieces of audio equipment that can produce the best audio quality at low rates of energy cost. There is a wide variety of products available in the industry, from cheapest to the most expensive ones, from low quality to excellent sound reproduction. Choosing the right high efficiency speakers depends on many factors, with the most important one being the budget. This does not mean that there are no excellent speakers for a smaller amount of money. The best speakers in the industry are at the mid price range and they have the best technologies incorporated in their design.

Which speakers suit you the best fully depends on your preferences, where you want to use them and what  you want to use them for. Your budget is also an important factor here. Making this decision is not easy and it takes some time that is why it is important to explore your speaker options as better as it is possible. It is important not to rush in the decision and buy a piece of equipment which will not suit your preferences, that is why we have offered to you multiple speaker choices from best to worst.

More High Efficiency Speakers

MartinLogan Vista High-Performance Electrostatic Speaker (Single, Natural Cherry/Clear Aluminum)
These MartinLogan hybrid speakers boast high-resolution 8-inch cone woofer and power handling of 200 Watts per channel and are most affordable type of speakers with the XStat technology. You get a lot of value for the price with these electrostatic speakers. Because of the electrostatic technology the music has a distinguished sound and clarity when it comes to these loudspeakers. With height of 57 inches it comes close to bring you the pleasure you desire when you listen to music or watch a movie. These loudspeakers cover a lot of grounds and are truly worth the price you pay for them.

Klipsch Synergy F-30 Premium Dual 8-Inch Floor-Standing Speaker
The big brother of the aforementioned F-20 series, F-30 Klipsch Synergy high efficiency speakers boast a dual 8-inch heavy-duty IMG woofers and 1 inch exclusive Tractrix Horn. Improvement on the F-20 can be seen in many departments, from power handling to sensitivity. These are the best high efficiency speakers at mid level price range. The sound, even at low levels will blow you away and you will never look at music or movies the same way you did before. Highly recommended buy for those who have slightly higher budget to pay for the sound systems.

Klipsch Synergy F-10 Premium 6.5-Inch Floor-Standing Speaker
The little brother of both the F-20 and f-30, Klipsch Synergy F-10 was the first model in Synergy speaker series. With low cost and solid performance these speakers will get their way into your heart, especially if you are low on the budget. Showing excellent performance ( for the money of course) in both music and movie departments, these speakers are kind of a hidden gem for video game lovers. They give out a very clean sound with enough of bass to satisfy anyone’s desire. As with most Klipsch products, you just cannot go wrong with these high efficiency loud speakers.

Polk Audio TSx 550T Tower Speaker – Black
More expensive than the Monitor 55T speakers, these mid-price range speakers boast two 8-inch woofers, which will make the need for subwoofer almost non-existent. Bass delivery will make small things end up jumping at full volume, so be aware of it. The overall speaker design is great, with cabinets being sturdy. These are some of the more powerful speakers in this price range and are the flagstone for the TSx series. Polk 550T Tower loudspeakers will amaze you both at high and low volume. They are one of those speakers that are well worth the money spent on them and a choice that’s hard to regret.

Definitive Technology Mythos 4 Tower Speaker (Single, Black) (Old Version)
These Mythos 4 Tower loudspeakers are solid mid-price range speakers that will satisfy most of your needs for audio quality. With 1-inch dome tweeter and two 4.3-inches mid-range drivers, bass drivers and bass radiators, these speakers offer the surround sound that will change your home theatre experience forever. The Mythos 4 gives best performance when paired with a sub-woofer, but that does not mean that it requires one to deliver excellent audio quality. Definite purchase for those who want to enjoy high definition sound at a solid price range, Mythos 4 Tower speakers will not disappoint even the most avid music or movie lovers and remain a solid speaker option for anyone.

Definitive Technology Mythos ST 120v Supertower Speaker (Single, Black)
Mythos ST 120v speakers are one of the best high efficiency speakers in the industry. With 1-inch tweeter, two 5.3-inches mid-range drivers, one 6 times 10-inches sub-woofer pressures, these speakers will provide high definition audio that will immerse you in music and movies alike. At high price range these speakers might not be available for everyone, but those who have the budget to purchase them will not regret the money spent on them. The clarity of voices during dialogue or a song is crisp and clear, with bass needs being satisfied fully in those action scenes that will seem more alive than ever. Definite recommendation to anyone who can afford to spend this amount of money for high definition speakers.

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