Printer with Cheapest Ink 2017 (June 2017)

We have tested 55 printers and we are going to present the results of our testing to you, so that you can choose the right printer with cheapest ink that suits you the best and which falls in your price range. Choosing the printer with cheapest ink takes a lot of time and consideration, so that is why we have narrowed down the selection for you, from the best to the cheapest, and the only thing that you have to do is to select the one that suits you the most.

[UPDATE 22nd June 2017]

Finally we´ve got some new printers to test, to be exact – we tested 24 new printers, so in this review we consider 79 printers in sum. If we look back in time, back into the 90s, we can remember that the best printers at that time were from Epson. Then things changed and HP and Canon took over. At some points Brother used to present top products, but then vanished. Now guess what!? Epson is back!!! Epson has brought three new series which rock the printer world. First one is called “Expression”, second one “Workforce” and the third one “Ecotank”.

The Epson Ecotank series is for those who want economic printing, exactly what this article is about. Workforce as its name says is for users who print a lot. And the “Expression” series is for those who search for high quality printing. As our tests show those series names have nothing to do with the price, as you will see.

We are presenting you the three new best printers with cheapest ink 2017:

#1 Best Inkjet printer with cheapest Ink 2017 – Epson Ecotank ET-3600

This Epson printer has killed our standards which existed before. With this printer you can print so many pages with one ink fill, which you cant get with combining three other printers. The cost per page with the Epson ET-3600 is almost under 1cent per page! If you buy this printer, we promise you, you will forget when you have bought the last refill package! There is nothing else to say about this printer, it is THE printer to buy to save on ink. Sure, this printer won´t win a design price, but it will save you a lot of money in longterm.

#2 Bestbuy Inkjet printer with cheapest Ink 2017 – Epson Workforce WF-2760

If the Epson ET-3600 doesn´t look as a reasonable price you are willing to pay, then take a look at the Epson WF-2760. This printer prints better quality, but much slower. It uses more ink, but is a few times cheaper the the ET-3600 and still very economic. So if you like to combine quality, speed and cost per page, the Epson WF-2760 should be your choice!

#3 Bestelling Inkjet printer with cheapest Ink 2017 – Canon Maxify MB2750

It is easy to notice that the demand for the Canon MB2750 is high, because it is almost always out of stock on Amazon. If you are lucky enough that this amazing printer is available at the point you are searching for one, then don´t hesitate and buy it immediately. Although Epson has achieved low printing cost in one series, and high quality printing in another series, they still haven´t found the combination which Canon is known for – low price printer with low printing costs, but high quality printing. If you search for such a printer, take a look at the Canon MB2750, especially if you scan a lot, because the MB2750 is very quick. Don´t forget, if it is on stock, buy it right now, the next second it could be too late.


Printers with cheapest ink cartridges are exactly what the name suggests: printers that use at least ink and that will save you money in the long run. Now, cheap ink does not necessarily mean that the printing quality will be low, there are a lot of printers with cheap ink that produce an amazing quality of print, as you will discover in the following paragraphs.

Prices that you pay for a printer can be deceiving, which in turn means that the most expensive ones are not the best, nor are the cheapest ones the worst. When it comes to ink jet printers, the best way to go is by the cost per number of pages and that is why we have done this selection for you.

Most important printing features:
Fast printing, Cost per Page Copy, Scan and Fax and Duplex Printing.

Best Printer with Cheapest Ink – HP Officejet Pro 276dw

 printer-with-cheapest-ink-HP-Officejet-Pro-276dwThe HP Officejet Pro 276dw is the best printer with cheapest ink because it is a multifunctional printer and has the lowest cost per printed page. At mid range price this printer offers great functionality with almost 50% less cost than your average laser printer. With the best cost per page grade and a neat wireless connectivity, which makes the hassle with cables non-existent, this printer is an excellent choice for any occasion and any location. With great speed which ranges from 20 pages per minute for black and white prints to 15 pages per minute for color prints, this is the printer that will definitely improve your task managing and meeting preparations. It also has the 2.5” LED display that shows the status of the tasks and the amount of ink in cartridges. There is even an USB connector for those people who do not trust the wireless connection or just want to print directly from an USB stick. With abilities to act as a copy machine, or scanner and the addition of USB plugs and one SD card slot, you can literally do anything you want with this printer and that is why the HP Officejet Pro 276dw is the best printer with cheapest ink. The HP Officejet Pro 276de will probably pay itself back in one year, if not in a shorter period of time and you will save a lot of money in comparison to any other printer out there.

Best Buy Printer with Cheapest Ink – HP Officejet 6700

printer-with-cheapest-ink-HP-Officejet-6700This printer with cheapest ink from HP Officejet series has almost the same functionalities and abilities like the best one and all of that in the lower price range, but one thing that sets it apart from the best is the cost per page which is higher. It possesses a wireless connection, USB connection and even a SD card slot, just like his 276dw brother. The ability to print remotely from other devices or via e-mail is also one of the shared functionalities. You can use it as a copy machine and also as a scanner, which in turn makes it a great printer for small offices or small printing studios. Officejet series are one of the easiest printers to set up, and the 6700 Premium stays true to that statement. It also has the same LED 2.5” display that shows the processes being done and the state of ink cartridges. The HP Officejet 6700 printer can be easily mistaken for the HP Officejet 270dw, because of the almost exact outer appearance. It will take more time for the printer to pay itself back through the ink cartridges cost than the HP Officejet Pro 276dw, but its price is lower, so you save money at the beginning and not in the long run. That is why this one is the best buy printer with cheapest ink.

Bestseller Printer with Cheapest Ink – Brother HL-2270DW

printer-with-cheapest-ink-Brother-HL-2270DWThe Brother HL-2270DW printer is one of the best printers in the lower price range and is one of the bestselling printers on the World. This printer stand out because of its great value for that price and because this printer safes you a lot of money on ink. The Brother HL-2270DW has great features, such as the pretty fast printing rates which can go over 27 pages per minute and the great print quality. You can connect this printer to your home devices using three ways, including a wireless connection. Although it does not posses the multi-functionality that the best and best buy printers with cheapest ink posses, this printer can still hold its own.You cannot scan, copy or send faxes via this printer, but that is why it is in the lower price range. Another thing which separates this printer from the best is the cost per page which is slightly higher than the one in the case of the best buy printer with cheapest ink. One of the prominent features of this printer is the automatic duplexer. Also the Brother HL-2270DW has excellent support for all kinds of operating systems, which makes it great for all users. Overall, this printer is not as good as the others on this list, but still, you get a lot for your money.

Cheapest Printer with Cheapest Ink – HP Officejet Pro 6100

printer-with-cheapest-ink-HP-Officejet-Pro-6100This product does not possess the multi-functional abilities, nor a low cost per page, but it has a nice value for its low price. The prominent feature, which alone makes this printer worth the money, is the ability to connect wirelessly to your devices, which enables you to print from your handheld devices or via e-mail. For those that want to connect this printer physically to a desktop or laptop personal computer, this printer comes with an optional USB connector, but without a USB cable. The speed of this printer leaves a lot to be desired, but the print quality is average and more importantly it will save you money in the long run, although not as much as the BestBuy printer would do. Because of the standardized size of the cartridge, the cost per page could be improved by the use of third party manufactured cartridges. This printer is not able to copy a document, scan it or send a fax, neither has it got a fast speed or good cost per page ratio and that is why this is the cheapest printer on this list. If you have a low budget and are searching for a printer with cheapest ink, this is the right choice for you, but if you have a few bucks more, get the BestBuy printer, you will get a lot for that difference.



To summarize, if you want to buy the best printer with cheapest ink you should go with the HP Officejet Pro 276dw, because of the multifunctional abilities and the best grade for cost per page. On the other hand, if you want to buy a good product which will save you money on ink and on the device at the beginning, you should probably go with the HP Officejet 6700, as it has all the features, but the cost per page is higher than with the 276dw.

If you want the printer with cheapest ink that is already proven to be good and many users have gone for it and if you don’t print in color, you should buy the Brother HL-2270DW, despite the lack of many multifunctional features. If you have a low budget and cannot afford to buy the best nor the bestbuy recommendation, you should probably go for the HP Officejet Pro 6100.


Other Printers with Cheap Ink

Canon PIXMA iP7250

This printer in the PIXMA series by Canon is your average printer with cheapest ink in the low level price range. It has not got the wireless connectivity option, nor the multi-functionality, but the overall quality of the print is above average. The price is not justified when it comes to this one, as you get almost no functionality at all. The cost per page is higher than the cost per page grade for the cheapest printer on this list. When testing this printer, we noticed that the printing speed is extremely low, around 15 pages per minute for black and white print. Still, the image quality is pretty good and that is what almost makes this printer worth the money.

Canon PIXMA MG5450

The MG5450 in the PIXMA series by Canon is one of those printers in the mid level price range that possess the multifunctional abilities. You can copy and scan your documents with ease, by just pressing one button. It has got the ability to print from a memory card, but the lack of wireless connectivity and the optional USB plug-ins is easily noticeable. Also, the speed on this one is pretty low, with cost per page grade being the same as with its iP7250 counterpart. We have to say that this printer has a great printing quality, but still, the price leaves for a lot to be desired.

Samsung Electronics CLP-415NW

When first starting to use this printer by Samsung you will notice that the speed is good and the print quality is also good. At mid level price range, this printer features wireless connectivity, but it lacks the multifunctional features. It is a nice printer for the small offices, with the downside being that you would probably have to buy a scanner and a copy machine. The cost per page grade is around 2.6, which makes it a slightly higher than the cost per page grade for the cheapest printer with cheapest ink on this list.

Epson WorkForce WF-2540

A competitor for the bestseller, this printer by Epson offers multifunctional features for printing, scanning, copying and sending faxes. It also has the ability to wirelessly connect to your devices and pretty low speeds ranging 9 pages per minute by the ISO standard. The only problem that knocked out the title of the bestseller was the chronic issues with support and technical problems which will make you frustrated after only one day of using this product. Still, when it does work properly it represents a nice piece of equipment that will satisfy most of your needs.

Canon PIXMA MG3220

This PIXMA series printer is one of those printers that sacrifices speed for cost. It still retains the multifunction abilities like most of other printers with cheap ink from the PIXMA family and the overall image quality is above average. Wireless connectivity is also a part of features, as is the attractive design. This printer is easy to set up and use. The small size and the duplex printing are the highlights of this MG3220 and you can easily say that it is worth the money you pay for it.

Canon PIXMA MX922

Another printer with cheapest ink from the PIXMA family by Canon. This MX922 has the multifunctional options of copying and scanning documents, as well as the ability t send a fax document. The wireless is back and at a relatively low price range this printer can do a lot of amazing things, such as the full HD movie print or the ability to reserve a copy while copying a document. Still, these features compare to nothing, because the cost per page grade is well over 3.6 and the printing speed is also average.

Nedim SabicPrinter with Cheapest Ink 2017 (June 2017)


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  • George Vierra - December 21, 2016

    I will soon be buying a new MAC laptop and printer. I want a color printer-scanner-copier combo. I read
    What combo unit will give lowest ink costs?
    What about manual refilling?

    Nedim Sabic - December 21, 2016

    Hi George, I would recommend you the HP Officejet Pro 8600 >>>
    I don’t recommend manual refilling for any printer, but for this you won’t need refilling a lot, because it is very economical.

  • mike T - March 30, 2017

    HP printers sux, they market cheap ink and cost per page but in reality once you consider other maintenance , constant print head failure, no non-genuine ink, etc .. a laser printer is much cheaper and better in the mid and long term. at least with laser printer toners you can use non-genuine toners for 30% the retail cost and it won’t break your printer like all of these HP printers just mentioned.

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