R2D2 Swimsuit and Replica

Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a man. This man had a vision to create a movie set in outer space. Little did he know that he would forever change the lives of millions of people. Spinning around a star somewhere in Milky Way was the planet Earth, a home to this man. Home also to other five plus billion, at the time, large primates who understood what a movie was. The man, the planet and the primates did not know how this movie would influence them, but it did.

R2D2 Swimsuit and Replica

On the serious note, there is not a single human on the planet that has not heard of the Star Wars movie franchise. The first movie was conceived and made at the height of space-craze during the 1970s, the decade after mankind had set foot on the moon. This movie made an astonishing impact on the popular culture, as almost every woman, man and child went to see this movie. It spanned two sequels, three prequels, numerous spin-offs and fan fiction, both endorsed and not by Lucasfilm, novels, video games, comics, toys and what not. Taking that into consideration, saying that Star Wars franchise is a popular culture phenomenon would be an understatement. The movie has also spanned numerous characters, some adored, some hated by the fans. Characters like Luke Skywalker, Leia Origana, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, C-3PO and R2D2 are just some of the large cast of characters which appeared in movies.

Star Wars fans are one of the most devoted groups in the world. Whenever there is a screening of old movies, or new, they dress up as their favorite characters and go to watch it. Every kind of toy, gadget, everything related to their beloved franchise has to be in their possession. They have gone so far as to create their own religion, named Jediism and based on the philosophy of the Jedi Order featured in the movies.

The character of R2D2 is a particularly favored character. It is a droid that is not capable of a human, or should we say galactic, language communication. Instead it communicates in a form of screeches and beeps. It was first in the property of Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi who later converted to the dark side of the Force and took the moniker of Darth Vader, and then later came in possession of Leia Origana, Anakin’s daughter, through her mother Padme Amidala. The droid later ends up with Luke Skywalker, Leia’s twin brother. We hope that this did not confuse you, but truth be told, if you are a fan you are already in possession of this information. If you are not a fan, well, what are you doing here? R2D2 memorabilia is one of the most popular in the Star Wars franchise. So today we have come up with two articles related to R2D2 to present to you: the tank top and a real-life replica that moves around and beeps. Whether you want to buy these products for yourself, or to buy them as a gift for someone who adores Star Wars, you are in the right place.

Womens R2D2 Swimsuit

Womens R2D2 Swimsuit

Let us first start off with a sexy product related to R2D2. Artoo-Deetoo is known as a smart and helpful but he is never taken seriously. The poor fellow is always considered a comic relief, even though he has gotten the main heroes out of some serious pickle on numerous occasions. Who stopped the trash compressor from flattening Han Solo, Luke, Leia and Chewie on the Death Star? Our little blue and white droid of course. If you feel treated the same way as our little robot then this is the perfect tank top for you. Or maybe you just adore R2D2, or you know a female human that does. This comfy piece of clothing Halloween is around the corner, so why not dress as your favorite droid? It is not really a costume, but with certain additions it could definitely pass as a part of one.

This tank top could be worn as a shirt or a short skirt; it depends on your body measurements and the size you purchase it in really. R2D2 tank top is a tank top (yeah, we used that word formation on purpose) that is covered with graphics representing the body of our beloved little droid. Legs and head are not included in this design. That is why with small modifications it could be a perfect Halloween costume, or just a shirt that you, or your friend could wear with pride. Since it is designed for the female part of Star Wars fandom, or should we say geekdom, it does not detract from the serious note. You can basically wear this shirt anywhere without being called geeky and dorky, just because of the sleek and appropriate design. Heck, most people will not recognize the graphics as belonging to our little beepy friend until you tell them. Or until you start walking around beeping and screeching. We will not judge you for that, because that is what our colleague did when she wore the shirt.

Womens R2D2 Swimsuit

But we cannot guarantee that people will not look at you as if you have gone crazy. You have been warned. So, this tank top with R2D2 graphics could be considered a fashion statement, or maybe a piece of clothing that will reflect the admiration towards the franchise. Whatever you are going to use it for, or the person you will give it to will use it for, you cannot deny that this piece of clothing for women is a good bargain for the price. R2D2 women tank top is a perfect gift for yourself or for a friend, maybe as a fashion statement or part of a Halloween costume, and it is definitely one of the cutest Star Wars memorabilia which will make every Star Wars female fan happy if she obtains the possession of this item. Just, please, restrain from beeping in your office while wearing it.

Here are some customer photos:

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Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid Robot

Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid Robot

So, ever dreamed of owning the adventurous Artoo Deetoo droid? We have, and you could not wipe the joy from our faces when we got this product. It is the real deal: a living, breathing (put that in quota marks) 13.2 x 13.2 x 17.8 inches R2D2 droid made by Hasbro. Here is a little bit of history on R2D2 before we describe this replica in detail for you. According to the movie lore, our little Artoo is an astromech droid in the R2 series, created by Industrial Automaton. Over the course of years, this droid has developed an adventurous personality. The droid comes with many resourceful tools which are used for numerous things, such as slicing computers, extinguishing fires, repairing starships and what not. It moves on three legs supported by wheels. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us present to you this replica.

The only statement that we can make, so as to present to you this product is the following: it is a geeky dream of every child/teenager who adores Star Wars. Period. Once you pop in four AA and four D batteries, this little fellow comes to life and starts beeping and screeching all over the place. It will move on its own accord, and the movement replicates the one from the movie in detail. This little droid is capable of executing over forty voice commands, and the way to grab his attention is to simply say the two magic words: “Hey Artoo”. You can ask him about various Star Wars characters and he will respond in accordance to his relationship towards them. If you want him to screech in terror and start moving backwards, you just ask him about Darth Vader.

Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid Robot

We won’t lie to you, we had countless hours of fun with this little replica in our office. One of our co-workers booped the little robot on the head, and the response that he got was hilarious. The little Artoo made an irritated voice and moved away from that person. Our little Artoo boasts of numerous features, including a secret cargo compartment, where you can hide things such as your lightsaber, or an extra sandwich, a utility arm for holding beverages, removable sensor scope, light beam, droid mood–status indicator and many more. Some of the commands that will initiate certain modes of this little fellow include “Go on patrol”, “Light Beam” and “Play Message”. If you send R2D2 on a patrol he will go on a patrol with his sonar navigation equipment and infrared location sensor and report back to you. We do not guarantee that you will understand him. Most of the times he will report back about your cat being present there.

Now, when you initiate the game mode, this little astromech droid starts responding to more complicated voice commands. He can act as a sentry to protect your things. Trust us, with the ruckus that he makes when someone or something approaches the guarding stuff will alert you even if you are far away from the spot. Another command makes him dance to the famous cantina music, which is an excellent and very fun little dance that will make you smile for hours afterwards. You can even play light tag with the little or make him spin around. There is also a command that lets you give Artoo directions as to where to move, or make him execute pre-programmed directions.


There is a small catch here, as when you enter the more complex modes, your commands might not be recognized by the little fellow at certain instances. But that is natural, as Siri will also misunderstand you, as will any apparatus, no matter how advanced it is, with voice recognition. The voice recognition hardware/software has not reached that point where it can be perfect. But you do not need to worry, as every simple command will be executed immediately without delay.

R2D2 interactive replica has grown to our hearts in a very small period of time. It is up and about our office as I write this. We all play with it, even though we are all adults. In a nutshell, this little droid is a perfect representation of the movie character we all love. With the features that it has, this would be a perfect gift for your child, or for anyone who loves Star Wars. If you buy this for your child, be convinced that the whole family will enjoy playing around with this droid. Star Wars fans and collectors will definitely want to have this amazing little droid in their personal collections. Our little Artoo is definitely worth every penny you pay for it and it is an amazing piece of robotic engineering. Well, not that amazing, there are things out there which surpass it, but for us, the Star Wars fans, it is the best modern robot ever. Period. Every time you are feeling down, this astromech droid can cheer you up. It really is priceless and a definite purchase for Star Wars fans. Just do not scare or irritate the poor fellow too much, because that would be considered droid cruelty you know. You would have to answer to the intergalactic robot labor union for that.


Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid Robot

There are a lot of products out there related to Star Wars franchise, and Artoo himself. Here we have presented to you the tank top with the graphics and an interactive replica of the famous and adorable little droid. These could be perfect gifts for Star Wars fans and geeks alike. Whether you buy them for yourself or for someone else, it does not matter, as these products will definitely put a smile on the face of anyone who receives them. The tank top is perfect as a fashion statement, or even a piece of a Halloween costume. The R2D2 replica on the other hand is a perfect companion that will cheer you up and remind you of our little Artoo whenever you turn it on. You just pick up the one that you want and you are good to go. And, remember that the Force is always with you. Or in the words of Artoo: “Beep-boop-bip-beep-beep”.

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