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It is impossible to deny that we are in a digital age. You can find all sorts of devices on the market. Technology is so advanced and every day something new is being invented. Do you remember times when we had those old mobile phones and computers. A phone with camera was science fiction, and the same goes for computers. Nowadays, we have all of that and even more. The market is very versatile and offers us a lot. So, we decided to make an article about top gadgets which make our life easier and most of us have at least on these gadgets. We are all infatuated with our mobile phones, tablets, lapotps, iPods, iPads and all other tech gadgets which make our life easier. On this list we have put the best smartphones, cameras, e-readers and consoles, and some of these gadgets are already available and some of them are coming out very soon. We tried to put gadgets from various categories so that everyone can find something. Many companies have already presented their new products, and some of them are going to do that. Google recently unveiled its new Nexus tablet that brings many advanced features at an affordable price.

Top Gadgets

All of these companies have left some surprises for the second half of the year, and mostly is expected from Apple which never stops to amaze us with innovative technology. Consumers are used to constant improvements and new products. So the companies are always trying to invent something new and unusual, and of course useful. One thing is very interesting for all of these gadgets. Every year they are getting better and better. They are constantly upgrading their features, adding some new specifications and inventing new gadgets. Return fifteen years backward and ask yourself could you have ever thought that you would be able to have a 3D TV in your home. In that time people would consider you crazy and you could only dream about something like that. And today that is actually available and it seems so normal to all of us. It is impossible to put all the gadgest on the list, because that would be a very long list. But we have chosen top gadgets which are high quality gadgets and those which people often buy. Price, features and versatility are also important specifications of a high quality gadget.

Smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S4

First of all we will start with smartphones. Smartphones have never been bigger in their size and storage capacity, as well as the opportunities they provide us every day. Soon we will all have mini computers in our pockets and diversity of smartphones means that everyone will find something for themselves. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has upgraded hardware and some very interesting software innovations that will allow you to easily control your phone. The new Galaxy is probably the most powerful phone on the market with an eight-core or 1.9 GHz quad-core processor (depending on markets where it is delivered), has 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB of memory via optional microSD card.
The screen is much better, bigger and sharper then the one on Samsung Galaxy SIII. This smartphone has a very good battery that lasts considerably longer than the Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has great features with dual cameras, and at the same time you can record video and image from the front camera to insert a picture in the back. Another great feature is Translator that supports nine languages and translates speech to text and text-to-speech.

Cameras – Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

Except having camera on your phone, we all prefer to have this top notch gadget with us, especially if you travel a lot. It is much easier to take photos with a real camera then via mobile phone. And you will all agree when we say that it feels totally different. We have chosen the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS which is one pretty amazing camera. It looks really stylish and modern, and it is entirely made of plastic. The buttons are very large with well defined of sensation when you are pressing. This camera has pretty amazing ultra zoom feature, and has optical zoom lens with 50x magnification.
You can take your photos in JPEG and RAW format individually and combined. It has great LCD screen that rotates and very effective optical stabilization. This camera is very easy to use and with it you will take some great photos. The Canon SX50 HS records on standard SD cards, and has USB and A/V and HDMI output. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery that comes with the device is solid and provides about 315 photos or 420 minutes of playback on a single charge, which is a solid result. This little gadget is a very powerful camera with great zoom we recommend it to those users who want to take photos from a great distance.

3D TV – Sony Bravia LX900

This top gadget is a bit expensive, but it is worth every cent. We have chosen the Sony Bravia LX900 since this is one of the best 3D TV’s on market. This TV has it all, but literally. Slim and stylish device with high quality of 2D and 3D images. You get two pairs of 3D glasses and with them you will fully enjoy in your favorite movie. Also there are Internet, Media Player and WiFi on this amazing top notch gadget. Another great thing about this TV is that you can save energy. Every Bravia TV is environmentally friendly. Model LX900 has an intelligent Presence Sensor with face detection technology that can determine if you are in front of the TV. If you leave the room and don’t come back, the screen will turn off. If you do not look in the direction of the TV and read the newspapers, the screen will dim. Now that’s a smart way to save energy.
So, if you are looking for a 3D TV with great features then you should get the Sony Bravia LX900. You will experience a true 3D in your own home with your friends and family.

Tablets – Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

Here is one excellent gadget for all the gamers. You will definitely enjoy it. This gadget is a combination of tablet, PC and console all in one. On this tablet you can run all PC games and applications for Windows 8 devices. This gaming tablet has some excellent features. This tablet runs on Intel Core i5 processor. There are Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics and optional Nvidia GT 640 LE graphics card. The screen is 10.1 inch IPS with HD resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, and of course the operating system is Windows 8.
This little gadget is specially designed for all the gamers and we must say that there are more and more gamers on mobile platforms. With the Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet you will definitely have unforgettable gaming experience. You will be able to go on a next level in gaming industry and enjoy in top notch gadget. Besides for playing games, you can use it for all other purposes. For easier and more comfortable playing, the Razer Edge offers numerous add-ons like controllers, dock with integrated controllers and keyboard and additional USB connectors. This is highly recommended gaming tablet for all those who want to experience something new.

Gaming Consoles – Play Station 4

This is one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. We are all so anxiously waiting for the November 15th when the sale will start. This is an official date and we are all hoping that nothing will change that date. When Sony announced discretely that they could bring the next generation of PlayStation consoles we were all skeptical and most of us didn’t believe in that rumor. But then they revealed it all and they impressed the whole world. The new console looks very promising and has so many great new things. But the most important thing for every gamer are the games. How will they look like? And they look spectacular. All those speculations will go in vain when we start to play PS4 in our homes. And that will happen very soon.
You will be able to play remotely with your PS Vita. With new design that looks pretty cool and new dualshock controller you will definitely enjoy in this amazing top notch gadget that is coming very soon to out stores, and from there it will come in our homes. And the thing that is most amazing among all the features is the price. It will be available for most people.

E-reader – Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

E-reader is an electronic device that is specifically designed for the purpose of reading digital e-books. Any device that can display text on the screen can be used as an e-reader, but real e-book readers are designed primarily for reading texts. The main advantages of electronic book readers are better readability on screen, especially in bright sunlight and longer battery life. Depending on the size of memory, a single e-reader can hold several thousand books. This is perfect for all those who love to read and this gadget is a perfect gift for them.
The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is great e-reader that has one very interesting feature. Namely, what truly separates the new Nook Simple Touch from the crowd of tablets and e-readers on the market is the GlowLight that illuminates the screen from edge. When you’re outside, you can turn off GlowLight to get pure experience of e-ink, and when you’re in the dark, the amount of light emanating from the screen can be easily adjusted. You can clearly see the screen and everything displayed on it. So, if you are looking for a great e-reader, then you should definitely buy this little gadget.

iPod – Apple iPod Nano (7th generation)

This little top gadget is a small MP3 player which is one of the best models. Basically, the Apple iPod Nano is the same device that Apple has released in 2005 and there are seven different versions. But we have all agreed that this is the best one. It has some great features like Nike + fitness application, and comes in the same aluminum chassis as well as other Apple products and can be paired with Bluetooth wireless headphones. With a memory of 16GB you will be able to listen literally to all of your favorites songs.
This is also the first iPod that has a home button. You have the possibility to store videos and movies on iPod Nano. With the help of Nike, the Apple has developed a fitness app for the iPod. App counts your steps, distance, time, and number of calories you lost. Also with the help of this application you can run. This device is simple and small, suitable for all users that need a device that will fit in your pocket and the one on which you would be able to store up to 10,000 songs. The Apple iPod Nano is currently one of the best MP3 players in the world.

Laptops – Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

If you’re a creative professional, gamer or multimedia addict, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 is a perfect laptop for you. Laptop comes with some great features such as Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB of hard drive space and Ndidia 6eForce GTX 650M GPU. That is more than enough to play all the latest games or watching videos. This laptop has two graphic cards. The Ultrabay technology is available on this laptop. That is interchangeable bay with which you can swap an additional graphic card, or for additional disk or fan. Also we must say that the design of this laptop is very stylish and powerful. Another great feature of this device is its keyboard. Besides being spacious, impeccably strong and well organized, it comes with excellent and very attractive red backlit keys.
If you are looking for a cool laptop that has great features and looks pretty amazing, then this laptop is for you. You can play games, watch your favorite movies and enjoy in all of your activities on the Lenovo
IdeaPad Y500. Another great thing is the price which is more than reasonable.

In summary, we must say that we tried to choose some of the best gadgets here. All of the above mentioned products are high quality models which will provide you unforgettable experience. We have chosen these categories, because people usually use them. We all need a phone, or a laptop, and for those a bit more demanding customers we have chosen consoles and gaming tablets. In this modern era we are all addicted to these gadgets and we need them for our daily routine.

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