Will Maybach be the first full electric Mercedes Benz car?

Last time we mentioned Mercedes Benz, we were ironic about they “serious efforts” which they plan to put into building electric cars. Since then many things changed. MB allocated a huge budget (ca. $1 billion) for developing full electric cars. According to Bloomberg “Mercedes will add two electric sport utility vehicles and two sedans” and we won’t wait long until MB unveils it’s first car, because they announced today that we can expect it already in October. Huge news! The competition is finally awaken and we can lean back and enjoy the show.

But this is not all, many expect that Mercedes Benz will unveil the best model first instead of the expected A class full electric version. It could be Maybach! Stunning photos were released and it sounds like MB wants to attack Tesla Motors directly by providing an extraordinary car in the same price range as the high-end Tesla Model S. Enjoy the photos and let your imagination fly into a possible future with such nice cars on the road. It is a masterpiece of design, already. Stunning!


Does it look a bit like the old Stingray 1962?


Huge grill, could be a bigger Aston Martin DB9 or Jaguar XF


Perforations are always a sign of luxury design


A view from SF movies, a thing to dream of …


Aerodynamic for sure


A scary silhouette


Why not combine a Model S with a Model X and beat them both at once?

Mercedes Maybach 6

Not less, not more, a dream!

And here is a video about how this car is being remote controlled:

Nedim SabicWill Maybach be the first full electric Mercedes Benz car?