Security Camera System

A lot of people today are resorting to purchasing and installing a security camera system. Security camera systems enable you surveillance virtually and space and give you an additional sense of security you need in order to sleep easier. This kind of a product is simple to install and worth the money invested, especially if you own expensive items or are concerned with your overall security level. Particularly easy and practical systems are some of the wireless surveillance systems presented in the sections below.

Main reasons to own a security camera system

Security camera systems are installed for many reasons and in many places and their primary function is to enable the owner to track and monitor their businesses and properties, as well as to provide them with a sense of security that they would otherwise not have without some surveillance.

There are countless benefits to security systems but the most important ones include the possibility of surveillance of the interior and exterior of any building or property, and if they are easily visible they also serve as a warning to robbers, vandals and the like. Security camera surveillance systems help create a safe life environment at your home and an elevated level of safety at your workplace. They protect your family and business by enabling you to be there when you are not physically present and respond accordingly in every situation.

Security camera system benefits

Store owners

They will make it easy to monitor and track the behavior of your employees and customers and will reduce the number of thefts.

Additionally, store surveillance is good for observing the behavior of customers to see which products they purchase and enjoy the most.

Business owners

Security cameras installed at your workplace will protect your property and prevent anyone from robbing or vandalizing it. They will serve as deterrents to potential robbers.

Home owners

With the increasing number of burglaries, it is important to protect your family and yourself from these dangers by way of surveillance of certain critical points.

People with babysitters

You will be able to monitor the behavior of your babysitter in order to ensure your child a safe environment while you are away from the house. When leaving your children with strangers, some measure of surveillance is usually a good precaution.

Just about anyone else

Everyone who owns any kind of property will benefit from a good security camera system as it is important to be able to feel safe at all times. The good part is that these surveillance systems are very easy to install without anyone’s help, and especially the ones that rely on wireless technology.

Wireless security camera systems

When it comes to choosing a perfect camera system, it is a good idea to go for the wireless option. The wireless feature will ensure that you do not have to bother with all the unnecessary wiring and complications during and after the installation of your surveillance system.

Most manufacturers use the wireless technology with their products simply because of sheer practicality and easier installation. Wireless is crucial to avoid any redundant wiring and, whether you are setting the cameras up at your home, office, or elsewhere.

Wireless Security Cameras with DVR

Wireless security camera systems with DVR (digital video recording) are perhaps the best choice for anyone simply because they enable you to record video in a digital format. This makes it possible for anyone to transfer and store the footage easily. Most current devices have DVR and it is a recommended feature to look for in security systems as well.

If you can afford a security camera system with both the DVR feature and wireless cameras which are easy to install, it is a warm recommendation to choose that option. However, there are many good systems that are not wireless and the difference only implies a more complicated installation and the limits imposed by the wires. All of the cameras listed below will enable you easy surveillance of points you deem important or critical.

Best Security Camera System  – Swann SWDVK-425504 S

 Swann offers an excellent high-quality security camera system which enables you to install 4 high-resolution all-weather cameras and then monitor them from the comfort of your home, or anywhere where you have 3G network. You can check in on your smartphone or tablet at any time and monitor your property from afar. It has a DVR and a 500GB hard drive which literally enables you to create more than 120 days of audio and video footage. Its other features are top-notch night vision that reaches up to 65 feet. This set is pretty cheap considering what it brings on the table.

Bestbuy Security Camera System – Lorex LH018501C8F Vantage

This impressive security camera system offers the most for a reasonable price. It is fully connectable to a 3G/4G network and to Wi-Fi and can record up to 500 impressive GB of audio and video footage. It can also send out email alerts with snapshots and most importantly, it is simple and easy to set up. You are able to keep track of your property on several monitors, and the 8 cameras will give you enough room to cover all the angles you wish to monitor. This is perhaps the only quality 8 security camera system that will not make a huge impact on your wallet and it is among the best value for money offers. Eight cameras offer a lot of possible angles for full surveillance of virtually every nook and cranny of your property.

Bestseller Security Camera System – Lorex LW2731 Live

 Lorex Live Recording Monitor and Wireless Camera can be set up to record manually, on motion and you can schedule them. It comes with an integrated DVR system which enables you to capture up to 32GB of audio and video footage. This system is a great solution for surveillance of almost any location during any time of day (it comes with an excellent night vision technology) and it is very easy to use, practical and most importantly very affordable. This is a true value product, as it comes with a monitor and it is wireless so you won’t have to bother with wiring or any other complications. A combination of wireless and DVR makes this product and excellent choice.

Cheapest Security Camera System – Zmodo 8CH camera security

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All things considered, a security camera system is not an option if you own a business – it is a realistic need. The above selection has presented you with some of the best choices of security cameras available online and has left you with the choice of deciding if you need a DVR capability or wireless cameras. You have seen security systems with one or several wireless or non-wireless cameras and the only way to decide which one you need is the size of your property and the angles you have to cover to have full surveillance of all critical areas.

Keep in mind that sometimes wireless security systems are better because there are instances in which you will want to keep your security camera system well hidden – wireless will enable you to avoid having to hide a lot of wires and cables.

In the end, protecting your family, property and yourself is paramount and there is nothing more important than the feeling of security.

More Security Camera System choices

Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security System

Defender Digital Wireless DVR Security Camera System is a fantastic wireless solution because it is very easy to use and you will be able to operate it remotely. This is a wireless camera system that is easy to install and has a DVR feature which enables you to record up to 350 minutes of video or audio footage, which is then stored on a 2GB SD card included with the system. It also boasts a camera equipped for night vision which will make you feel extra safe – and it is easily connectible to a TV set. All things considering, the Defender DVR Security System offers a lot for a very reasonable price and it has both the desirable advantages of these systems – wireless and DVR.

Lorex LH014501C4WF

Lorex 4-Channel DVR Kit offers a lot as it includes 4 wireless cameras and enables you to monitor everything via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network on your smartphone or tablet. You can keep full surveillance of your property on the go which is an amazing advantage. Its DVR system can record 500 GB of audio and video footage. This system is easy to install and operate, affordable and very reliable. Not to mention that 4 wireless cameras can cover a lot of angles and provide you with more security.

Defender Digital Wireless DVR Security System
This wireless security camera system includes an LCD 7 inch monitor which immediately saves you money. The system operates very easily and can record 2GB of audio and video which makes for about 350 minutes of footage. It also features the digital wireless technology that ensures you the least work possible – there will be no complicated and messy wiring during the installation of this security system. It can also boast an advanced long range night vision and intercom – this literally means you can speak to anyone from any distance – the cameras all have microphones in them. This system is relatively cheap and offers easy surveillance and the commodity of wireless technology.

Zmodo PKD-DK4216

Zmodo wireless security systems are one of the better known quality wireless systems and for good reason. This extremely cheap security camera system offers a lot of things – it comes with a 500GB hard drive for your recordings, and you can check in and observe your property at any time via a smartphone or 3G network. The four cameras are wireless and support advanced night vision. This is an amazing bargain for a solid security system that is connectible to a TV or a monitor and enables full wireless surveillance of your estate or property.
Defender PX301-012 Digital Wireless DVR Security System with receiver, SD Card Recording and Long Range Night Vision Camera

This is one of the cheapest models of Defender security camera systems and it includes a wireless camera and a DVR system so that you can capture up to 350 minutes of A/V footage (up to 2GB). It can be controlled remotely and is a perfect solution for home and office surveillance – if you intend to monitor a smaller space and need only one camera. Its wireless feature is a great advantage.

Defender PX301-010 Digital Wireless DVR Security System 

This Defender security camera system includes a wireless camera and a 7 inch LCD screen which automatically saves you the time, trouble and money of connecting the system to a monitor or a TV screen. It comes with a DVR system which enables you to create up to 350 minutes of A/V footage and you can control the system remotely. DVR plus wireless are more than enough to seriously consider this security system.

Zmodo 8CH H.264 DVR Security CCTV Surveillance Camera System

Zmodo cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance make an excellent cheap security camera system and offer more than most – the system has 4 cameras which enable you to monitor your home or any property from afar. It supports access via PC or a smartphone, and has good night vision. Its only flaw is that it does not have its own hard drive but you can add a card and use the DVR to create audio or video footage. It’s a great security camera system for a small business.

Zmodo PKD-DK0863-500GB Outdoor Security Camera

You will pay about 200$ for four cameras and a DVR that works perfectly and enables you to create as much footage as you need on your 500GB hard drive that is integrated with the system. This offer literally covers all your needs if you own a small business or wish to have surveillance of your home and property. It can be accessed via a smartphone, PC or any mobile phone via 3G network.

ZMODO 8CH H.264 CCTV Surveillance DVR 

Zmodo Waterproof 4-Camera Security System is a bit more expensive version of the standard 4-camera system, but it is better adjusted to the outdoors and is thus better suited to be installed in front of gates, offices and on larger properties. It offers all the standard Zmodo attributes – a 500GB HDD and a DVR system to freely record and have full surveillance of anything that happens on your property.

Best à Swann SWDVK-425504 S 4-Channel Digital Video Recorder

Swann offers an excellent high-quality security camera system which enables you to install 4 high-resolution all-weather cameras and then monitor them from the comfort of your home, or anywhere where you have 3G network. You can check in on your smartphone or tablet at any time and monitor your property from afar. It has a DVR and a 500GB hard drive which literally enables you to create more than 120 days of audio and video footage. Its other features are top-notch night vision that reaches up to 65 feet. This set is pretty cheap considering what it brings on the table.

Swann SWDVK-825508 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder

Much like the previous system, except this Swann set includes 8 indoor/outdoor cameras which are easy to install and enable you to have surveillance of your property in high resolution. It has a 500GB hard drive for your DVR footage, so it’s a really good and affordable solution for a larger property or business.
Night Owl Security STA-88 Night Owl Security 8 Channel STA DVR with 8 Night Vision Cameras 500 GB HD and Smartphone Viewing, 30-Feet

The Night Own security camera system is a good practical solution for anyone – you get 8 indoor/outdoor cameras with 30 feet night vision range. This system can be set up to send you email alerts that are triggered by motion, so it might be an excellent solution for someone with a larger property.

SVAT GX301-010 Digital Wireless DVR Security System

SVAT Wireless Security Camera System is a great deal – it includes a 7 inch monitor, a wireless security camera and a DVR capability. All your DV recordings will go on an SD card, and you will be able to observe your home and property on the monitor that is included in the set. The night vision is also pretty good, so this system is highly recommended for people with smaller properties who want to monitor one specific area such as the gate or the stairway. An additional reason to buy this wireless system is the ease of installation – the wireless technology enables you to avoid the messy wiring tasks.

SVAT GX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security System Receiver

SVAT offers another wireless surveillance solution for those who have slightly bigger area to cover and need an additional camera. This wireless system comes with a DVR capability and a 2GB SD card to store your recordings, two long range night vision cameras that allow you to see up to 40 feet far, and is easily connectible with a TV set. With this product you also purchase a lifetime phone customer support, which is a great advantage in case you are new to security systems. All in all, the ease of installing wireless system with 2 cameras for full surveillance is the reason why this system of cameras is favored by a lot of people.


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