Left Handed Electric Guitars

Left handed electric guitars are specifically designed instruments for people who are left handed. Natural position for playing a guitar when it comes to left handed people is to strum the strings with the left hand and finger the fingerboard with the right. Through the history of popular music many guitarists and bass players were left handed. Some of them bought right handed guitars and turned them upside down and played them that way. The problem with this is that the strings are in reverse position, which means that you have to play the guitar backwards, which is of course not ideal at all. However, it is possible to take a standard right handed guitar and restring it so that the strings are in normal position and the guitar can be played in the left hand position. Most famous guitarist who played his guitar like this was Jimi Hendrix who restrung his Fender Stratocaster. This is also far from ideal, as the knobs, pickups and cable jack are all up top, which in turns hinders the player when strumming strings. The ideal option for the left handed guitar players is to buy an instrument that was made to play in the left handed manner.

As it is case with most tools for the left handed persons, left handed electric guitars and electric basses cannot be found in the displays of shops so easily. Since only a small percentage of people are left handed, most guitars and basses are massively produced for the right handed people. This in turn means that the guitars available in music stores are mostly right handed and the left handed players are left with few choices. This is not a good scenario, as it means that those few left handed instruments might not be the best option for that particular person. Another option is to order a certain right handed guitar to be made for the left handed style of playing, which means that the players cannot really test their instruments the proper way. As it turns out, by far the best scenario is to purchase a guitar which was specifically made for a left handed person.

Best Left Handed Electric Guitars

Guitars are delicate instruments and present a very expensive hobby, which means that one should be extra careful when choosing the perfect one. This implies that one should be presented with multiple choices and multiple series of products. The following sections of this site we will present you the best of left handed electric guitars in case you are searching for your ideal instrument. And in case you find the perfect one, also try to keep in mind that it would be a good idea to buy a protective case or a gig bag for it.

Best Left Handed Electric Guitar – Fender American Standard Stratocaster

 The iconic Fender Stratocaster electric guitar comes in the left hand variant. This guitar is adored by both the professionals and amateurs, making it one of the bestselling electric guitars in the whole world. It comes with three Custom Shop Fat 50’s pickups, staggered tuners, hand-rolled fingerboard edges and an improved bridge with bent steel saddles. The pickups will give you that resonating sound associated with Stratocaster and a limitless sustain that will ring out in the ears of your listeners for hours after the show. Rosewood fretboard with satin neck back offers you better playability on the instrument, with the thin-finish undercoat which lets the body breather and gives higher resonance. A must have for both professional and amateur left handed guitarists. A warm recommendation is to also get a protective case or a guitar bag for this gem.

Bestbuy Left Handed Electric Guitar – Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster

This Squire Telecaster is an awesome example of a right handed electric guitar transformed for the left handed guitar players, albeit in a lower price range. It has all the makings of a Fender Telecaster and it is impressively built without electronic or cosmetic imperfections. The sound of this guitar is immediately recognizable and it is fit for both pros and amateur. There is nothing to say about the Telecaster design that is not already known; to put it simply, it is a classic guitar. If you are on a budget and need a solid, neatly designed guitar, you should go for this one. It has all the makings of a way more expensive Fender Telecaster. Recommended best buy. Don’t forget to grab a case or a bag for it to protect it from damage.

Bestseller left handed guitar – Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-String Electric Guitar

 This seven strings left handed electric guitar is one of those beauties that will take your breath away on the first look. The guitar comes with an original Floyd Rose tremolo bar, which requires some initial setup. Active EMG 707-TW pickups make the sound of this guitar and they are a perfect match to a nice instrument. Two knobs control the volume and tone, with switch for the neck and bridge pickups enabling you to choose your kind of sound. This is one of those guitars that, when plugged in an amplifier, gives wide variety of sounds. Plus, the finish on the body is just beautiful.


Left handed electric guitars are fewer in quantity than their right handed counterparts. Picking an electric guitar for a left handed person is a personal thing. Certain electric guitars fit certain people better than others. That is why a variety of choice is needed, so that a proper piece of music hardware could be selected. Choosing the right guitar is effected by many factors, such as the budget, personal preferences and even the looks of the instrument. Playing style and genre also take a huge role in this decision, as there are guitars which were made for a specific genre.

One could say that picking up Fender or Squire guitars is the best way to go, but that would be a wrong thing to say. Certain person could have other preferences which can only be found in other type of guitars. Also, there is the issue of buying original guitars or cheap knock-offs. Some people find knock-offs to perform better than the originals.

Heavy metal players prefer such brands as ESP and Ibanez, because of the designs that simply fit their style and genre. That is not to say that there are not heavy metal guitarists which use Fender or Yamaha electric guitars.

Because of the delicacy of the instrument, choosing the right electric guitar is an important decision. All that can be said for this is that one must choose wisely and according to preferences and playing style. Choosing left handed electric guitars is even a more tedious task, as there are not many out there and many might not suit a certain person. All in all, it boils down to personal preferences and, of course, the budget. It would be recommended when purchasing a part of musical equipment such as these guitars to also grab a suitable guitar case to protect the instruments from dirt and damage.

More Left Handed Electric Guitars

Left Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Fender CD-100CE Dreadnought Cutaway Left Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The southpaw variation of this classic Fender acoustic-electric guitar is a beautiful specimen with a nice sound. With strings practically giving no resistance at all this guitar plays itself and is a perfect choice for beginners. But do not be deceived by the previous statement, if you bring this guitar around professionals you will not be shamed by it as it gives a perfect Fender sound. These guitars feature rosewood fingerboard and bridge, mahogany back, chrome tuners and a Fishman preamp with built-in tuner. This guitar will age well and will not fail you in the years to come. Plus it is a bargain at this price.

Dean Guitars Exotica A/E Lefty Bubinga Wood Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Left Handed with Aphex

This amazingly looking left handed acoustic-electric guitar by Dean is one of the overlooked gems in the guitar world. With Bubinga trademark body and mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, this guitar sports a beautiful look and sound. The Dean DMT I2EX Preamp with tuner and DWC-Aphex circuitry it is a sure winner for those acoustic and electric gigs. The soft sound of this guitar will mesmerize both you and your audience and it makes it one of the most enjoyable instruments all around.

Yamaha APX700II Left Hand Acoustic Electric Guitar BUNDLE

This acoustic-electric guitar by Yamaha is a part of classic and most popular series. The guitar boasts solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides and ART 1-way system and comes in bundle with guitar strap, Yamaha FG12 guitar strings, instructional DVD and even the Legacy LT-600 digital tuner. A bundle for a beginner within a solid price range will satisfy all of your needs and help you on your way in case you are just learning the craft of electric guitar playing.

Other Left Handed Electric Guitars

Hagstrom Viking Electric Guitar (Left Handed, Wild Cherry Transparent)

This vintage looking left handed electric guitar by Swedish Hagstrom Guitars boasts a wild cherry finish and great playability. Custom pickups give the sound easily recognizable by Hagstrom users. The body is laminated and made of maple with thin neck that makes life easier for players with small fingers and not hindering those with large ones. The guitar is not really worth the price, as there are better instruments for this price, but it is one of those solid guitars which will not fail you in any aspect, and that cannot really be said for every guitar you come across.

Hagstrom Super Swede Electric Guitar (Left Handed, Black Gloss)

This guitar features a mahogany body and neck with fingerboard made of resinator wood. The fingerboard scale is 25.5 inches which enables the guitar to bring out the best of both worlds when it comes to playing. Two Hagstrom custom pickups make the sound resonating and warm, which in turn makes it one of the easily adjustable guitars to any playing style and genre.

Schecter C-1 Custom Electric Guitar Left Handed- See Thru Black

This Schechter C-1 is much cheaper than the C-7 counterpart listed above, but it is also a much better guitar. While the C-7 is a seven stringer made for looks and edge, the C-1 sports a design made for better sound. It will appeal to all generations of guitarists belonging to any genre. With the Seymour Duncan Custom SH-11 pickups and the TonePros TOM bridge, this instrument brings satisfaction concerning looks and handling. The three piece maple neck makes fretting an easy and enjoyable task. It is an overall nice piece of music equipment.

ESP LTD EC 50 Left Handed

The ESP guitars are mostly famous for producing guitars that heavy metal and hard rock artists simply adore. This left handed version of their EC 50 series comes with everything that its right handed counterpart boasts of: black finish, chrome hardware, basswood body and a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard which boasts 24.7 inch scale which will in turn makes those bends a breeze. LH-150 pickups make sustaining of your distortion last for an hour and will fully satisfy those guitarists looking for a perfect solo. An excellent guitar in the price-range, EC 50 brings the best in heavy metal/hard rock electric guitars.

ESP LTD MH-50 Left Handed Electric Guitar (Black)

The edgy style of this instrument paired with a sturdy body makes it a perfect guitar for aspiring heavy metal guitarists. Double locking bridge with tremolo and LH-150 pickups which will make all of your dreams come true concerning the sound you are looking for. This axe also features a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard made of 24 frets for those additional piercing sounds. Your solos will sound as high pitched as a dog whistle. Plus, these guitars are a great bargain at this price. A must have for metalheads.

Dean 79 Series ML Solid Body Left Handed Electric Guitar Trans Brazilburst

This guitar, a part of Dean 79 series, sports a menacing look which in turn justifies the term “axe” used for guitars. It boasts mahogany neck and body with 22 frets. Dual Dean zebra humbacker pickups with separate volume and shared tone gives you the vintage sound without the vintage wear and tear. Rosewood fretboard gives you the comfort that you need when handling an electric guitar. An overall nice piece of hardware that can make your life easier if you are looking for a reasonably priced and solid electric guitars.

Dean VX Solid Body Left Handed Electric Guitar, Classic Black

Another axe-looking left handed electric guitar which comes from the Dean X series. Modeled after the V style, this musical hardware boasts a basswood body with 22 fret rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck. Dean humbuck pickups with two volume controls offer you a variety of sounds which can be incorporated in your playing style. This guitar is perfect for veterans and beginners alike and has a low price range. To say that this guitar is worth the money is an understatement.

Jay Turser 300 Series Jt-300-lh-tr Electric Guitar, Left Handed, Transparent Red

Another Fender copy which is actually a great guitar for its price range. With features such as solid body and rosewood fingerboard on maple neck, the looks of this guitar are well in tune with the price. With here single coil pickups and a standard tremolo, the sound that comes out of this piece of equipment is solid and maneuverable. The guitar does not need an initial set up and can almost be played from the moment you buy it. A beginner’s guitar which can also satisfy some of the professionals along the way. Great bargain for the money.

Ibanez RG8L Black 8-string Left-Handed Electric Guitar

This solid eight strings left handed electric guitar will help you hone your skills even further with the two additional strings. It features a basswood body with rosewood fretboard on a mixed maple/walnut neck. Made for professionals by professionals, guitars form the Ibanez RG series are precision instruments that will satisfy your desire to play each note perfectly. Two hummbucker pickups will make this guitar growl with the extra edge. The mid-price range makes this guitar affordable to enthusiasts and aspiring guitar masters.

Ibanez GRX70QATRBL Left Handed Electric Guitar Transparent Red

This left handed edition of the Ibanez GRX series, which are known in the industry for their top performance and low price range, is one of those guitars that are worth your money. The sunburst finish of the body smoothly transcends to the maple neck, which gives the instrument a beautiful appearance, with standard GRX pickups which give out the perfect sound for any type of music, are just some of the features of this fine electric guitar. These series of guitars are also notable for their playability, which makes them a perfect choice for guitar players picking up the instrument for the first time.

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