TV with VGA Input

To get a basic idea of what a TV with VGA input, we first have to understand what a VGA input is. VGA is abbreviated from video graphics array, and it represents the standard analog interface for all computer displays. So basically, VGA is, in layman terms, the analog video signal which can be received by a monitor, TV, and other video equipment such as video projectors and so on. VGA is mostly used on PC screens, and if you turn your PC monitor around, you will immediately see the VGA connector. Now, a lot of TVs, especially the most recent ones usually have both HDMI and VGA connectors, as this is extremely practical for a user.

If a TV has a VGA connector that immediately means that you have an additional option at your disposal – if you want, you can connect your computer to your TV and enjoy doing whatever you like on a larger screen. Because of this additional connector you will be able to connect more devices to your TV at the same time, and that is really an advantage in case you have many devices and you hate to get up every time to plug one device out, and another one in.

Additionally, if you have a device that sends an analog signal and only HDMI or SCART ports on your TV, you cannot do anything even if you purchase a VGA to HDMI or VGA to SCART converter adapter. This is simply because even when you use these adapters, most screens will still not display the analog over the HDMI or SCART ports. This is why, if you need to plug in a VGA device into your TV, you should look for a TV with a VGA connector as this is the only way you can be sure that the TV can actually receive VGA.

Generally, when looking for a TV that has VGA input, you should consider several factors as a guide:

  • TV brand – the best brands did not deserve the reputation for nothing
  • Screen technology – LED, LCD, etc.
  • Input – VGA, HDMI (also check the number of ports)
  • HDTV – the bigger the resolution, the better
  • Picture quality
  • Black quality
  • USB
  • TV size
  • Price

As finding a good TV capable of receiving a VGA signal without any problems can be a hassle, we have made it easier for you by testing out several TVs with VGA input and narrowed the selection to the best ones to provide you with good information. To be precise, we tested ten different TV sets with VGA input and narrowed it down to only the top three, as we think that these deserve your attention and are worth your consideration. During our testing we did a very simple thing – we played a high resolution video over the VGA port on the TV, and then compared the image quality. We also considered the prices of these TVs, all of the other features they offer (such as the number of other ports, screen technology etc.) and the general customer feedback.

Best TV with VGA Input – Samsung UN40D5003

Samsung UN40D5003 is an excellent TV that has VGA and HDMI inputs, and will play your videos in astounding quality. You can connect it to a PC and play your favorite games on a clean and detailed picture. Samsung is in general an excellent brand to purchase when looking for video devices, as their video technology is cutting-edge and simply superior to most other brands that produce TV, monitor and tablet devices. As it is, this TV is no exception, and aside from its elegant look and really nice size, you will be able to enjoy your content in highest possible quality – the crispness andcolors of the picture will amaze the most demanding ones. While this TV is slightly more expensive than the others we have listed for you, it is worth the money difference as it also has superior specs in addition with high audio and video performances. Now we will list some pros and cons so that you can decide whether Samsung UN40D5003 is really right for you.

Samsung S27B550V PROS

First of all, Samsung UN40D5003 dons a really nice screen size at 40 inches, and uses the LED technology. LED is better and more expensive than LCD, so if you want to have a great picture quality, this TV should be your choice. It has two HDMI inputs and one VGA input which leaves a lot of room to plug in several devices at the same time. That should be more than enough even for the most demanding customers and you can avoid possible cable tangling. The screen resolution is 1080p which makes for excellent quality of video reproduction, and if you combine that with the impressive Samsung quality, you get yourself an outstanding playback which is something other devices are bit inferior to our best choice. Samsung UN40D5003 dons the cutting-edge picture and black level quality and it is the only five stars rated product in those departments. It also has an USB 2.0 port which enables a person to simply plug in the USB and use the remote to browse through files and pictures, which is a nice additional option offered by Samsung UN40D5003.

Samsung S27B550V CONS

There are virtually no cons when it comes to the Samsung B550, as it has amazed as at every turn while we were testing it.

To summarize, the Samsung B550 is the best monitor with HDMI input on the market. With LED based 27” screen, 1920×1080 resolution, two HDMI inputs, one VGA input and the addition of embedded speakers, B550 is the best choice for video games players as it will provide great video gaming experience. This does not mean that you cannot use this monitor for other purposes, as we have discovered during testing that it also gives a great performance for HD video playback. The high price is justified as this is definitely the best product when it comes to HDMI monitors.

Best Buy & Bestseller TV with VGA Input – Philips 40PFL5706

The Philips 40PFL5706 TV is another TV we will review that has a VGA input. Philips is a well known brand in the TV manufacturers market and they did not disappoint us with this model. When it comes to image quality, you will definitely love it. It might be slightly inferior to the quality of image and video reproduction we have seen while using the Samsung UN40D5003, but it is still outstanding. The sound quality on this TV is excellent and it has a nice additional option,which is explain in the pros section, that makes it a best buy and a best selling product at the same time. Now we’ll outline all the pros and cons of buying Philips 40PFL5706 TV with VGA input.

Philips 40PFL5706 PROS:

Philips 40PFL5706 offers the option to play 1080p videos on a 40 inch screen which says a lot from the start. You will be able to enjoy movies, video games or any other content in stunning quality. This is probably the first attribute important featured to be interested in when it comes to choosing a good TV that supports VGA. The aforementioned capability to display picture in an incredible 1080p resolution may seem like something that is implied from the start, but  many other manufacturers offer lower resolutions for approximately the same amount of money. The most important reason why you may prefer this TV with VGA input to its Samsung competition is the fact that it supports Wi-Fi and enables you to use its MediaConnect. This allows you to access your PC wirelessly in order to play or view any file you want, using nothing but the TV remote. You can also access online content using the Wireless NetTV, which is a good way to quickly access your YouTube and Facebook accounts. This cool option immediately makes the price of Philips 40PFL5706 a real bargain and yet another pro on this list, as it is impossible to find another TV that has all these options at this price. It also supports USB connection, which is a yet another nice touch. Philips 40PFL5706 has three HDMI inputs and one VGA, which is more than enough to use all features of today’s TV technologies.


Philips 40PFL5706 CONS:

Philips 40PFL5706 has a lot of good things worth mentioning, but there are some things that Samsung UN40D5003 simply does better, and that includes the picture and black quality. Philips 40PFL5706 certainly has high picture quality, but if we are going to make a realistic review it is only fair to say that if Samsung would have five star rating in this aspect, Philips 40PFL5706 would get four. Additionally, the black quality would be five starts with Samsung while the Philips TV would get only three. Furthermore, this TV with VGA input uses LCD technology for its screen, which has become an industry standard in the last few years.

In summary, Philips 40PFL5706 is a good product that sells really well and for good reason. If you want to get the most out of your money, this is a good choice for because you get 3 HDMI inputs, VGA, USB and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is available only for this model out of all we have tested, so it is a noteworthy advantage and makes this a real value for money product. While it is slightly inferior in the image quality department when compared to Samsung UN40D5003, we recommend it as the best buy option (and it is already a bestseller).

Cheapest TV with VGA Input – Philips 40PFL4707

Philips 40PFL4707 is another great TV with VGA input by Philips and this one is the cheapest product on this list. Philips 40PFL4707 is not any worse because of that, though, and it has a great resolution of 1080p and will make your viewing experience top-notch. This modern TV will enable you to enjoy your content in full HD, which makes it a great value purchase for a relatively low price when compared to the other TVs with VGA input we have tested.

Philips 40PFL4707 PROS:

Philips 40PFL4707 dons a great picture quality and you will be able to enjoy your video files in full HD. It has a 40 inch screen, which is a decent size that will enhance your experience even further. Further, it uses LED technology, which has become a standard nowadays as the LCD TVs have become slightly outdated. Philips 40PFL4707 also supports USB and that means you can just plug in your USB device and browse your files with nothing but your remote controller. This Philips model has a slightly better black quality than the Philips 40PFL5706. Another obvious reason that makes this TV with VGA a good purchase is its price – at a price that is quite low, compared to other devices we reviewed, you can get a lot of great features. This is an excellent deal, especially if your budget is smaller or limited. Philips 40PFL4707 has three HDMI inputs and one VGA input, so you can simultaneously connect more devices at once.



When it comes down to it, if your budget allows it and you want the best TV with VGA input, a smart choice for you is the Samsung UN40D5003. This fantastic TV with VGA input has the best picture and black quality and you will be simply blown away by how some HD videos look like on this TV.

If you are keen on having Wi-Fi, however, a good choice is the Philips 40PFL5706 that has a lot of cool things to offer for a reasonable price. Philips 40PFL5706 has exceptional sales number and is our bestbuy option, but keep in mind that the picture quality still is a bit worse than on its Samsung competitor.

Our cheapest selected item is the Philips 40PFL4707, which has a lot of good options to offer, but the picture quality suffers because of its price and it does not have the wireless options of our bestbuy choice. But if you have to save money, it’s a solid choice.

Generally, all of these TVs are really good, but the Samsung UN40D500 simply overshadowed its competition during the testing phase, which is why we ultimately recommend this TV first.



Nedim SabicTV with VGA Input